Simple Ways To Get A Free (Or Cheap) Public Notary Near You

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Notarizing a document is a widely acknowledged way of verifying its legitimacy. Furthermore, a notary public can charge any fee up to the state’s maximum limit. However, numerous establishments provide consumers with the benefit of low-cost or even free notarization. That said, the following are some of the best sites to receive free or low-cost notarizations that you may find near your area.


The 6 best sites to receive free or low-cost notarizations near your area are below, read on to see the list!

Key Takeaways

  • Banks are commonly known to provide free notary services to individuals who own an account with them and ask for a small fee for those who don’t. In addition, your local government offices often include free notary services offered to the public.
  • Public libraries are known to offer free notary services; however, some do ask for a small fee. Finding the closest public library near you is an easy-to-do task online.
  • One of the best sites to find a notary free of charge or at cheap rates is through an organization you may be affiliated with. It includes your place of work, affiliated with military personnel, being a student, hospitals and nursing homes, real estate agencies, and other specific organizations.
  • Police stations and mailbox companies often offer notary services at inexpensive rates that many individuals use. However, if finding a cheap or free local notary service near you proves to be challenging, finding an excellent notary service online is always a better option when traveling.

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Finding A Cheap Or Free Public Notary Near You

Being able to know where to find a notary public is critical when you need a legal document attested immediately. Sweepstakes winners, for example, frequently need to have an affidavit notarized before they can receive their reward.

On the other hand, it might be difficult if you need an affidavit completed on a tight deadline but are on vacation. Or if you’ve never needed to get something notarized in your region.

Finding a notary does not have to be complicated or costly, as many companies and organizations provide free notary services. So, here are some recommendations for places to look at, at home or on the road, when looking for free or cheap notary services.


You Can Get Free Notary Services At Your Bank

Gaining access to a notary public at your local branch is a frequent benefit of banking with a brick-and-mortar institution. Many banks retain a notary public on duty at all branch locations and provide notarization services to account holders for no charge. Non-customers can obtain notarized documents, but they should expect to pay a small fee.

However, just because most banks provide this service does not imply you can expect to get your documents notarized at any time. It is because not all banks have a notary public on duty. Even though the branch you visit has a notary on staff, they may not be available when you arrive.

Suppose you require notary services from your bank; phone ahead to find out which branches provide the service and when the notary will be available to assist you. Calling ahead can also help you figure out what papers and information you’ll need for the sort of notarization you require, so you don’t have to make two journeys.

Your bank may also be able to give a “Medallion Signature Guarantee,” which is sometimes misinterpreted as a notarization. The fundamental distinction between these two methods of document certification is that notarization is often used for legal documents.

In contrast, the Medallion Signature Guarantee is typically used for financial securities transfers or sales. In addition, a notary public cannot issue a Medallion Signature Guarantee because they must be handled by specially authorized bank personnel—although a bank employee can be both a notary public and a Medallion Signature guarantor.

Local Government Offices Often Have A Fee-Free Notary

A notary is likely to be on staff in your local city hall or courthouse, and they frequently make their services available to the public.


However, this service may be subject to a nominal cost. The Town and City Clerk’s Office in Hartford, Connecticut, for example, charges $5, whereas the New York City County Clerk’s office provides free notary services to the public.

That said, before you travel, make sure to call and compare pricing. That said, if you are looking for a local government office near you, try using the locator to help you get into contact with one closer to you.

Public Libraries May Have Offer Free Notary Services

A notary is one of the numerous services offered by public libraries; many branches have one. Some libraries provide notary services at no charge, while others charge a small fee—usually around a dollar. To find out about availability, rates, and hours, go to your local library’s website or call your branch.

If you don’t know where your nearest branch is, go to to discover one near you and inquire about notary services after filling in either a library name, zip code, state, or province.

Find Notary Services Through Your Organization

If you’re having problems finding a notary available to the public, checking with any organizations you are a member of might be your next best bet. Many organizations provide free or low-cost notary services as a bonus to attract new members or because they require them for their own usage. That said, here are several examples:

  • Military Personel

Many commanders have the authority to serve as notaries for military personnel and their dependents. A notary is frequently accessible on military bases, but you must be permitted to visit the military base before using their services.

  • Students

Free notaries are frequently available on campus at many schools and universities.


  • Where you work

Many businesses benefit from having a Notary on staff because it saves them time and money and allows them to deliver a better service to their clients. In addition, notaries are frequently found in large corporations. So, if you work for a major corporation, your workplace may have a notary who would be pleased to assist a coworker.

  • Members Of AAA

As a member advantage, several AAA locations provide free notary services. In addition, you can find your local office here if you’re a member.

  • Specific Organizations

Whether you’re a member of another huge organization, see if you have access to a notary public.

