All About Kohl’s Amazon Returns

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Kohl’s started accepting Amazon returns in 2017 in only 10 of their stores. By 2019, Kohl’s stores were accepting returns nationwide. What started off as a small venture to make customer returns easier and get more foot traffic for Kohl’s turned into a blooming partnership between Kohls and Amazon.


Most Kohl’s stores accept Amazon returns. Eligible items can be returned to Kohl’s stores free of charge. Kohl’s will then package the returned items and ship all returned items to Amazon. Some refunds can take 2 to 3 weeks, while most customers are refunded within a week.

There are more than 1,100 Kohl’s stores that accept Amazon returns. This seems like a straightforward method of returning your Amazon products, but what are Kohl’s Amazon returns? And how does this method of returns compare to the standard methods of returning products to Amazon?

What Are Kohl’s Amazon Returns?

Kohl’s Amazon returns are here to make life a little more convenient. If you’ve bought a few products from Amazon but want to return them, you no longer have to do it through Amazon but can return them to a Kohl’s store.

Kohls’ will then package and ship your returned items to Amazon. While Amazon benefits from this partnership by having more options for more straightforward returns, Kohl’s gets more customers into their stores. Kohl’s also rewards them with a coupon or Kohl’s cash in hopes they will become loyal customers.


So why does a partnership like this work so well? Amazon has had extensive issues with returns, leaving regular customers frustrated with the returns process. Previously Amazon customers had to print a shipping label, paste it on their package and seal their item in the original packaging before finally dropping it off at a mailing center.

With Kohl’s returns, just a few steps go into returning your product.

How Do I Return My Amazon Package At Kohl’s?

Returning your Amazon product to a Kohl’s store is very easy. Some customers may prefer it over other return methods. According to the returns procedure on Kohl’s website, the following steps need to be taken to return your Amazon product at Kohl’s:

  1. Log into your Amazon account to start the returns process. Log into your Amazon account and navigate to the “orders” section
  2. Select the items you want to return. Once you select the items, you wish to return, select return or “replace items.”
  3. Choose the reason for returning the product. Select the reason for return via the drop-down menu, and select the applicable refund option
  4. Look for the Kohl’s drop-off option. If your region has a Kohl’s drop-off option, you’ll see it in the list of return options.
  5. Wait for the QR code. Amazon will then email you a QR code. This will need to be brought with you when you drop off your product for return.
  6. Go to your local Kohl’s store to return your product. Visit your local Kohl’s store and go to the dedicated Amazon returns counter to return your product.
  7. Supply your QR code to return your product. Provide your QR code and hand your product over. Your product will then be packaged and shipped to Amazon.

Kohl’s is open for Amazon returns during operating hours. This service may be convenient for some shoppers but not for others. If there is a kohl’s store near you, then dropping it off may be much easier; however, driving to drop something off may be more inconvenient if your Kohl’s store is not located close by.

It’s also important to check your product with Amazon before going through the returns process. Sometimes they may refund you for a product you purchased without requiring you to return it.

Must I Package My Returns Before Returning It At Kohls?

Kohl’s employees pack, label, and ship your returned products. Your items do not need to be packaged or returned to the store in any original packaging. You also don’t need to print any labels but are required to have your QR code to return your product.


Customers returning products have reported receiving discounted coupons of up to25% off. Once your return has been received by Amazon, you’ll get an email, and your item will be refunded. This could take 2 or 3 weeks but is sometimes refunded within a week.

What Items Can’t Be Returned At Kohls?

Most items bought on Amazon can be returned at Kohl’s. However, third-party items purchased from Amazon are not generally accepted at Kohl’s. Amazon has a comprehensive return policy with many gray areas and terms and conditions. Despite this, there is no clear indication of which items are not eligible for return at Kohl’s in Amazon’s return policy.

Most standard returns have a 30 days policy, which means any items you want to return need to be sent back within 30 days of purchasing them from Amazon. The easiest way to check if you can return a product is to log into your Amazon account and select “Return or Replace Item” in your orders. If you can’t return the item, you will not see any message here.

Suppose an item is non-returnable and received in a defective or damaged state. In that case, you can request a replacement or contact Amazon.

Typically, the following physical products are not eligible for return:

  • Tech items such as computers, laptops, and kindles after 30 days of delivery
  • Products missing a serial number or UPC
  • Live insects
  • Items with shipping restrictions
  • Jewelry (only applicable to some products)
  • Health and personal care (only relevant to some products)
  • Hazardous or flammable items
  • Items sold by third parties

Amazon’s official policy on items that cannot be returned can be found here.

What Is The Cost Of Returning Amazon Products At Kohls?

Returning your Amazon product at any Kohl’s store is free. You won’t need to print any labels or package your products before returning them in-store.


