Counting Cash: How Much Does Savers Value Village Make In A Day?

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Savers Value VillageRevenue 💲Profit 💰
💵 Per Year$1,500,249,000.00$53,115,000.00
💵 Per Day$4,110,271.23$145,520.55
💵 Per Hour$171,261.30$6,063.36
💵 Per Second$47.57$1.68
Time period: 12/31/2022-12/31/2023

Value Village, a subsidiary of Savers, Inc., is a global thrift retailer offering great quality, gently used clothing, accessories, and household goods. With over 300 stores, Value Village has carved out a significant niche in the second-hand retail market. But have you ever wondered how much this thrift giant makes in a day?


How much does Savers Value Village Make In A Day?

Based on our recent findings, the daily revenue of Savers Value Village is an impressive $4,110,271.23. This substantial figure breaks down to $171,261.30 per hour and a whopping $47.57 per second. Keep in mind, these numbers reflect revenue, not profit. Revenue encompasses the total amount of money the company brings in from its business activities, while profit, or net income, is what remains after all expenses are accounted for.

When we turn our attention to Savers Value Village’s daily net income, the figures are still quite impressive. The company’s net income per day stands at $145,520.55, which translates to $6,063.36 every hour and $1.68 every second. These numbers give us a snapshot of how much the company retains as earnings after all costs have been deducted from the daily revenue.

It’s worth noting that these figures were calculated based on data from December 31, 2022, to December 31, 2023. During this period, Savers Value Village generated a total revenue of $1,500,249,000.00 and a total net income of $53,115,000.00.

Money Makes The Village Go Round

Understanding a company’s daily revenue and net income provides valuable insight into its financial health and overall performance. It’s clear that Savers Value Village, with its substantial daily earnings, is making the most of the thriving thrift market. And while the numbers are big, they reflect the company’s commitment to providing affordable, quality items to millions of consumers worldwide.


The Thrifty Bottom Line

So, the next time you’re browsing through the racks at Savers Value Village, consider the financial prowess behind each thrifted treasure. This thriving second-hand retailer isn’t just a hub for bargain hunters, it’s also a financial powerhouse, generating millions in revenue and profit every single day. Now that’s what we call smart business!

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