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Christmas is a magical time of year, and there’s something extraordinary about getting a personalized call from Santa. Of course, kids love Christmas and Santa, but many Santa call sites and apps require a subscription, which can get expensive! But we made a list of the best free sites and checked it twice to help you get your free call with Santa.


The 10 best sites for free Santa calls are below. Scroll down to see them all.

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Key Takeaways

  • Many sites let you video call Santa for free. But some are looking to make you upgrade, even using aggressive tactics.
  • Apps like Video Call Santa and Portable North Pole offer personalized calls from Santa.
  • Many Santa call websites offer additional paid features like Santa delivery tracking, naughty or nice lists, songs, and games.
  • Most Santa call apps are suitable for Android and Apple devices.
  • Santa call apps and websites are user friendly and ideal for children to use as well.

Free Websites To Video Call Santa

There are a few good sites which let you video call and facetime Santa. While many of these sites require a once-off payment or subscription, free sites also provide a video call with Santa. There may be some restrictions on content or packages on the free sites, but most allow you to make at least one call to Santa for free!

1. Santa’s Hotline

Santa’s Hotline is hosted by This is one of the best free Santa call sites and has a growing number of callers each year. Santa’s Hotline is a voicemail line offered to children in the U.S. and worldwide. Children can call in and leave a voicemail for Santa for free. The only downside is that call rates still apply, but it’s a small fee to pay for a little Christmas joy!

2. Christmas Dialer

Christmas Dialer has a few call options and is very user-friendly. For example, you can receive a call from Santa or his elf. Once you have chosen Santa or the elf, there are different themed messages to choose from. Once you have selected your message type, simply enter your phone number to receive your call.


3. Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole is an app that allows you to create a personalized message from Santa. This app also comes with paid features, but the video call with Santa is free. The Portable North Pole app is available on Apple, Android, and on Amazon app store.

This is one of the best apps for a message from Santa; there are also other themed videos and a free trial of the app’s premium version. The best part of this app is how realistic the Santa videos are; they even include elves and reindeer.

4. Ask Santa

Ask Santa is an A.I.-powered platform used to speak to Santa. They require a sign-up, which only includes your name, surname, and email address. Once signed up, you are redirected to a video and then a chatbox where you’ll be able to talk to Santa. This platform is excellent for kids and has a fun interactive element too.

5. Calling Santa

Calling Santa is an app that lets you receive calls and texts from Santa and make Christmas wish lists. The app also has holiday stories, games like decorating a virtual Christmas tree, and other fun activities.

The wish lists on the app allow parents to manage their kid’s wish lists for Christmas. Parents can also record a personalized voice message for their child, which is then disguised and played as one of Santa’s elves.

6. Package From Santa

Package From Santa offers a free call for your child if you are based in the U.S. or Canada. You can also download the app, which has premium features. This app offers lots of options to personalize your call to Santa. Although these fall under the premium version, they have pricing packages available.


The free call with Santa allows you to pick a unique message, display your child’s photo, mention your child’s age and country, and pick a date and time for the call.

7. Synthesia

Synthesia Santa is an online A.I program that allows you to create a personalized video from Santa. You select the template with different backgrounds, type out a personalized message to friends or family and provide your email address. The app then creates your personalized video from Santa.

The best part is that the videos are fun, free, and really easy to create a personalized message for your loved ones.

8. Santa Chatter

Santa Chatter is an online chat service where you can chat with Santa for free. This service is available any time of year. It is better suited for children who are older or for parents and children to do together. Simply type your question to Santa and see Santa respond instantly. This site also has a wish list page that allows your child to complete a wish list for Christmas.

9. Message From Santa

Message From Santa is an app that gives you a free video message from Santa. You can choose from three options and personalize your video by adding your child’s name and photo. This app is great for kids who love more than one call from Santa since unlimited calls are available. You can also record a voicemail with your Christmas wishlist for Santa, learn the reindeer’s names, and track Santa.

10. Video Call Santa

Video Call Santa is an app that simulates calls from Santa. This app has handy customizations like choosing an American or British Santa and calling right away or scheduling a time for a call with Santa. You can also record and save your child’s phone call with Santa. Most features are free, and the free features are more than enough to make a memorable phone call with Santa.

Although many free websites allow you to call Santa, you may be wondering if there are any other ways to get in touch with Santa. Some sites offer services like delivering personalized letters and gifts from the North Pole. In contrast, others provide a virtual tour of Santa’s workshop. These can get expensive, and although they will add to the magic of Christmas, a free phone call from Santa will be just as memorable.


Can I Call Santa With Google Home?

Google Assistant has a few Christmas quirks that you may want to try out. These include playing Christmas music, controlling your Christmas decorations, tracking Santa with Google home, and telling Santa what you want for Christmas.

And more impressively, with a simple phrase, “Ok Google, call Santa.”, you’ll hear him practicing for a musical concert.

Can I Call Santa With Alexa?

If you have Amazon kids or Echo Dot Kids on Alexa, you can call Santa. To call Santa, simply say, “Alexa, call Santa.” You’ll be able to chat with Santa and his elves. You may get a few jokes and could even get a customized Christmas playlist.

Is A Subscription Call Service To Call Santa Worth It?

Many call services that allow you to call Santa offer premium features that you may be interested in. Maybe you’ve tried all the free ones, and your kids have somewhat outgrown the novelty of the Santa call sites, then you may want to look into the paid subscription.

The only downside to the subscription is that it’s something you only use once a year. It doesn’t seem worth investing in something you only use once a year if you could use a free version instead.

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