Free Printable Christmas Games

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The holidays can be hectic. There are so many things to do with so little time. Every day can feel like you’re racing around. The finest part of the Christmas season is slowing down and spending quality time with your family.


What a great time to bond with family indeed! It becomes even more fun and exciting when all grownups and kids gather to play some awesome Christmas games! There are hundreds of them, and we have made a list of all our favorites!

The 14 best free printable Christmas games are below. Read on to see the full list!

Key Takeaways

  • Christmas games are great for getting families together and having some good holiday fun.
  • All the games on our list are 100%. You only need to click on the links of the games you like, download, and print!
  • Christmas games not only make the holiday feel more festive; they also bring people closer. You might start a relationship with some of your relatives you don’t know very well.

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The 14 Best Free Printable Christmas Games

Christmas games form a huge part of the holiday season and the spirit of Christmas. These games are entertaining, but they also serve as icebreakers and opportunities for bonding, especially in large families where not everyone knows everyone.

Finding fun Christmas party games for large groups can be challenging and stressful when ensuring everyone has a good time. Luckily, we have specially selected some of the best Christmas games for you that you can print and play for free! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


The 14 best free printable Christmas games include:

1. Christmas Family Feud

You’ll need two teams (about 5 individuals per team) and one host for this game. Each team should decide the order they want to answer the questions in. The host will call up the first member on each team. The question will be answered by the first person to buzz in. It’s permissible to interrupt before the question is entirely answered.

You could use a buzzer, bell, or other noisemakers to buzz in on questions. A variety of answers are presented for each question. These are the results of a survey of 100 persons.

The most popular responses are listed and the number of persons who chose them. If the individual who answers a question first gets the answer with the most responses, their team has the option of playing or passing this round of answers.

If they don’t receive the best answer, the other team has an opportunity to answer and “take” control of the round. At this stage, whatever team receives the answer with the most responses gets to choose whether to pass or play.

Download and print all the rounds of questions & answers below to play this family feud holiday game:



2. Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Is it a family ritual for you to go around looking at Christmas lights? It might be enjoyable to bundle up with some snacks and a thermos of hot cocoa and look at everyone’s Christmas decorations.

With this Christmas lights scavenger hunt, you can make it even more exciting this year by adding a challenge to the experience! Print out this free Christmas lights scavenger hunt and go on a fun family outing to see if you can discover everything on the list!

Free Printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

3. Monopoly inspired Christmas Board Game

You can play this Christmas game using the same rules and principles as any other Monopoly game, or you can make up your own. Each player gets $2000 at the start of the game.

When the players land on a property they like, they should roll and buy it, and if it is already held by someone else, they should pay the rent as instructed on the property card. If they land in the risk box, they must choose a risk card and follow its directions.

Free Printable Christmas Monopoly Game


With this printable Christmas Movies Word Search, you may entertain your guests while putting the finishing touches on supper. Every group will benefit from this Christmas Movies Word Search. Adults and children can participate, and you’ll have more time to finish setting the table; no one wants to be rushed on Christmas! Here are some free printable word searches to explore:

5. Christmas White Elephant Gift Exchange

“White Elephant” gift exchange is an extremely popular game where people share inexpensive, humorous gifts. The term “White Elephant” pertains to an excessive, impractical present that is difficult to eliminate.

In a nutshell, the gifts are stacked; participants pick numbers and take turns opening new gifts or stealing anybody else’s already opened gift. But there’s a difference in this version!

Free Printable Christmas White Elephant Gift Exchange

6. Christmas Crossword Race

Any type of crossword puzzle is fun, but they are especially great when you have to compete against your family and friends in a race against time to complete yours first to win the prize! You require a crossword sheet per person, a pen or pencil for each player, and individuals who are up for a challenge and a good time.

You can set a timer for this game, and when the time is up, the person with the most incorrect words wins the prize. Or each person can get a bell and ring theirs when they have completed their entire crossword puzzle. The first person to ring their bell wins!

Free Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles

7. Christmas Pictionary


You can play this game in the traditional Pictionary format. Form teams and take turns drawing cards and sketching out the word or phrase to elicit guesses from your teammates. After all of the cards have been pulled, the team with the most points wins.

