Counting Cash: How Much Does Hasbro Make In A Day?

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Hasbro, a multinational conglomerate specializing in toys and board games, has been a staple in the lives of consumers for many years. Known for popular brands like Monopoly, Transformers, and My Little Pony, Hasbro has a significant impact on the global toy market. But have you ever wondered how much this toy tycoon makes in a day? Let’s dive into the numbers.


How much does Hasbro Make In A Day?

HasbroRevenue 💲Profit 💰
💵 Per Year$5,856,700,000.00$203,500,000.00
💵 Per Day$16,045,753.42$557,534.25
💵 Per Hour$668,573.06$23,230.59
💵 Per Second$185.71$6.45
Time period: 12/31/2021-12/31/2022

According to the most recent data, from December 31, 2021, to December 31, 2022, Hasbro generated an impressive daily revenue of $16,045,753.42. This amount translates into an hourly revenue of $668,573.06, and even more astonishing, a secondly revenue of $185.71. Every tick of the clock, Hasbro makes nearly two hundred dollars!

However, it’s important to note that revenue is not the same as net income or profit. While revenue represents the total amount of money a company makes, net income is what remains after all costs, taxes, and expenses are subtracted. For Hasbro, the daily net income totals $557,534.25, with an hourly net income of $23,230.59 and a secondly net income of $6.45. So, while Hasbro’s revenue numbers might seem astronomical, the actual profit is a fraction of that amount.

Over the course of the year, these daily figures add up. Hasbro’s total revenue for the year was $5,856,700,000.00, with a total net income of $203,500,000.00. That’s a lot of board games and action figures!

Playing the Long Game

So, the next time you pass by a game of Monopoly or pick up a Transformers action figure, remember the financial figures behind these beloved products. These daily, hourly, and secondly earnings are a testament to Hasbro’s enduring presence in the toy industry and its impact on the global market. And while the numbers can seem staggering, they reflect the complex interplay of revenue and net income, demonstrating that gross earnings are just one part of the financial picture.


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