How To Get Free Or Cheap Tampons

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There are some products in the US which are exempt from sales tax, but sanitary products like tampons are still taxed in some states. With rising costs and consumers struggling to make ends meet, period poverty is a growing concern. Paying for tampons is becoming more difficult for those facing financial difficulty. Our list of how to find free or cheap tampons will help you get the best deals on tampons.


The 10 best ways to get free or cheap tampons are below.

Key Takeaways

  • Generic brands of tampons and states offering tax-free tampons can save you a couple of dollars.
  • In-store sales and coupons can give you a discount on tampons, so you get them much cheaper than the original price.
  • Compare tampon brands to find the cheapest options.
  • Purchasing tampons in bulk is more expensive up front, but the cost per tampon is more affordable compared to buying them in smaller boxes.
  • Buying tampons from wholesalers like Costco works out cheaper than purchasing from other retailers.
  • Some organizations focus on supplying menstrual products to low-income households.
  • Rebate apps like Ibotta help get cash back on purchases like tampons.

How Can I Get Free Or Cheap Tampons?

Roughly two-thirds of women who are in low-income households can’t afford sanitary products. Besides this, the cost of sanitary products is rising as the cost of living also rises. Some organizations aim to alleviate period poverty by helping women who can’t afford these products. Still, those who need to purchase products like tampons monthly can struggle to make ends meet.

1. Free Tampons At Schools

Some organizations and student councils have implemented free tampons and pads in bathrooms. Most schools have period products in the nurse’s office, but this may be more difficult to get to compared to schools that have period products like tampons freely available in the restrooms.

Free The Tampon, an advocacy group, is focused on getting period products as part of state budgets. While period products are not freely available in every school and university, a few organizations and legislation are working towards making this possible.


2. Woman’s Organizations

Woman’s organizations like Alliance For Period Supplies, #HappyPeriod, She Supply, and Women in Training create awareness of the lack of sanitary products like tampons. They also have community outreach projects that provide pads and tampons for low-income and poverty-stricken families. For free tampons, you can contact one of these organizations.

3. Tax-Free Tampons

In some states, in the U.S there is no tax on menstrual products. If you reside in a state with no taxes on products like tampons, they can be bought much cheaper than in states with this tax. While each tampon brand may have its own suggested retail price and stores add their mark-up, some brands may be much cheaper than the others.

This article in Marie Claire covers which states still charge period tax. Alternatively, your local stores will have some cheaper options for tampons, especially if these products aren’t taxed and are generic brands.

4. Tampon Coupons And In-Store Sales

Take advantage of coupons and in-store sales to maximize the amount you save on tampons. You can also use rebate apps in addition to this to get cash back. Coupon sites like and Lozo. You can also sign up for special offers and tampon coupons at U by Kotex. U by Kotex also offers period supplies through partners to help eradicate period poverty.

5. Tampax

Is Tampax your favorite brand of tampons? It should be. Tampax is the cheapest option most of the time when it comes to tampons. While pricing may differ slightly from store to store, and there may also be slight differences in pricing between the top brands, Tampax is consistently cheaper.

6. Avoid Purchasing Tampons At CVS

CVS is only affordable if you are a regular CVS shopper and belong to their rewards programs. While their weekly deals can help you save, typically, menstrual products are more expensive at pharmacy stores.


If you are a CVS rewards member, you can benefit from their ExtraBucks and practically get products for free.

7. Buy In Bulk

Purchasing tampons in bulk is more expensive up front, but the cost per tampon is much cheaper, and you’ll save in the long term. Purchase tampons in bulk from Amazon, Walmart, and Costco. Bulk purchases can be even cheaper if used with coupons.

8. Walgreens Discounts

If you’re looking for cheap tampons, Walgreens offers the best offers with their buy one get one 50% off deals. Tampon deals are available both in-store and online at Walgreens. Walgreens also offers the cheapest generic brand of tampons compared to other retailers.

9. Ibotta Cash Back

Earn cash back through Ibotta when you shop at supported retailers. If you’re purchasing tampons, you may be able to earn some money back via the Ibotta app. When you make enough cash, you can use it for other purchases. Ibotta-supported retailers include Walmart, CVS, and Target.

10. Costco

Tampax tampons in bulk are the cheapest at Costco. If you can purchase tampons from Costco, you can save around $2 or $3 compared to buying at other retailers. Wholesale prices are generally cheaper than most retails stores.

Some of the best strategies to save on tampons are buying in bulk, taking advantage of coupons and in-store discounts, and using rebate apps like Ibotta. But why are tampons so expensive? And can you get tampons with your FSA account?

If you can’t afford tampons, how can you get tampons, and what are your options for free menstrual products?


Why Are Tampons So Expensive?

The biggest reason why tampons are so expensive is due to tax. While tampons remain essential for women, some states still tax these products. The tax on menstrual products is roughly 5%, and having to purchase these items monthly can start to add up.

Some states have defined these items as no-tax items. In contrast, others still impose “period tax” on menstrual products, making them even more expensive for consumers.

Can You Get Tampons With Your FSA Account?

Your Flexible Spending Accounts allow you to pay for some medical expenses with tax-free income. Not all products qualify for this, but tampons do. According to the CARES act, tampons are a medical expense, which means you can use your FSA account to pay for tampons.

How To Get Tampons For Those Who Can’t Afford Them?

Most shelters and woman’s organizations can help get you tampons for free. For example, the Alliance For Period Supplies, sponsored by Kotex, has partners across the United States. If you need tampons, you can simply text 211 or visit the website to find a location that can assist you.

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