Counting Cash: How Much Does Walmart Make In A Day?

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Ever wondered how much the retail giant Walmart makes in a day? Well, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive into the numbers and understand the financial prowess of this corporate behemoth. The numbers might just astound you!


How Much Does Walmart Make In A Day?

WalmartRevenue πŸ’²Profit πŸ’°
πŸ’΅ Per Year$611,289,000,000.00$11,680,000,000.00
πŸ’΅ Per Day$1,674,764,383.56$32,000,000.00
πŸ’΅ Per Hour$69,781,849.32$1,333,333.33
πŸ’΅ Per Second$19,383.85$370.37
Time period: 01/31/2022-01/31/2023

Walmart’s revenue figures are quite staggering. On an average day, the company rakes in a whopping $1,674,764,383.56, which breaks down to $69,781,849.32 in hourly revenue. To put it into an even more digestible perspective, every second that ticks by, Walmart is adding $19,383.85 to its revenue. These figures are based on data spanning from January 31, 2022, to January 31, 2023.

However, it’s important to understand the difference between revenue and net income (profit). Revenue is the total amount of money the company generates from its business activities, while net income is what’s left after all costs and expenses are subtracted from the revenue. It’s the actual profit that the company makes.

So, when it comes to Walmart’s net income, the figures are a bit different. On a daily basis, the company’s net income stands at $32,000,000.00. This implies an hourly net income of $1,333,333.33, and $370.37 per second. These numbers, while lower than the revenue figures, still reflect the immense profitability of Walmart’s operations.

When we consider the overall data, Walmart’s total revenue for the year stands at an impressive $611,289,000,000.00, with a total net income of $11,680,000,000.00. These figures truly highlight Walmart’s position as a leading player in the retail industry.


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In conclusion, while the figures may fluctuate slightly day by day, it’s clear that Walmart’s earnings are quite extraordinary. The magnitude of these numbers gives us a glimpse into the scale and reach of Walmart’s operations. It’s not just about the millions of customers walking through its doors every day, but also about the efficiency and effectiveness of its business model. So next time you’re at a Walmart, remember, every second you’re there, the company is making hundreds of dollars in profit!

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