14 Fun & Free Printable Baby Shower Games

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Apart from the food and snacks, everyone knows that the games and activities account for about 70% of the excitement at a baby shower! We have created a brilliant list of amazing, free printable baby shower games that everyone will love! Whether you’re the mommy-to-be or throwing a baby shower for someone you care about, having a few entertaining activities planned for the guests is essential!


The 14 best free printable baby shower games are below, read on to see the list!

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Key Takeaways

  • Baby shower games are essential because they are a lot of fun; they are also ice breakers. They are great for letting people get to know each other better.
  • All of the free printable baby shower games on our list have been enjoyed at thousands of baby showers, and that is why we highly recommend that you try them!
  • The games on this list are all free, and all you need to do is click on each link, download the games, and print enough copies for each guest attending the shower.

The Best Free Printable Baby Shower Games

It is unnecessary to overspend on baby shower games or devote all of your time making them from scratch. There are some excellent free printable baby shower games available, and all you need to do is print them out and play them at your baby shower party!

We have put together an exciting list of some of the best and most popular baby shower games that will have all the girls giggling! Let’s look at the games together below;

1. Story Of Consequences Game

Print the game and fold it along the dotted lines like a concertina. On each guest’s turn, only one line will be visible. Instruct the visitors to write a line for the story using the prompt provided on that line. Make sure they can’t see the sentences above or below their lines.


Unfold the page and read the story aloud once all of the lines have been filled. It may sound ridiculous, but it will undoubtedly amuse your guests.

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Story Consequences Game

2. Baby Shower Mad Libs

For each baby shower attendee, print a set of both pages. First, give them only page one and instruct them to fill in gaps using the description to the left (noun, verb, number, etc.). Please don’t show page two to your guests until they’ve finished the first page.

After that, have each visitor transfer the answers in order from their page 1 list to the blanks on page 2. As a result, you get a hilarious and frequently absurd take on decent parenting advice. For added entertainment, ask a few guests to read their sheets aloud.

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Mad Libs

3. He Said, She Said Game

This is a popular and enjoyable game that you can print this game. You can give the game card to the mom and dad-to-be the day before the baby shower and ask them who is more likely to make such a statement on the game card, then ask them to mark the correct choice.


Distribute the cards to the guests on the day of the baby shower and ask them to check the mustaches if they think daddy is more likely to make the statement or lips if they think mommy would.

Collect all the cards at the end of the game and match them to the answers given by the parents-to-be. The individual whose responses most closely resemble their own will win a prize.

Get Printable: Free Printable He Said, She Said Game

4. Baby Letter Game

This is a really helpful game for the parents-to-be if they are yet to decide on a name for the baby. It is pretty straightforward to play this game activity. Each guest must get their own sheet with the word “CONGRATULATIONS” written vertically.

On the space next to each letter, each guest must write a baby name beginning with that letter. Once everyone has completed their form, the hostess must collect the pages and give them to the parents-to-be to give them a few ideas for possible baby names for their baby-on-the-way.

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Letter Game

5. Baby Animal Name Game

This adorable baby shower game is ideal for baby showers with an animal theme. Print these worksheets and ask your attendees to fill in the baby’s name for each species. A baby cat is a kitten, but how about a baby horse or a chicken? The person with the most correct answers wins a small prize.


Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Animal Name Game

6. Baby Shower Name Tag Game

The Name Tags Game will keep your guests entertained. Print the tags, which include the names of popular baby products, and give one to each guest when they arrive at the baby shower. Throughout the shower, the guest will be called by this name. When someone uses their real name, you can choose the appropriate punishment.

Another option to play this game is to paste a name tag on the back of each person as they enter the room. They must ask the other guests for clues to figure out their names. People who guess their tag name correctly will receive a little gift.

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Name Tag Game

7. Baby Shower The Price Is Right!

The price is right is a popular baby shower game that requires no preparation. All you need to do is check the current pricing of the baby basics listed on this game card at any baby store or online retailer. Make a list of the costs and add them up. Don’t tell anyone.

Ask guests to guess the costs of the baby products using the printed “The Price is Right” game worksheets. The winner will be the individual who comes closest to the correct price and will receive a small prize.

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower The Price Is Right Game

8. Candy Bar Baby Shower Game

This game is so much fun! Guests have to try and match the baby/pregnancy word or phrase that most closely resembles the candy bar’s name. Give out some candy bars as prizes to make this baby shower game sweeter.

