How Does Target Pickup Work?

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Many of us have become used to ordering groceries online to pickup in-store. If you are new to this process, or if you haven’t shopped online at Target before, you may want to know how it works. So how does Target pickup work?


You can use the Target app or the Target website to use Target pickup. The service is free to use, and there is no minimum order. Choose your items, select Pick it up or Ship to Store, and proceed to checkout. Wait until you receive a notification, and then collect your order from your store.

The system that Target has put in place for the pickup of online orders is free and quick, and RedCard and Target Circle discounts and benefits apply to this service. Online ordering cuts down on impulse buys and saves you time spent at the store. Let’s take a closer look at how Target pickup works.

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The Basics Of Target Pickup

Target Order Pickup, and its contactless curbside cousin, Target Drive Up, provide a convenient way to pick up your groceries after you have ordered them online. Place an order for the items you want in the app or on the website (you’ll need the app for Drive Up), and pick up your order at the designated store.

Order Pickup is available at all Target stores, but Drive Up is only at selected stores countrywide. Use the online store finder and filter by services to see whether your store offers Drive Up.


Once you’ve placed your order, wait for a notification that your order is ready, and then drive to the store you have selected and go to Guest Services to pick up your order. Alternatively, park in a parking space designated for Drive Up orders and wait for a Target team member to carry your shopping to your car.

Further Information About How Target Pickup Works

All stores offer home, apparel, electronics, beauty, health, and other essential items. Some selected stores also provide fresh produce, frozen foods, and dairy items. If the store is out of stock of an item, or if it’s only available in limited supply, you won’t be able to get it via pickup. Additionally, items containing hazardous materials are ineligible for pickup.

If you’ve selected one of the pickup methods, you don’t have to stick with the chosen option. Once you receive the ready for pickup notification, you can use prompts in the Target app to change the pickup method from Order Pickup to Drive Up or vice versa.

If you cannot fetch your order at your selected store, you won’t be able to change the store. However, you can cancel your order or fail to collect your order within the pickup window.

Order Pickup and Drive Up orders have a 3-day pickup window, and if you do not collect the order within that window, Target will cancel it after 3 days and issue a refund to your initial form of payment. You can request a 3-day extension via the app or the Order details page before the initial pickup window expires.

If your order includes fresh grocery items, Target will only hold it until the close of the following business day, and you can’t extend it.


The Cost Of Target Pickup

Target Order Pickup and Target Drive Up are entirely free to use. Pay for the items you buy and any relevant taxes, with no minimum order requirement. As a result, you can use the services for the last-minute buying of single items and your weekly grocery purchases.

The price of products should be the same on the website or the app as in-store. Should you find a lower price at, a select online competitor, or in a local print ad after placing your order, you can get the difference refunded via Target’s Price Match service (within 14 days and subject to specific conditions).

The app offers various discounts, promotions, and coupons, and handily, it notifies you when these are applicable. Target Circle earnings apply to Order Pickup and Drive Up orders, and using a debit or credit RedCard at the checkout will net you a further 5 percent savings.

How Target Pickup Works (Step By Step)

The basics of Target Order Pickup and Target Drive Up are simple. Place your order on the website (or in the app for Drive Up), and when you receive the notification that it’s ready, drive to your selected store and collect it from Guest Services (Order Pickup) or wait for a Target team member to bring it to your vehicle (Drive Up). Let’s look at how this works.

1. Download The Target App (Required For Drive Up)

You can use Order Pickup without having the app on your phone, but if you want to use Drive Up, you are going to need the app. The app also tracks your progress toward getting discounts and coupons and reminds you when you have unlocked them. Get the Target app from the Apple App Store (for iPhones) or the Google Play Store (for Android phones).

Sign in to your account on the website or the Target app. If you haven’t shopped through before, create a free account through the website or app by entering your name, phone number, email address, and choosing a strong password.

You can manually select your preferred store or enable location services and let the app suggest your nearest store. The selected store is displayed at the top left of the screen, and you can edit it any time by clicking on it (for example, to check whether an item you’re looking for is in stock at a particular location). Choose nearby stores, or enter a ZIP code or city and state.


The store you have set as your store will be the default location for Order Pickup and Drive Up.

You can select Drive Up in the Target app under “Contactless shopping options.”

