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Home Depot is a haven for DIYers, gardeners, and home design enthusiasts. And if you are going to Home Depot for any of those categories, it often means you are about to spend more than what you have budgeted for. However, there are many Home Depot hacks, hidden bargains, tips, and tricks that would amaze anyone.


The 11 Best hacks & tips to find at Home Depot to save money are below, scroll down to see the full list.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Home Depot offers stiff competition within its price match policy and includes a bonus on top of a successful price match discount. Furthermore, The Home Depot’s price tags with the numbers “6” and “3” at the end of the price include hidden codes that can be deciphered and exploited to save money.
  • Most Home Depot stores are arranged differently, and if you sharpen your shopping eye, you may find incredible discounts on scrap wood isles marked with purple spray paint and cans of paint in isles labeled with “oops.”
  • Browsing online instead of going to the store gives you the chance to find some excellent deals and jump straight on them before heading over to the store. With Browsing online in mind, you may also find an excellent discount on coupons on sites like Groupon. However, Home Depot also offers special coupons for completing various activities, like applying for newsletters and other options.

Tips In Getting The Best Deals & Hacks At Home Depot

Before starting your next sizeable DIY project, learn how to save hundreds of dollars with Home Depot tool rentals, when to shop their most excellent specials, and how to stack rival coupons on Home Depot purchases thanks to their price match policy. That is what I refer to as “smart shopping.”

I’ll start with simple methods to save at The Home Depot (think: daily specials and coupons), then move on to our favorite sales, and finally, I’ll break down Home Depot’s small print so you know precisely how to get their prices as low as they’ll go.

So wait till you’ve read these House Depot tips, bargains, and sale hacks before starting that Pinterest project or home improvement! That said, starting with Home Depot price matching, here’s what you need to know.


1. Take Advantage Of Home Depots Price Matching

While many retailers will match the quoted rates of their competitors, Home Depot goes a step further. They’ll match prices on identical goods and give you an extra 10% discount if you buy in-store. Likewise, if you buy something from Home Depot online, they’ll match the price plus delivery expenses.

To price match, just bring in proof (printout, local ad, smartphone browser) if you locate the exact same make and model for less at another brick-and-mortar store, and they’ll check into it. If you call The Home Depot customer care at (800) 466-3337, you may even price match online.

Home Depot will not price match online-only shops such as Amazon or eBay or wholesalers such as Costco or Sam’s Club. However, they are occasionally forgiving (particularly with Amazon), so if you find a lower price, talk to your local Home Depot store manager and see if they’ll match it.

Home Depot also does not match prices on sale, damaged, or discontinued items. Finally, if an item says “online-only,” they don’t match its own internet prices. However, Home Depot will price match the following stores:

2. Double Check The Price Tag

Nobody likes to buy anything just to find out later that the price has been reduced, so you should learn this handy little tip to decipher what some of the pricing signify. Prices that conclude in “##.#3” and “##.#6” are what you should be looking for.

Determine how long it’s been since the last markdown date by looking at the date displayed on the tag (typically around the barcode).


These goods are already on discount if they have a price tag that finishes in a six. If you can wait six weeks, the price will be reduced again, generally to half the price tag amount ending in “6.” For example, after six weeks, an item tagged with a “$6.26” price tag will be “$3.13.”

If only a few of the products remain, it may be a bit of a gamble. If there are lots more, though, waiting a few weeks to save 50% is an option worth considering. Finally, if you notice a yellow tag with a number ending in “3,” the item will be gone in three weeks following the discount, so buy now while the price is low – it won’t get any lower!

3. Know Where To Look In-Store

A famous wizard once said that excellent bargains could be found all across The Home Depot; you just have to know where to search.

Always look for seasonal sales and clearance products on the end caps of aisles. For example, check the far back of the lumber department or ask an associate where they put the leftover pieces if you need a stack of lumber and don’t know where to look.