On Your Head

This Christmas Pictionary variation is delightfully entertaining. Choose one person to be the judge at the start of the round rather than dividing into teams. The judge selects a card from the deck and reads it aloud to the audience. After that, the players have one minute to draw whatever is on the card.


The catch is that they’re doing it on top of their heads, on a paper plate. After one minute, everyone exposes their designs, and the judge chooses their favorite by handing them the card. A new round begins when the person to the judge’s left becomes the judge. The winner of the game has the most cards at the end.

Free Printable Christmas Pictionary

8. Free Printable Christmas Board Game for Kids

Santa needs a delivery of store-bought goodies because one of his elves is unwell. Santa cannot afford to run out of gifts, so he must gather all necessary materials at the North Pole. To stay in Santa’s good books, the players must first try their hardest to reach the North Pole. The first player over the finish line wins.

Free Printable Kids Christmas Board Game

9. Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz 1

With these charming Christmas game worksheets, you can test your friends and family’s Christmas movie knowledge. Adults who have seen all classic Christmas movies will like this game. Print the Trivia Quiz worksheets (one for each person) and present them to your guests along with a pen or pencil.

Ask them to underline the correct response from the options provided below each question. When all of the guests have completed the quiz, read aloud all of the answers on this answer sheet. For each correct answer, have the visitors award themselves one point. The winner will be the individual with the most points.

Free Printable Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz

10. Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz 2

You can print the two sheets and distribute them to the players. Alternatively, cut out all the questions apart and have each player draw and answer one at a time. To play this game, please download and print the following PDFs:

11. Clean Trivia Competition

A warm bath or shower is refreshing and revitalizing after a joyful day of Christmas activities. To determine who knows their soap brands, put your family and friends to the test. The funniest thing about this game is when you hit a blank and can’t remember the name of the soaps; they use themselves!

Free Printable Clean Trivia Competition

12. Christmas Word Scramble

You can play without a time limit and award a prize to the winner or play for a set amount of time and award a prize to the winner. Form groups and compete in a word scramble relay. Divide this into word scramble terms based on the size of the group.

This will decide the number of puzzles each individual must solve. The first person deciphers the first few words and passes the information on to the next. That person unscrambles the next few. Continue until the final person has received it. The winning team is the one that finishes first. You can discover the words in the order listed on the list or at random.

Free Printable Christmas Word Scramble

13. Christmas Bingo

Christmas bingo can add a lot of fun to any Christmas celebration. The best part about these Christmas bingo games is that they are all free. They also feature everything you’ll need to play Christmas bingo, including matching sets of bingo cards and calling cards.

When printed on computer paper, these Christmas bingo cards look wonderful. Make your Christmas bingo game even more enjoyable by using green and red M&Ms, jelly tots, gummy bears, or Hershey kisses.

Free Printable Christmas Bingo

14. Christmas Charades

If you’re hosting a dinner for friends and family this Christmas, consider playing some festive games. Christmas Charades is a fun game for the whole family to play at holiday parties. To play the Christmas charades game, you must act out a Christmas term or phrase while your teammates try to guess what you’re saying.

You can play as a group and have one person act out the phrase or word for everyone or split the group into two teams. If you only have one group, you may give someone points for guessing correctly. Scoring the most points at the end will win you the game. Please read the game rules here.

Free Printable Christmas Charades

Are There Free Printable Christmas Activity Books For Children?

Yes. There are plenty of Christmas activity and games books that you can print for free. You must bind them into book form, and you are well on your way. The kids will be so intrigued that they may finish the entire book in one day!

Use this activity book as a Christmas countdown by having them complete one page per day for the week leading up to Christmas. Below are a few of our favorites. Please click on the links and choose your favorite!

Are There Free Printable Christmas Games For Kids?

There are more than enough games to keep all the kids entertained during the Christmas holidays! These are extremely easy to print and super fun to play. Please click on the link below to download and print fun Christmas games for your kids.

What Christmas Games Can You Play For Free Online?

Various sites allow you to play online for free. Playing online means you save paper. One of the most fun online Christmas game websites for kids is Kizi.

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