Macy’s Return Policy Guide

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At 164 years old, Macy’s is doing very well at serving customers with great prices and great quality products. And it has a solid rewards policy if you are a frequent shopper.


One of the reasons for Macy’s impressive performance is the very generous returns policy the company has in place. Apart from a few exceptions, customers can return any item purchased in the previous six months with no questions, including free return shipping for online purchases.

Apart from specific product categories, which you can only return in a shorter timeframe, all other merchandise can be returned within 180 days. Returned items must be in new condition, apart from things like makeup, which must only show signs of minimally use!

What Is Macy’s Return Policy Guide?

Macy’s return policy is very generous and is considered one of the 10 best and most comprehensive in North America.

Macy’s banner return tagline is “If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, ship it back to us for free!* It’s easy”.


How Can Returns Be Made?

Macy’s works hard to make returns as simple as possible.

Purchasing ChannelIn-Store ReturnsMail ReturnsWho To Contact
In-storeYesNoContact the in-store customer service employee
Off the websiteYesYesRegister the return on
InternationalNoYesContact [email protected]

Are There Any Exceptions To The 180-Day Return Time?

While the general rule is that all products can be returned within 180 days, there are some exceptions.

ProductReturn TimeframeConditions Of Return
Furniture items3 daysYou must contact Macy’s within 3 days of receiving the items. If the customer cannot arrange the return shipment, Macy’s will hold the order for 60 days; however, if it is not received by Macy’s in this time-frame, they will cancel the return. Items must be in original condition, and Macy’s will charge a 15% restocking fee.
Mattress and bedding3 daysReturns are subject to the same time limitations as other furniture, and the goods must be returned undamaged, pristine, and free of strains
Tech Accessories14 daysIt must be in a condition where Macy’s can resell it.
Apple products14 daysDue to Apple’s won return policy, only 14 days allowance is possible.
Designer brands including Gucci, long champ, and Tous14 daysThe customer can return it if the merchandise comes back unused with the original packaging and all tags.
Fur products15 daysReturns or fur goods are only accepted by mail. A label that functions as a prepaid mailing authorization will be included in your package to ensure no return delivery cost to the client.
Home accessories (Mirrors/Wall art/Lighting)30 daysThe customer can return it as long as the item is in the original condition to be resold. A 15% restocking fee is charged by Macy’s.
Designer brands including Burberry, Louis Vuitton30 daysThe customer can return the item if it comes back unused with the original packaging and all tags.
Locker Room By Lids Merchandise, Macy’s Optical and Tech Watches30 daysOriginal slip and packaging must be returned as well, and the merchandise has to be unworn and in new condition
Macy’s Optical and Tech Watches30 daysOriginal slip and packaging must be returned as well, and the merchandise has to be unworn and in new condition
Style Your Ring Purchases30 daysIt can only be returned by mail. Contact Macey’s, who will issue a prepaid shipping label. The customer must return the item with the original packaging, proof of purchase, and the GIA certification. Macy’s will issue a refund once the returned merchandise has been authenticated.
Personal care items60 daysCan be returned within 60 days
Dresses, Last Act Merchandise, Jewelry, and Watches60 daysThe returned items must be unused, and the original tags must be attached.
Small Electrical items60 daysCan be returned within 60 days
Cosmetic/fragrance/blue mercury purchases180 daysIf it is in new condition or only gently used.
Toys180 daysAs long as the toy is in original condition with original tags

There are some items that Macy’s cannot accept back, and these include.

  1. Final Sale or ‘As Is’ merchandise (including final sales furniture or area rugs)
  2. Bridal Salon by Demetrios sales.
  3. Alexandre London custom orders.
  4. Special or custom order merchandise.
  5. Food and Beverage items.
  6. Macy’s Beauty Bix merchandise.
  7. Merchandise bought from stand-alone Blume curry stores.
  8. Clearance items.

All other products sold at Macy’s stores can be returned within 10 days of purchase.

If the customer purchased the merchandise off the website, Macy’s would pick up the cost of the return mail or courier delivery; however, if the customer purchased the item in-store, it must be returned to the store from it was initially purchased.

How Much Does Macy’s Refund When An Item Is Returned?

Macy’s has two different ways of applying the value to returned items.


Items With Original Receipts

If the item is returned with the original receipt, the total amount will be credited to the same payment channel used at the time of purchase.

Items Without Receipts

If the item Is returned to Macy’s without the original receipt, as long as Macy’s can track the original purchase on their system, they will refund the total amount of the purchase. Macy’s will attempt to identify the transaction by searching for the credit card number, return label, packing slip, or registry number,

If Macy’s cannot trace the original purchase, they will issue an in-store credit value equal to the lowest sales price for the returned item in the past 180 days.

What Is Macy’s Return Policy With Gifts?

Macy’s will accept the return of a gift without an original purchase receipt as long as the item still has the store’s sticker displayed or if you have a gift card receipt.

Macy’s will not refund the value of the gift return; instead, they will issue a store credit.

Can International Customers Return Merchandise To Macy’s?

As long as it is returned within 180 days, Macy’s will accept international returns as long as the customer contacts Macy’s and discuss the return with them.

Macy’s will advise the amount refunded and provide instructions on how to return the goods.


European Union customers who suffer from buyer’s remorse can notify Macy’s within seven days.

Macy’s agent (Borderfree) will reimburse the customer for the cost of the product(s) AND any extra fees (e.g., shipping) paid by the customer to receive the item.

This process also applies to gifts; however, any refund will be credited back into the original account from which payment was made.

Can You Abuse Macy’s Return Policy?

According to the National Retail Federation, about 10 percent of all holiday merchandise is returned.

Unfortunately, irrespective of how generous a store’s return policy is, someone will always feel the need to buck the system and abuse the policies.

North American retailers estimated that 3.5 percent of holiday returns are fraudulent.

Macy’s has reduced the return time frame from unlimited to one year, and in 2021 this was further reduced to 6 months.

While clients must return clothes in unused condition, there are many tales of clothes being purchased for an event and returned the next day. Macy’s has tried to counter this on expensive dresses by placing conspicuous tags so the dress can’t be worn without the tags showing.

Typical examples of abuse of Macy’s return policy include.


Wardrobing Or Renting

Customers buy merchandise use over a short term with the intent to return it, such as video cameras for weddings, big-screen TVs for a Super Bowl game, or clothing for a special occasion.

Employee Fraud

Merchandise that has been shoplifted is returned to culpable staff members who authorize a full price refund.

Receipt Fraud

Criminals use receipts that have been falsified, stolen, or already used to return merchandise.

Price Switching

Switching lower-priced tags to purchase merchandise and then replacing the label with the correct, higher value item with the intent to return for full retail price.

Price Arbitrage

Buying differently priced merchandise that looks similar and returning the cheaper with the higher unit’s price tag.

So How Does Macy’s Return Policy Stack Up?

Very few companies can boast the staying power of Macy’s, which is 164 years old and is the largest department store company in North America. This kind of achievement is not reached by doing the same thing its competitors do or treating the customers poorly.

CBS News rates Macy’s as having a return policy among the top ten globally. While there are a few understandable exceptions, the 180 days, no questions asked return policy is very generous.

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