Get Printable: Free Printable Candy Bar Baby Shower Game


Get Printable: Free Printable Candy Bar Baby Shower Game – Answers

9. Baby Shower Bingo

Print out all the cards and hand them out to your Baby Shower Party attendees. Then, using the caller’s checklist of terms, call baby-related words at random or clip the words from the list, put them in a jar, and pull them out one by one.

Distribute pens or pencils amongst the guests, and when the word is called, they must check it on their Bingo card. The person who completes a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row first and shouts “BINGO” wins the game and receives a prize.

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo

10. Baby Shower Word Scramble

Another favorite baby shower game is Word Scramble. Distribute a printed word scramble game and a pen to each guest, and instruct them to unscramble the words within a five-to-ten-minute time limit. The winner is the individual who unscrambles all or most of the words first. As a clue, tell your guests that all of the words are about babies.

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Word Scramble Game

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Word Scramble Game – Answers

11. Baby Shower Crossword Puzzle

A classic baby shower game is a crossword puzzle. This free printable crossword puzzle is all about babies and baby stuff! The game can be played individually or in groups.

The day before the shower, print a crossword puzzle for each guest. Distribute the puzzle game and pens to your baby shower party guests, and tell them they have five minutes to complete it. The winner will have the most correct answers, and they will receive a small prize.

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Crossword

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Crossword – Answers

12. Baby Shower Proverbs Game

See how many guests know the full version of these well-known sayings. Print the game and give each person a copy and a pen or pencil. Give them five minutes to complete all of the proverbs. The person who has the most correct answers wins a small prize. P.S. You’d be shocked at how many people don’t know how to complete these proverbs!

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Proverbs Game

Get Printable: Free Printable Baby Shower Proverbs Game – Answers

13. Name That Baby Song Game

The words in the song titles are replaced with blanks, and the guests must fill them in to complete the song’s title. Print the game cards, hand them to the guests, and give each guest a pen or pencil. Set a time limit of 5 minutes and then check everyone’s answers against the answer sheet The guest who has the most correct answers wins and will receive a small present.

Get Printable: Free Printable Name That Baby Song Game

Get Printable: Free Printable Name That Baby Song Game – Answers

Word search puzzles are quick and fun to play. Hand them to guests and see how fast you can find all the words. Set a time limit to make sure it doesn’t go on forever. The fastest finder wins!

Get Printable: Free Printable Word Search Puzzles For Baby Shower Easy – Hard

With so much to do while planning a baby shower, it is normal to feel flustered and have many questions. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below to help you plan.

Do You Have To Play Games At A Baby Shower?

Playing games, snacking, having a few drinks, and witnessing the mother-to-be unwrap her gifts, are all part of a baby shower. On the other hand, games aren’t required, but they kill time and are fun to play. Games are especially ideal if not everyone attending knows one another.

It gives everyone a chance to bond. Ask the mommy-to-be (only if she knows about her shower) if she wants to have games at her party.

When Is The Best Time To Throw A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are traditionally held during the third trimester for expecting mothers. The best time would be four to ten weeks before the birth. The expecting parents will have plenty of time to prepare the nursery using the presents they received and acquire whatever they didn’t.

It would be best to consider whether she has other showers, cultural traditions, and how comfortable she will be as her tummy grows larger. However, even though she may be very uncomfortable at this time, you can try and make her seat as comfy as possible.

What Is A Baby Sprinkle?

Consider having a baby sprinkle instead of a shower if you desire a more low-key celebration. This is an excellent choice for a second or third child. A baby sprinkle usually does not have the glitz and glamour of a baby shower, and only closest friends and family normally attend the party.

The baby registry is also a little different. Instead of expensive things, expectant parents are generally given smaller essential items such as baby wet wipes, diapers, baby powder, etc. In terms of infant gear, the parents are likely to have all they require already.

What Is The Appropriate Duration Of A Baby Shower?

When it comes to hosting a successful baby shower, the pressure is on. It is a big responsibility to entertain all the guests and make sure the mommy-to-be is having a good time, and it can become taxing if the party carries on for too long.

So, how long must a baby shower be? A normal baby shower lasts approximately two hours. That allows your guests enough time to eat, talk with the expecting mother, play games, and watch her receive her gifts.

A drop-in baby shower is another possibility. If the mom-to-be has a large guest list, letting people “drop in” during specific times allows visitors to be more flexible and allows the mom (or parents) to spend more time with their friends and family individually.

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