Counting Cash: How Much Does Amazon Make In A Day?

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AmazonRevenue 💲Profit 💰
💵 Per Year$574,785,000,000.00$30,425,000,000.00
💵 Per Day$1,574,753,424.66$83,356,164.38
💵 Per Hour$65,614,726.03$3,473,173.52
💵 Per Second$18,226.31$964.77
Time period: 12/31/2022-12/31/2023

The financial world is vast and complex, but when it comes to answering questions about the earnings of multinational corporations like Amazon, the numbers speak for themselves. With its expansive range of services and products, Amazon has become a titan of e-commerce. But how much does this behemoth company make in a day? Let’s dive into the numbers and find out.


How much does Amazon Make In A Day?

With data ranging from December 31, 2022, to December 31, 2023, Amazon generated an impressive $1,574,753,424.66 in daily revenue. This means that in just an hour, Amazon reels in about $65,614,726.03, and in a single second, Amazon makes a staggering $18,226.31.

While these numbers might seem astronomical, it’s important to distinguish between revenue and net income. Revenue represents the total money generated from sales, while net income, also known as profit, is what the company retains after all expenses, taxes, and costs have been deducted. So, while Amazon may make over a billion dollars in revenue per day, its daily net income is significantly less.

In terms of daily net income, Amazon retains about $83,356,164.38. Breaking this down further, Amazon’s hourly net income stands at $3,473,173.52, and in a single second, Amazon’s profit is around $964.77.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, Amazon’s daily financial performance is astounding. The company’s ability to generate over a billion dollars in daily revenue and tens of millions in net income is a testament to its dominant position in the global market. However, it’s crucial to remember that these figures represent gross income, and the net profit is a fraction of the total revenue due to operating costs, taxes, and other business expenses.


Whether you’re an investor, a business enthusiast, or just plain curious, understanding these financial metrics is essential. It not only provides insight into Amazon’s financial health but also paints a picture of the company’s immense scale and impact on the global economy.

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