Home Depot Return Policy Guide

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The Home Depot is the handyman’s dream shop, or perhaps you are a first-timer at DIY, that’s do-it-yourself, or you would like to do some form of home improvement, you trust your local Home Depot to meet your needs. Your purchase doesn’t seem to meet your needs to your shock and dismay. Can you return your items? What is Home Depot’s Return Policy?


Home Depot accepts most items to be returned within 90 days of purchase, and it is helpful to bring your receipt or shipment confirmation mail with you. You will be required to show your I.D, and it helps if you present the credit/debit card you used for the purchase.

The Home Depot has over 2,000+ stores predominantly in The USA; however, they also have a strong presence in Canada and Mexico. Home Depot prides itself on its customer relations and products and places a high value on loyalty. Does this mean they have a flexible and fair return policy in place?

What is Home Depot’s Basic Return Policy?

Home Depot accepts most returns for up to 180 days after purchase if you have proof of purchase. If you are a loyal customer and store cardholder, you can return certain items one year later.

Certain things have a different return policy; for example, plants should be returned within three days, defaults in appliances should be reported within 48 hours, and things like paint should be returned within 30 days.


Other items that should be returned within 30 days for one reason or another are rugs, furniture, T.V.s or air conditioners, certain tools, and big-ticket items like tractors or other machinery.

How Does Home Depot Credit You When Returning Items?

You may wish to be credited using the original payment method; this is not an issue if that was with cash or your bank card. When buying something using a gift card, you will be refunded with in-store credit. The possibility of exchanging the item for something else in-store is also an appropriate choice when making a return.

What Items Cannot Be Returned To Home Depot?

Some items are non-refundable at Home Depot due to the nature of them. This list includes gift cards or store credit, major appliances, large-scale generators, cut flowers or arrangements, custom products, samples and labor, delivery, and installation fees.

When choosing items from this list, you need to ensure that you are purchasing the right item. Of course, if there is a defect, it can be appealed on a case-by-case basis. Home Depot pride itself on customer satisfaction, taking all reasonable requests into account.

Can You Return Something You Bought On Clearance?

The Home Depot has some amazing clearance sales, and there are legends of items being reduced to as little as a penny. Perhaps if you get something for a really low price, you wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of returning it; you may not get anything better for the price.

However, if you did wish to return something that you bought on sale at Home Depot, the same policies apply to items on sale as the regular-priced items. So make sure you keep your receipt, return it within the return window and make sure it’s not one of the items on the non-refundable list.


Can You Return Something To Home Depot Without A Receipt?

It is possible to return items without a receipt; for example, if you used a debit or credit card, it can be traced for up to 90 days, and if you used your in-store credit card, they could trace the purchase easily and there would be no need for a receipt. You will need to have your I.D with you, and this return will be refunded for in-store credit or exchange only.

How To Initiate A Return

There are some options for how to initiate your return with Home Depot:

Can You Initiate A Home Depot Return Request ViaYes/No

The best and most efficient way to initiate a return with The Home Depot is by going in-store regardless of how you made the purchase. Another efficient way to initiate your return is to go to the website and click on ‘Return Items’; here, you can arrange where to get the item picked up or find out where you can drop it off.

An example of logging your return via phone would be in the case of appliances. Appliances are not refundable unless they are faulty. If you need to return appliances because of malfunctions or defects, it is best to call them and log the problem on (800) 455-3869.

Can You Abuse Home Depot’s Return Policy?

The Home Depot experienced a severe security breach a few years ago and, since then, has been much more cautious about everything they do. They inspect returns, and some third-party verification systems may be used to establish the authenticity of the return.

The Home Depot has also been known to ban users who frequently return items to exploit the product’s profitability. However, Home Depot does charge a restocking fee, which could deter returning items for an ulterior motive.

It could be possible to abuse the clearance sales at Home Depot as things can go for as low as a penny, and then consumers can resell these goods for a personal profit.


Wrap Up On The Home Depot’s Return Policy

It is straightforward to return standard items to Home Depot, and it’s easiest to visit one of their 2,317+ stores to do this in person. Be careful when purchasing something labeled non-refundable, as you will be stuck with your purchase if you change your mind.

Most products or items should be returned by 30, 90, or even 180 days, slightly varying from item to item. If you used your Home Depot In-Store Credit Card, a return could be possible for up to a year. Many returns are decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the reason for your return.

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