It’s as simple as getting your QR code from Amazon via email, going to your selected Kohl’s store, having the barcode scanned, and voila. Your product will be shipped to Amazon for you.

Can Amazon Prime Packages Be Returned At Kohls?

Amazon Prime Packages can be returned at a Kohl’s store, provided the product wasn’t from a third-party seller. In addition, the product is eligible for returns. You also get free returns through Amazon if you are a prime member.

Most Amazon Prime members only opt for a membership because they’re after the benefits. And if there isn’t a Kohl’s store in their area, it seems contradictory to use this kind of service when prime members get free returns anyway and could just return their products at any other drop-off location.

Are Amazon Returns Accepted In All Kohl’s Stores?

Most Kohl’s stores accept Amazon returns. Most of their stores are set up with a designated kiosk to accept Amazon returns. These kiosks are clearly marked with signage to help customers navigate where they need to go to return their products.

There are roughly 1,100 Kohl’s stores that currently accept Amazon returns. The only areas where you can’t return Amazon products at Kohl’s are Anchorage and Alaska.

Do You Have To Live Near A Kohl’s Store For Amazon Returns?

There seems to be a lot of misleading information online about whether you can return your Amazon products at any Kohl’s store. The general understanding is that you need to live near a Kohl’s store to return your Amazon product.

And if your nearest Kohl’s store is located more than 8 miles from where you stay, you may not be able to return your Amazon product at Kohl’s. If you aren’t able to return your Amazon product at your local Kohl’s, then you may have to return it at the nearest Amazon drop-off point or post it.

This can make it difficult for those in more remote locations to return their Amazon purchases. If you purchase something and want to return it, but a store’s return policy does not cater to your needs, you are less likely to buy from them. Despite other options for those in remote areas to return their products, they should be available in all Kohl’s stores.

Can You Return An Opened And Used Amazon Product At Kohl’s?

If your product is eligible for returns and is returned within 30 days of delivery at a Kohl’s store, your return will be accepted. Kohl’s accepts returns even if they have been opened and used.


If you aren’t sure your item can be returned, you can always check by logging into your Amazon profile. Once logged in, you can see if your product is eligible for return.

The Pros And Cons Of Amazon Returns At Kohl’s

There are a few ways to return your Amazon products; these include returning them to Kohl’s store and physical Amazon stores. You can also return them via Whole Foods Markets and the UPS store. However, most consumers are looking for the easiest return option with the least hassle. While each of these return options is free, they can be inconvenient.

Returning your Amazon products to a Kohl’s store is set up for convenience and should save time. This being said, there are disadvantages to this return option. The below list of pros and cons covers both the advantages and disadvantages of returning your Amazon products to a Kohl’s store.

The pros and cons of returning amazon products at a Kohl’s store:

There is designated parking for some Kohl’s stores for customers visiting the store to return their Amazon products.If your item is hefty, you’ll have to carry it in to the store and possibly wait in line to return it. The more convenient method would be to have it collected at your door.
No paperwork is required when returning your Amazon products; all you need is the QR code supplied to you by Amazon.Even if your Kohl’s store is close by, you still need to find time to drive there and drop it off. If your Kohl’s store is not that close by, it makes it difficult to go and drop it off.
No labels need to be printed to return your Amazon productsThere is a possibility that if the nearest Koh’s store is more than 8 miles away, you may not be able to return it.
Dropping off your Amazon products at Kohl’s is very convenient, especially if your Kohl’s store is close to where you stay.Long lines can’t be avoided. You may have to join a long line of customers returning their Amazon products in the Kohl’s store.
Fast turnaround time for processing refunds. Once the QR code has been scanned, your product is already being processed for a refund.Returning products at a Kohl’s may make you want to shop and purchase unnecessary items. However, the coupon incentive also makes you more likely to buy something at Kohl’s.
When returning a product, most customers receive Kohl’s coupons with up to 25% savings to use in-store, just for returning an Amazon product.There are no benefits for those living in Anchorage, Alaska, or rural areas. Instead, they will need to use alternative methods to return their Amazon products, like at a UPS store or a physical Amazon store.

Amazon Returns At Kohl’s, Is It Worth The Hype?

Amazon is a retail giant and one of the biggest online stores. With a range of different shipping methods, it is even easier to shop online with Amazon, but what about returns? We all have buyer’s remorse once in a while, and when it comes to returning products, we want the easiest option. But is dropping it off at your local Kohl’s really more effortless?

In most instances, it’s easier than other return methods. Still, if you’re not located anywhere near Kohl’s, then this return option isn’t viable, and this can be disappointing for some customers. So, while the concept of being able to return your Amazon items at a Kohl’s store is great, it needs improvement.

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