Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags List

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Christmas is famously referred to as the season of giving, and most of us know the joy of giving gifts to others. But some of us aren’t as creative as others and undoubtedly not creative enough to make gift-wrapping paper special for our loved ones. Thankfully, there are some free printable Christmas gift tags available online that you can use to liven up your gifts this Christmas.


Key Takeaways

  • Most of the links for the printable gift tags are easy to find and download.
  • You can print your gift tags on paper. It will do the job but is not the best option. The recommended option is to use cardstock with a 100lb cover (271 GSM) thickness. This cardstock is the perfect type of paper you need for projects such as gift tags since they are a bit more durable than paper.
  • Making the holes at home is super easy; you only need a punch.
  • With some imagination, you can create masterpieces by combining your tags with twigs, twines, and ribbons.
  • For most of the printable gift tags, you should preferably print at the highest quality as this will offer you the best results possible.
  • Keep in mind that you should respect all of the artists’ work. This includes understanding that the tags are only free for personal use, and you may not use them commercially. The artists worked hard on creating these tags, so honor their wishes by using them appropriately.

List Of Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Let’s get the festive spirit into your home creatively this year. Here’s the list of the best free printable Christmas gift tags.

1. Gather And Feast

The free printable gift tags by Gather And Feast are an absolute joy. Printing these out will be enough to turn any plain gift-wrapping paper look elegant. All you need to complete this sleek look is some twine and twigs. The brown and green from the twigs and twine will work absolute wonders on your gift-wrapping magic.

2. Canva

Canva is well known for its creative designs that you can download for free. It offers you the option to design your gift tags, or you can choose from 96 free printable gift tag templates. Also, Canva’s website is super easy to navigate to find exactly what you are looking for, even for those not very comfortable with surfing the web.

But if you find that you have a hard time filtering through the Canva library to find what you’re looking for (we don’t blame you, Canva’s library is massive), you can follow these easy steps to make it easier to find the free printable Christmas gift tags list:


  • From Canva’s home page, you should use the search function in the top right-hand corner and search for “Christmas tags.”
  • Once you get to the search results page, you will have the option to filter your search on the left side of the web page.
  • The filter options are Style, Theme, Price, and Color.
  • You will see tags in various price ranges. To find the free options, go under the Price filter and select the “Free” button.
  • You will now have the opportunity to customize your free printable Christmas gift tags. Go ahead and play with the customization options if you wish; there’s quite a lot that you can do.
  • Finally, you will get a link that you can click to download your semi-custom-designed gift tags and print them in any way you choose.

If you choose to go with Canva, you will have no limits on the number of variations available. You have options galore with the 96 templates you can choose from and every design being unique and customizable, from simple to elegant.

3. Simple As That

The free printable gift tags you can download from Simple As That are part of the so-called “A Merry And Bright Collection.” These tags look adorable on a white background. They will make any Christmas gift, even plainly-wrapped ones, pop with color.

You can download four free printable Christmas gift tags from Simple As That. Every design is slightly different but in the same Merry And Bright Collection style. With some creativity and twine, you can make wrapping gifts a memorable event.

4. TPK (The Postman’s Knock)

The free printable gift tags from TPK (The Postman’s Knock) are designed in a wreath-like style. They use true Christmas colors and are a delight to look at. It’s important to note that the tags from TPK should be printed exactly as the TPK website recommends. Otherwise, they will be too small. Do not select “print to page,” for example, as this setting will make the tags too small.

You can print TPK’s tags on any paper thickness, but TPK recommends that you print them on a cardstock that is thick enough for the purpose of tags. Once printed, these tags are about 2.5 inches in diameter.

5. Wild Olive

The free printable Christmas gift tags available to download at Wild Olive are cute and simple; these will add a touch of cuteness to any gift. These Christmas gift tags can also work as name tags for your Christmas table because the artist made them as simple as possible and left the “to” and “from” fields out to make them a bit more versatile.


Since the artists designed these tags with simplicity in mind, you can give them an additional pop by adding ribbons or twine with a bit more color. The artist who created the tags doodled them down, which adds so much character and almost unbearable cuteness.

6. Creature Comforts

The free printable Christmas gift tags you can download from Creature Comforts are also designed to be simple. They do not follow any particular general theme or color, but each one is designed with bright colors and joyous tones.

Each template has eight Christmas gift tags on it. It is simple to find the link to download the gift tags. It will open your free gift tags in a new tab, where you can save them to your device to print when you are ready to wrap up your gifts.

7. Online Labels

Online Labels is a website dedicated to different printable templates, many of which are available to download for free. It is simple to use the Online Labels website. If you land on the Home page, you can simply search for “Christmas Labels,” and it will show you all the results of pre-designed templates available for you to choose from.