Home Depot offers around a 70% discount on any leftover, deformed, or damaged wood. These deals are frequently labeled with purple spray paint.

Finally, paint can be rather expensive, and if you have a little one that needs paint for a school project or your DIY job, ask a store employee where you may find the “oops” department, where improperly mixed cans of paint are sold at a discount, if you need paint but aren’t fussy about the hue.

Because the store is desperate to get rid of it, it will usually be sold for 70-80% off the original price. So you can save money if you’re willing to utilize colors that someone else chose for you.


4. Browse Online Before Heading To The Store

Traveling the aisles in search of supplies is a waste of time, and it may also be a waste of money because it can lead to impulse purchases. So instead, order the things you need online and pick them up at the shop to save time and money (and your feet).

So, if an item is in stock at your local shop, it will be ready in two hours. If the item isn’t in stock, you may have it shipped to your location for free and quickly.

In addition, save The Home Depot Special Buy of the Day to your favorite bookmarks, so you don’t miss any of the big flash sales. You have 24 hours to check out the heavily discounted products (target for a 25–50% discount) with a ticker to show you how much time is left.

What’s the catch? In-store, Home Depot will not match their Special Buy of the Day rates.

5. Look For Rebates

Rebates differ from coupons and other forms of discounts in that they reimburse the customer for part of the purchase price afterward rather than at the time of the sale. Rebates incentivize you to buy a particular product by giving them money back on the purchase price.

Consequently, The Home Depot provides a Rebate Center that allows you to search for all available rebates in your region, and if you intend on using a coupon or discount, make sure you may combine the offers. In addition, before heading to the store to buy big-ticket products, you may browse by product, brand, or deal to see what rebates are available.

If you’re replacing many appliances, you’ll have the best luck. For example, to receive $1,600 back, you’d have to purchase four large appliances. It includes an oven or range combination, a refrigerator, and two more appliances from the same line – possibly a dishwasher and a microwave.

Also, look into Energy Star rebates to see if you can earn a manufacturer’s rebate for purchasing an Energy Star appliance through your local gas or electric utility. For example, in Los Angeles, you may earn a $75 discount on an Energy Star certified refrigerator. You can apply for a rebate either online or by mail. For the love of discounts, combo as much as you can!

6. Haggle For Lower Prices

Though not every employee has the authority to cut pricing, haggling is always worth a shot. For example, many bargain seekers could save an extra $50 on a washer and dryer set that was already on sale at Home Depot. Simply said, all you have to do is ask.


Salespeople seldom have the authority to negotiate a better bargain for you, but if you ask to talk with a manager, they may be more ready to work with you to close the transaction. Examine current sales that you missed or anticipated sales that you could qualify for [with the manager]. By the way, Best Buy and Lowe’s are the same.

7. Coupons Are The Way To Go

Anyone who accomplishes the following can get a dollar-off or a percent-off coupon from Home Depot:

The email and SMS notifications are primarily used to keep subscribers updated on each new Daily Deal, while Garden Club members will receive advice, special offers, and the occasional freebie.

Except for the SMS sign-up coupon, you will receive all of these coupons by email (that one goes to your phone). Your discount for attending a Home Depot workshop will be sent to the email address you provided when you signed up. Remember that these seminars have only been available online since 2020.

Using Competitor Coupons

In addition, although Home Depot does not accept rival coupons, there is a method to save money at Home Depot by using Lowe’s coupons. If you have a coupon for a big box hardware shop like Lowe’s or Ace Hardware, they will do a price match.

Instead of matching the competitor’s sticker price on similar products, Home Depot matches the competitor’s final cost, which includes coupons. That implies that if you bring in a $10 off Lowe’s coupon, Home Depot will stack it on top of the price match they made.

For example, if you are interested in buying a GE Dry Boost 52-DB Built-In Dishwasher at Lowe’s for $529.00 (reg $729.00) and find that Home Depot is selling their GE Dry Boost 52-DB built-in Dishwasher for $528 (reg $729).