  • Hotels

When you’re on the road, the business center in your hotel is a terrific place to start. For example, notary services are available at Walt Disney World’s Lobby Concierge stations.

  • Hospitals and nursing homes

In the United States, family members may require notarization of important papers while in hospitals or nursing homes. As a result, hospitals and nursing homes often include a notary in their staff.

  • Insurance and real estate

Many insurance firms, real estate agencies, and auto dealerships find it convenient to have notaries on standby for their commercial transactions. As a result, these businesses may be able to assist you in getting your documents notarized in a pinch.

Overall, keep in mind that notaries are government employees; thus, you shouldn’t have to be a consumer to utilize one.

Police Stations And Mailbox Companies

Although not all police stations provide notary services, the majority do. Depending on your local department’s rules, there may be a modest cost. Furthermore, mailbox firms such as The UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc provide various commercial services, including notary public services.

While mailbox retailers charge notary services, they start at $1 per signature (prices vary from state to state). Additionally, mailbox businesses may be available after regular business hours, which is convenient if you need something quickly. You may typically stroll in instead of making an appointment with the notary ahead of time.


You Can Find A Notary Online

Notarizations are frequently used to commemorate significant life events. For example, a notary may be required to complete papers for purchasing a property, adopting a child, getting married, or drafting a will. In 2017, the National Notary Association collated statistics, and there were more than 4.4 million notaries in the United States.

Furthermore, year after year, online notary services, which provide the same service electronically as they do in person, have grown in popularity. Forty states have approved laws to make it possible. As a result, the following are some of the best notary services to find online:

Visit here

Notarize received the top grades in numerous areas when customers were polled and used. Notarize is one of the few companies that offers an iPhone, Android, and iPad app. In addition, Notarize allows you to meet with a notary face-to-face via the internet.

Furthermore, any web-enabled desktop or laptop computer with a camera may use the platform. You can also use an Android, iPhone, or iPad. For most notarizations, you can use the platform at any time. Monday through Friday, mortgage transactions are available 24 hours a day and Saturdays from 7 am to 8 pm EST and CST. The Notarize procedure is straightforward and takes around 15 minutes.


Visit NotaryCam here

NotaryCam is another excellent online notary service since it can notarize documents with multiple signers. Each signer might be in a different part of the world. NotaryCam may even plan numerous signing sessions, which sets it apart from the other online notary services we looked at.

NotaryCam also provides a face-to-face encounter with a live notary who the company’s NotaryCam Academy has trained. In addition, a desktop computer or laptop with a camera and audio capability is necessary as high-speed internet connectivity.

For most notarizations, NotaryCam is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For example, you can meet with a notary for real estate closings seven days a week from 7 am to 11 pm EST. The three-step NotaryCam procedure takes only a few minutes.

Nexsys Technologies

Visit Nexsys Technologies here

With the most excellent online notary service for real estate transactions, Nexsys Technologies stands apart. Notarizations for multi-page mortgage originations and closings emphasize the company’s technology. In addition, the software and notary will help you through the procedure to ensure that no signatures are missing, which might cause the transaction to be delayed.

Nexsys Technologies links house purchasers and closing agents through its Clear Sign platform. The process requires a web-enabled desktop or laptop computer and a mobile device for enhanced protection.

Clear Sign from Nexsys Technologies may be faster than in-person transactions; however, the procedure varies based on the number of papers you have.

How Much Are Standard Notary Fees?

Notary prices vary widely depending on where you get your documents notarized. The maximum charges permitted are typically determined by state law, and notaries can charge whatever they choose up to that amount.

Standard notary fees are charged per signature or person and vary from $0.25 to $25. Notaries can determine their own costs in some states. For example, mortgage closings might be more expensive to notarize than other documents.
If a mobile notary needs to go someplace to sign papers, they can charge a travel cost in addition to the usual notary fee. However, some jurisdictions set a maximum travel price. Although the restrictions are often modest, the expense must always be “fair.”

Before a meeting to sign documents, the notary public and the signer should usually agree on travel expenses. To avoid surprises, learn about travel expenses with the notary service before requesting a visit from a mobile notary.

What Can’t Notaries Do?

Except for notarizations authorized by state law, a Notary should never stamp, sign, or utilize their commission for any request. Also, remember that a notary public is not always a lawyer before taking your documents to one.

If they are not lawyers, they may face the consequences of behaving like one. Contracts do not require a notary to read the fine print. They also don’t decide if a document is lawful or even a fair deal for everyone. As a result, it would be best to consult a local lawyer for these services.

Where Is The Best Place For Free Notary Services?

Going to someone you already have a connection with is your best bet for locating a free notary service. You might be able to get the service for free if you have a buddy who is a notary public. As mentioned before, the next best option is If you’re a current bank client that provides notary services, they may be able to notarize documents for you for free the next time you visit a branch.

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