Online Labels also has previously designed templates that you can choose with the option to semi-customize your gift tags. Online Labels requires you to sign up before downloading any templates from their website. But after you have successfully created an account, the process of downloading what you like is straightforward.

Once you have decided on the Christmas tag template you like, click on it. This will open the template in a new tab where you can semi-customize it. After this, you can save the template on your device and print it whenever you choose.

8. Little Stuff

If you are looking for something that’s a little bit different, Little Stuff’s free printable Christmas gift tags are the ones you should look at. If you like nature and animals and know how to get creative with gift tags, they will bring immeasurable festivity to your Christmas tree.


They are rustic and simple but very well-designed. Out of all the free printable gift tags on this list, these are some of the most distinct Christmas tags. So have yourself “A Very Woodland Christmas” with these tags. They download as PDF files, making them easy to save to your device and print whenever you choose.

9. Sarah Titus

At Sarah Titus, you will not only find free printable Christmas gift tags that are cute and full of Christmas spirit, but you will also find a bonus recipe for a Bath Scrub that is easy to make. So if you want both tags and gifts, Sarah Titus may be the perfect option for you.

The free printable gift tag template is easy to find and save on your device. Click on the “free printable holiday gift tags” option. This will open the gift tags as a PDF file in a new tab, where you can either print it immediately from your web browser or save it to your device to print later.

10. Shanty 2 Chic

At Shanty 2 Chic, you will find free printable Christmas gift tags with plaid and check-pattern designs. So, for those who adore plaid and check patterns adorned in red and green, these are the free tags for you. With your cardstock in the printer and a punch in hand, you can get creative in simplicity.

11. Delicate

The Christmas gift tags you will find at Delicate are so colorful that they will awaken the joy of the Christmas season in your heart as you use them to bring life to your gift-wrapping paper. It is simple to save the PDF file to your device, and you will find nine free printable Christmas gift tags on the document.

Remember that an artist put in the time to design these Christmas gift tags, so please respect her work. Caroline Johansson emphasizes that you may only use this template for private use, so do not use it for commercial use, and always give credit to the tags’ creator for her hard work.

12. Skip To My Lou

Skip To My Lou has many printable templates available on its website, with free printable Christmas gift tags being only one of them. You will also find other free downloads and ideas that you can use to make the Christmas season memorable. These free printable Christmas gift tags are all in an old-fashioned style with colors such as red, green, and white.

So, if that is your color scheme, these are the tags that you should consider to add some Christmas spirit to your gifts. You can simply scroll down to the “free printable Christmas tags” link and click on it. This will open the twelve free gift tags, and now you can save the PDF file to your device for printing.

13. Homemade Gifts Made Easy

At Homemade Gifts Made Easy, you will be able to download up to 57 gift tag sets, which is a total of more than 350 free printable Christmas gift tags. Though these are not as semi-customizable as the templates that you will be able to design at Canva, it is still remarkable that you can go to one website and download every gift tag you could need for this Christmas season.


It is effortless to download the gift tags available from Homemade Gifts Made Easy. Just scroll down to each template’s image and click on the image or the link provided under the picture. This will open the tag’s document in a new tab, from where you can save the PDF to your device.

Getting the same quality you expect from store-bought gift tags is easy. If you use high-quality thick paper, like matte photo paper or card stock, and set your printer to the highest possible print quality, your results will be remarkable.

What Paper Should You Use For Printing Gift Tags?

Ideally, you should print gift tags on cardstock that is 100lb cover (271 GSM thickness). If you have no other options, you can print the gift tags on regular paper and glue them onto thicker paper to add some durability. You can also use different color paper for different results, but don’t overdo it, especially if you will be printing your tags on a color printer.

What Words Are Normally Printed On Christmas Gift Tags?

Most gift tags only have the words “To” and “From.” Sometimes they will include something like “Merry Christmas,” but some tags also allow you to write your own message.

What Is A Good Size For Christmas Gift Tags?

Though gift tags are available in all shapes and sizes, they are more economical if you print them in the same size as a business card. The measurement of a business card is 3.5 x 2 inches. Not making the tags too large will allow you to print up to eight or even more tags on a single page.

Can I Use My Printer At Home To Print Gift Tags?

To print on the recommended cardstock thickness, you must be absolutely sure that your printer can feed the cardstock through without causing printer jams. Also, cardstock can be found in gloss, linen, metallic, and smooth, so you must also be sure that your ink will transfer to the cardstock. Otherwise, you should stick with simplicity and use regular paper.

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