Next, use one $10 off Lowe’s coupon; the final price match is $476.10. As a result, the final price is $476.10, and Home Depot may provide an extra 10% discount, perhaps lowering the price even further to $428.49what a deal!

8. Look For Overstock Deals

Check the Overstock areas on the Home Depot website before going to the shop to see if they offer what you need at a lesser price. For example, during their Overstock Sale, Home Depot offers up to 75% off already reduced products for the Home, Outdoor, Bath, and more.

Purchase online, pick up in-store or get free shipping on $50 or more purchases. Furthermore, if you’re fortunate, you’ll find a coupon code that may be used in conjunction with other offers.

Pro tip: Lighting is a hot topic at Home Depot, so head over to their section. Promotions there are commonplace.

9. Know When To Get The Best Deals

Apart from some great doorbusters during Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday and regular Black Friday deals, the retailer doesn’t have the most profitable inventory sales.

However, each year on holiday weekends, I’ve seen several opportunities to save 20–40% on patio furniture, paint, barbecues, and major appliances. So if you purchase over the appropriate holiday weekend, you may save hundreds of dollars. As a result, keep the following in mind:

  • Save 30–40% on interior and exterior paint, lawn care, patio furniture, and patio pavers during Memorial Day.
  • On the 4th of July, you can save 25–40% on grills, patio furniture, and lawn care; it usually lasts ten days (rather than just the weekend).
  • Refrigerators, small kitchen appliances, vanities and faucets, and bathroom linens are all 20% to 40% down on Labor Day.

In addition, between January and March, Home Depot holds a bath renovation sale with discounts ranging from 25 to 40 percent.

10. Get Discounted Gift Cards Online

If you’re going to The Home Depot for a long time, get a reduced gift card first. Some websites and warehouse stores sell gift cards for less than the face value. Purchasing a discounted gift card is a clever approach to saving money on your purchase.

Finally, our website provides a variety of Home Depot specials updated daily, which can be discovered here. On our deals list, you may find:

  • Deals for up 20% off on your next purchase.
  • You may find 10% off Home Depot coupons.
  • You may find savings deals of up to 20% off selected items.
  • You may find up to 45% off power tools and other unique promos and sale specials.

11. Rent Tools If You Are On A Budget

At Home Depot, you may rent tools and trucks to transport them. There’s no need to buy the expensive goods if you don’t believe you’ll use them frequently, from lawn and garden equipment to concrete tools and products to clean floors. Instead, simply rent what you require for a few dollars and save room in your garage.

Renting equipment does not need a significant upfront investment, allowing you to save the money you would have spent on a purchase and use it towards other aspects of your DIY project. If you haven’t used heavy equipment in a long time, renting it saves you money on maintenance and repairs.

Can Home Depot Adjust The Price Of Already Purchased Items?

Yes, Home Depot honors its prices for two weeks. If you buy something from Home Depot, especially something expensive, and it goes on sale within 14 days of your purchase, Home Depot will offer you a price adjustment. So keep an eye on the prices for a chance at getting some money back!

How Do Home Depot Workshops Work?

Every Home Depot entry has a blackboard with a menu of forthcoming workshop sessions in the store, and if you don’t have time looking for a chalkboard, you can discover the seminars online.

These 90-minute workshops include how-to classes on house repairs, installation, paint recommendations, and more from renovation experts.

These can help you save money or time by advising you on what to buy ahead of time and budget for a home repair project. After all, hiring a contractor after ruining a home repair project you told your significant other you could handle on your own would be far more expensive (most of us have been there, done that).

Can I Shop For Damaged Or Returned Items At Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot typically has a place where they store broken or returned merchandise. They even write the reason for the return on each item. The issues are usually modest, such as little dents or scrapes. If you can put up with such inconveniences, you can save a lot of money.

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