Kohl’s Return Policy Guide

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Kohl’s is the biggest department store chain in the United States. The store sells clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bedding, appliances, home decor, furniture, outdoor living, etc. If you are not happy with an item you bought from Kohl, you might be wondering whether you can return it for a refund.


Kohl’s has one of the friendliest return policies. The store allows you to return merchandise purchased online or in-store for up to 180 days after the purchase date. You also don’t need a receipt. However, there are some items that you cannot return or have to return within a different time frame.

This article discusses Kohl’s return policy, including the time frame you can return merchandise for a refund, which items are not eligible for a return, and how you can return merchandise without a receipt. Please note, you can also return Amazon products at Kohl’s and we have separate post about that here.

About Kohl’s Return Policy

Sometimes we purchase things, and it does not turn out the way we expected. If you bought something from Kohl’s and are unhappy with your purchase, you can get a full refund by returning the item within 180 days. Returns are accepted at any store.

However, certain items have a different timeframe. You must return premium electronics within 30 days of purchase with their original packaging and a valid receipt or account lookup. Before returning any premium electronic device, please ensure that you remove personal information stored on the device.


If you purchase premium electronics between November 1st and December 25th, you can still return the merchandise up until January 31st in its original packaging with a valid receipt or account lookup.

All beauty products, including Sephora at Kohl’s or Wellness Market, have to be returned within 60 days from the purchase date. They should be in new condition or only gently used. Sephora products must be returned with a valid receipt or account lookup.

Kohl’s also has a generous holiday return policy. If you buy premium electronics between November 1st and December 25th, you can return them before January 31st the following year in their original package with a valid receipt or account lookup.

You can return Sephora items you purchased from November 1st to December 2nd by January 31st the following year if you have a valid receipt or account lookup. The standard return policy for Sephora items applies for items you bought on December 3rd or later. You need to return these items within 60 days to receive a refund.

The items may be returned in either new condition or slightly used. All items you bought in-store must be returned to a Kohl’s store and cannot be returned via mail. You can visit customer service with your receipt to receive a refund.

Suppose you purchased an item with a check. The store will give you a Kohl’s merchandise credit, cash, or a corporate refund. If you want to return an item with a gift receipt, the store will give you a Kohl’s merchandise credit or they will exchange it.


Items you bought online can be returned to a store. However, you can’t return items you bought in-store via mail.

Can I Start A Kohl’s Return ViaYes/No

Items You Can’t Return To Kohls For A Refund

Kohl will not refund or exchange gift cards. If you can’t find the receipt for your item, you will not receive a refund, but instead a Kohl’s merchandise credit or an even exchange.

How To Return An Item To Kohls?

It is quicker and easier to return an item in person than to mail them. You will receive a refund or exchange immediately. This is what you need to do:

  • Go to the nearest Kohl’s store. You can search for it online by entering your Zip code in the search field.
  • Take the item with you to the store you chose and the receipt or the printed packing slip.
  • The order packing slip will be in your order history in your online account on Kohl’s.

If you ordered online and there are no Kohl’s stores near you, follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Kohl’s account online and sign it.
  • Go to your order history, find your packing slip and print it.
  • Take the item you want to return and put it in a box.
  • Complete the return form and put it in the box. You can find the return form in the original package.
  • Close and seal your package and attach the packing slip to it.
  • Send the parcel to the address on your return form.

You are responsible for the shipping costs. Kohl’s will not pay for it. The store also does not give any return shipping labels.

Kohl’s Holiday Return Policy

Kohl’s has a generous holiday return policy. The standard return period for Sephora and premium electronics is extended from November and December to January 31st. Keep in mind these dates may vary from year to year.

If You’re Unable To Find A Receipt For Your Kohl Purchase

Sometimes we lose our receipts, making it difficult to return an item. Kohl’s may be able to locate your original purchase to process a refund. If they can’t locate the purchase, you can still return your item as a non-receipted return.


Kohl’s will give you a merchandise credit based on the lowest sale price within the last 13 weeks of the date you return the item. You will need to have a valid identity document for processing purposes.

Abusing Kohl’s Return Policy

Given the long 180 days to return an item, it is possible to abuse Kohl’s return policy. There are no restrictions on worn or washed items. Thus, even if you have used the item, you will still be able to return it for a full refund.

Returning Your Items To Kohl Have Never Been Easier!

Kohl’s really has one of the best return policies you will come across. You can return most items within 180 days of purchase. Of course, there are some exceptions like premium electronics and beauty products. But even they have fair return period times. If you do not have a receipt, Kohl’s will give you Merchandise Credit instead or an even exchange.

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