How To Get Free Stuff For Kids Online Or Near You

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Keeping your kids busy during the summer break and weekends can be challenging for you and your budget too! Finding a few online sites and places near you that offer freebies can help keep your kids entertained and help save you money. We’ve found a few great resources providing free stuff for kids.


The best 10 Ways to get free stuff for kids online or near you are below, scroll on down to see all your options.

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Key Takeaways

  • Many websites and companies offer free stuff for kids.
  • You can get a wide range of coloring pages as well as digital and printed books for free.
  • Freecycle and Craigslist are useful listings sites to help you find free kids’ stuff near you.
  • Craft kids, workshops, and free kids’ magazines are a few of the other free items available for kids.

How Can I Get Free Stuff For Kids Online Or Near Me?

Many websites offer free kids’ stuff; you just need to know where to look. You can get all kinds of free kids’ stuff, and many companies also offer freebies for kids on their birthdays. Our freebie list covers apps, books, craft kits, and where you can find these resources online or near you.

1. DVDs And Educational Apps

If you’re looking for free DVDs and Educational Apps for your kids, you can find a free DVD of the story Tales Of Donkey Ollie on the storybook’s website and free educational apps like Peter Pigs Money Counter to improve your counting skills on the play store. Other great free learning apps include:

Most apps are available for download via Google Playstore, the Apple App Store, and Kindle Fire.


2. Coloring Books

Coloring books are a staple in any home if you have kids. You can find a few free coloring books online. If your kids love Sesame Street, a coloring book is available for download from the U.S Fire Administration website. This coloring book focuses on fire safety.

Other online sites offering free coloring books:

3. Free Kids Kits

There’s nothing better than a free craft kit for kids. Craft kits help them use their imagination and help keep them busy for a reasonable amount of time. Joann stores offer free take-home craft kits for kids every month. These include cross-stitch, snow globes, magnets, and puzzles. Unfortunately, Home Depot and Lowes don’t offer take-home craft kits but offer craft workshops in-store.

4. Free Magazines

Free kids’ magazines are offered by many publications as an effort to encourage children to read. The following places offer free magazines for kids:

5. Free Kids Items On Freecycle

Freecycle is one of the best websites to find free stuff near you. Freecycle spans over 5000 local town groups with over 9 million members worldwide. This initiative is for those who want to give and receive items for free and reduce the amount of waste sent to dumpsites. Freecycle may also have free stuff for your kids like books, toys, and clothing.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist may have all kinds of free kids’ items listed if you’re looking for free stuff for kids. In addition, you can search for listings close to you. While most items are advertised at a price, you may get a special offer, a great deal, or even find free things from people clearing out the stuff they no longer want.


7. Free Books

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library offers free books monthly for kids. Google Play Books may also have free digital kids’ books. Some other places offering free digital books are Free Kids Books and Monkey Pen. There are always free Kindle books to try too if you don’t mind using the Kindle website or app.

8. Garden Seeds

Looking for something fun and educational to help kids get into gardening? You can get a free seed pack for a butterfly garden. The Alt National Park offers two types of seed packs: Black-Eyed Susans and Butterfly Milkweed. Simply complete their online form to get your free packet of seeds. There are other seed samples here too.

9. Printables

If you’re looking for some extra learning material for kids, there are a few educational sites that offer free printable worksheets. For example, Worksheet Fun has a range of worksheets for different age groups and includes critical thinking and maths worksheets. Educational worksheets are also available at that cover various learning areas.

10. Workshops

Looking for a few workshops for your kids? Michael’s offers free craft classes in-store or online for kids. Lowe’s offers DIY building workshops for kids, usually held on the second weekend of each month, and Home Depot also has a few in-store craft workshops for kids.

Our list covers most freebies you can find online for your kids. In addition, some companies and websites may offer occasional freebies, so it’s always a good idea to sign up for a few mailing lists that focus on kids’ items.

If you’re looking for even more free stuff for kids, we’ve covered a few more freebies, including free online games, free school supplies, and free toys.

Where Can I Get Free Online Games For My Kids?

Kids’ games can be recreational, educational, or both. Kids’ games can also be easy to find online, but some websites may be harder to navigate. Some reputable online gaming sites for kids are PBS Kids, SwitchZoo, and Lego.


How To Get Free School Supplies For Kids?

If you are a low-income family or strapped for cash, there may be a few options to get free school supplies. These include asking your local schools, The Salvation Army, and the Kids In Need Foundation. You may also find free school supplies from listing sites like Freecycle.

How To Find Free Toys For Kids Online?

One of the best ways to find free toys for kids is to look for them on listing sites, Facebook marketplace, and neighborhood groups. Most neighborhood groups have items they want to clear out or swap for other things. Thrift stores may offer good deals on toys; although they won’t be free, they will be very reasonably priced. If you become a toy tester, you could also receive free toys to test and review. Can’t find any toys? It is tough, you can always snag some toy deals at least to get them for less.

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