2. Browse Items On The Target App Or Website

The website and app guide you through categories and trending products, among other ways of finding products to purchase. See what you have recently viewed and what deals currently apply. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you are looking for, use the search bar to find particular brands or products. There are no fundamental differences from other online shopping stores.

However, we urge you to see if there are any coupons, promotions, or discounts available before you begin looking for items to add to your shopping cart. As you have to do this before you start browsing products, and they can make a difference in how much you pay, do not skip this step.

On, look for “Deals,” or in the Target app, look for the “Discover” tab. You can access Target Circle Offers for coupons and exclusive savings. Be aware that some coupons are only available in-store. Alternatively, have a look at clearance items and top deals. Ensure that you apply the savings to use them. Enter any gift cards and your RedCard if you have not already done so.

Before adding the item you want to buy to your shopping cart, select “Pick it up.” You can choose Order Pickup (in-store) or Drive Up (curbside). You can choose a different store if the store does not have the product you want.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t as user-friendly as competitors’ offerings, and you will probably have to backtrack quite a few times. In addition, the search bar isn’t available on every page. However, you do not have to use the app at this stage; even if you wish to pick up your purchases via Drive Up – you can start your order on and switch to the app when you want to collect your order.

Once you have chosen everything you want to purchase, click on the cart icon in the top right of the screen ( or the cart tab (Target app) to proceed to the checkout.

3. Proceed To Checkout On The Target App Or Website

When you proceed to the checkout, Target will give you a breakdown of your order with the quantities and prices of each product. Below your order items will be a list of applied promotions or discounts, and below that is your subtotal, estimated tax, and the delivery fee (which should be zero for Order Pickup and Drive Up).


If you are using the app to use Drive Up as your method of pickup, check the banner at the top of the screen to verify whether Drive Up is selected (and an estimated time for your order to be ready.)

Check that all the details of your order are correct. If everything is right, click “Check out” to provide your payment information. Apple Pay provides a convenient way to pay if you use Apple services. If you have a debit or credit RedCard, use it to get 5 percent savings on your order. Also, add any available Target Circle earnings or gift cards you may have, and then place your order.

4. Pickup Your Order From Your Target Store

Once your order is ready for pickup, you will receive an email. In addition, if you have set your push notification settings on your phone to let you know, the app will send you an alert.

If you are using Drive Up, use the app to let the Target team members know you’re coming. Select “I’m on my way” as you leave your house. The pickup phase of shopping requires the Target app to work – if you wish, you could begin your purchase on and switch to the app when it comes to picking up the order.

The beauty of their system is that you do not have to come at a designated time – you can pop in when it’s convenient.

For Order Pickup, you’ll drive to the store and park in any available parking spot before proceeding in-store and heading to Guest Services, usually just inside the entrance or any alternative designated pickup location. Either use the Target app or ensure you have valid, acceptable ID.

Navigate to the Wallet tab of the Target app and show your Mobile Wallet bar code to the Target team member at Guest Services, or present whatever form of ID you are using. As your online payment will have been processed when your order becomes ready for pickup, you won’t have to show your method of payment in-store.

For Drive Up, check the app for instructions on picking up your order. You usually park in a parking spot signposted “Drive Up” near the Target store entrance. Each of these parking spots has a number.

You can tell the app the kind of car you are driving and what color it is. You can also tell Target team members where you want your bags put.

If your location services are turned on, Target’s team members will be alerted automatically when you arrive. Otherwise, use the app to let them know by clicking “I’m at the store.” Type in your parking spot number, and you will receive a verification code.

A Target team member will come out of the store within a few minutes with your order and come to your vehicle. Show them your verification code by holding your phone up to the car window, and they will load your order into your vehicle. Once again, it isn’t necessary to show your payment method.

We recommend you bring an insulated bag for perishables, particularly if you have a long drive home, as Target does not provide insulated packaging.

Once you have picked up your order, whether by Order Pickup or Drive Up, Target will email you a receipt.

The Bottom Line On Target Pickup

Target pickup, whether Order Pickup or Drive Up, offers a free and convenient way of picking up your purchases without spending a lot of time in-store or getting distracted by things you don’t need. You can get an incredible range of products within a few hours of placing your order.

The best part of Target’s pickup options is that you have a window period to collect your order, rather than having to come to the store at a specific time. It is much easier to fit the collection into your schedule. And if you use Drive Up, you don’t even have to get out of your car, which is excellent for people with mobility issues, or moms with toddlers, for example.

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