IKEA Return Policy Guide

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Let’s look at IKEA’s return policy to understand it a bit better; here are a few burning questions to get us started: what does IKEA accept for your item to be fully refunded? What do you need to take with you to process the return? And are you able to return anything to IKEA?


IKEA has a reasonable and flexible return policy where unused or sealed products that are resalable will be accepted for return for up to a year (365 days). Open products will be considered for return within 180 days from when you bought them with proof of purchase.

IKEA consider themselves quite reasonable on their returns and understanding towards customers needing a flexible return policy. We can explore their policy a bit deeper by looking at why they would not accept a return, if they accept returns without proof of purchase or if they will collect big items you would like to return.

What is IKEA’s Basic Return Policy?

You may have a few different reasons why you might not be completely satisfied with your purchase from IKEA and need to return your purchase; for example, the item is damaged, defective, an incorrect order, you no longer need it, you regret it, the product doesn’t meet your expectations, or you received it as a gift.

IKEA has a 365 days return window for new and unused items, and if the item is opened, it can be returned within 180 days as long as it is not damaged, modified, or abused.


You need the item you’re returning, photo identification, proof of purchase, and the same account you used to make your purchase. Your refund will be returned to the same

All items will be subject to inspection on return. Although you should be genuine about your return reasons, you shouldn’t have any trouble having your item accepted for return.

How Does IKEA Credit You When Returning Something?

IKEA will refund you according to the original payment method. You could do an exchange with something else in the store that you would like. In some cases, IKEA may only be able to refund you in the form of store credit.

Are There Some Products At IKEA That Have A Different Return Policy?

Certain items differ from the 365 or 180 day return window. Say you purchased a mattress, then it may only be exchanged within 90 days, and no refunds are available for mattresses.

Items that cannot be refunded include gift cards, plants, custom counters, and fabric that’s been cut. Keep these non-returnable items in mind when making your purchase.

When Will IKEA Not Accept A Return?

They will check your item for dirt, stains, damage, or abuse. They will also not accept a return for an item if it has been modified. You could try to resell the item on one of the many online platforms for secondhand items.


Can You Return Something You Bought On Clearance To IKEA?

IKEA has an AS-IS bargain box section in their stores. The AS-IS section is filled with other customer returns or discontinued products. This section may depend on the store, as most will have a sign-up that states all sales are final. They could maybe make an exception if there is an obvious defect in the product. However, in the case where you simply change your mind, they may refuse the return.

When you apply discount cards to your purchase and need a refund, you will be refunded the amount paid on your receipt. You need to have your IKEA family membership card to use discount coupons so that the purchase will be recorded there.

According to IKEA’s return policy, other discounts and specials can be returned within 356 days. You should have your proof of purchase on hand so that they can assist you speedily with a full refund according to what you paid.

Can You Return Something To IKEA Without A Receipt?

Even without a receipt, when the item is unopened and untampered with, it can be returned within 180days. When you return an item received as a gift and has a gift receipt, you may return the item for store credit.

If there is no trace of your purchase, you could request them to refund the item according to the selling price in the store. The current selling price means that what you paid for becomes irrelevant when the item has been marked for clearance, or they can’t get the original purchase price. You have no proof of that higher price, and therefore they can only credit.

How To Initiate A Return At IKEA

There are some options for how to initiate your return with IKEA:

Can You Initiate An IKEA Return Request ViaYes/No
EmailYes – complete return slip
LetterNo – too slow
WebsiteYes – especially if purchased online.
In-PersonYes – preferred

When visiting the store in person to return something, you can enter through the designated Exchanges & Returns entrance and report to the Exchanges & Returns desk to initiate your return.


Another thing to keep in mind regarding online purchases is that you should make a return online within 2weeks of your purchase so that they can collect it again and refund you accordingly. After 14 days, you may need to return the item to a store.

Can You Abuse IKEA’s Return Policy?

IKEA’s items (furniture and decor) can be used to stage apartments or houses for possible renters and buyers to get a deeper look at what the space offers. The realtor then takes a chance on returning all these items to IKEA; this is abusive to their policy, considering the items have already been assembled. IKEA could lose quite a bit of revenue while trying to resell these items.

IKEA will keep your details on the system, and you could be flagged for making too many returns. There have been instances when IKEA recalls items. Customers who return more than 5 of these items without fully explaining their circumstances are cut off as IKEA has experienced fraud on recalled items.

Wrap Up On The IKEA’s Return Policy

IKEA has an extremely reasonable return policy, and they will be happy to assist you with your return if you are not 100 percent satisfied with your purchase. You will have 365 days to return items in perfect, unused conditions and 180 days to return open but undamaged items.

A few things will not be accepted for return, such as custom-made made or cut materials, plants, and AS-IS items. However, most items can be accepted for return. Still, when you don’t succeed in returning an item to IKEA, you could always try to sell it elsewhere and recoup some of your spending on the item.

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