Free Condoms: Places To Get Them Free

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Key Takeaways

  • You can get free condoms from county health departments or STD clinics. Alternatively, organizations such as Planned Parenthood and Campus Health provide free male and female condoms. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels frequently provide complimentary condoms to their customers.
  • If you require some more discretion, several organizations offer free mail-order services that will deliver male and female condoms to your home. 
  • There is no legal age at which you can purchase or obtain condoms.
  • Before grabbing complimentary condoms, it is essential to know the correct size and kind of condom best for you since this will optimize their efficacy.

Condoms are essential to preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. However, safe sex does not need to break the bank. There are plenty of organizations and establishments where you can pick up free condoms when you’re in a pinch. We have compiled a list of places to get condoms for free.


Where To Get Free Condoms

It may appear strange that establishments give out free condoms as frequently as they do, but several possible explanations exist. The first is those specific locations, such as STD clinics and campus health centers, have a vested interest in lowering the number of STDs in the populations they serve. Free condoms keep their patients healthier and reduce the cost of patient care.

Places not centered around healthcare provide their customers with complimentary condoms as a gesture of goodwill. Maximizing convenience and prioritizing the safety of their clientele builds better customer relations. There are several establishments that you should stop by to grab free condoms, should you need them. 

County Health Departments

In many parts of the world, government health facilities have created sexual health centers that promote safe sex by providing free male and female condoms. In most centers, you can also get a detailed description of condom types, information on the proper use of condoms, and an online condom distribution order form so that you can order condoms and lubricants for free delivery to your home.

You will most likely need to fill out some of your details on an eligibility form, which will help the health practitioners and professionals guide you in making the best choices for your sexual health. You can get in contact with your local government sexual health centers by using your preferred search engine to find their contact details and address.


Below are some examples of county health departments that offer free condoms:

STD Clinics

STD clinics have an ethos centered around promoting safe sex and preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, you will likely find that these clinics provide you with free male and female condoms, as well as sachets of lubricant. You can find the address and contact details of your nearest STD clinic through your preferred search engine.

Additionally, these clinics provide counseling on safe sexual practices and assist you in deciding which contraception method is most suited to your sex life. You may also be screened for sexually transmitted infections. Screening is strongly recommended if you are sexually active, whether you are in a committed relationship, have just started seeing a new partner, or are casually dating. 

Below are some examples of STD clinics that offer free condoms:

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a health care organization that educates the public and advocates for safe sex. Millions of people worldwide benefit from Planned Parenthood’s vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information. 

You can contact your nearest Planned Parenthood to schedule a low-cost or free contraception appointment. However, the organization does provide free male and female condoms, as well as sachets of lubricant. What’s best is that Planned Parenthood provides a free mail order service for male and female condoms.


Campus Health Centers

College campuses often have Campus Health Centers that provide students with affordable reproductive healthcare and frequently offer free condoms and lubricants. What’s best is that you can request safer sex supplies through their online platform if you feel that you would like to maintain your privacy. You can find more information regarding campus health centers through your college’s website. 

Alternatively, most college dorms, student centers, restrooms, and gyms provide free male and female condoms to the student body. However, this may be dependent on your college’s ethos. Conservative campuses will likely not make condoms as freely accessible to their students. 

Pubs, Restaurants & Other Places That Cater To Sexually Active High-Risk Clientele

Many bars and restaurants offer free condoms to their customers. Keep an eye out for complimentary condoms in their restrooms. However, this is usually on the condition that you make a purchase at the bar or restaurant. Furthermore, you will most likely need to be of a legal age to enter their premises, particularly if they sell alcohol. 

Likewise, nightclubs and sex clubs freely offer their customers complimentary male and female condoms and even sachets of lubricant. However, it is best to inspect their complimentary condoms for leaks or tears carefully.


Condoms are rarely advertised, and no hotel employee will bring it up, but every decent hotel provides free condoms upon request. Don’t be embarrassed to call the front desk and request that a few condoms be delivered to your room if you’re caught without any. Alternatively, peruse your hotel room for complimentary condoms. These will likely be discreetly placed in the bedside cabinet or near the minibar.

During your check-in, stop by the lobby’s restroom since this is where some hotels provide complimentary condoms to their guests. 

How Can I Get Free Condoms In The Mail?

Sample of how the package from Teen Source looks like

Depending on where you live, you may be able to participate in regional programs that provide free condoms by mail. This option is best if you plan ahead, so you aren’t stranded by the mailbox in the middle of the night. They are delivered in discrete envelopes, so no one will know what you receive in the mail.


Organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the Condom Access Project, Rubber Revolution D.C., Positive Impact Health Centers, and Teen Source are examples of online places where you can order male and female condoms. Your information is confidential, so you can be at ease knowing that the convenience will not compromise your privacy.

Try searching for free mail order condoms, and when the search results appear, you can attain them from a reputable online supplier. Carefully read the description to avoid novelty condoms that do not protect against STDs or pregnancy. Inspect the condoms for holes or tears when they arrive and look at the expiration date. 

Examples of organizations that offer free mail-order condoms include:

What Age Do You Need To Be To Get Free Condoms?

The average global age of consent to sexual activity is 16; however, you can legally purchase or obtain male and female condoms at any age. Furthermore, contraception services are free and confidential for all people, including those under the age of 16. 

When visiting most reproductive health facilities, you will be asked to disclose your age by filling out patient forms. Suppose you are under the age of 16 and want contraception. In that case, the doctor, nurse, or pharmacist will not disclose anything to your parents or guardian as long as they believe you fully understand the information and decisions you are making.

When dealing with underage patients, healthcare facilities are obligated to follow strict guidelines. They will encourage you to tell your parents or guardian, but they will not force you to do so. The only time a practitioner might need to tell someone else is if they believe you are in danger, such as from abuse. The risk must be significant, and they will usually discuss it with you first.

However, certain reproductive health organizations that offer free mail-order condoms may target particular groups, such as teens. You should, therefore, carefully browse the terms and conditions when applying for their services through their online platforms to make sure that you qualify to receive their free contraceptives.

How Many Condoms Do You Need?

When purchasing condoms, you may be wondering how many condoms you will actually require. In general, it’s a good idea to have three to six on hand for each sexual experience. This includes having sex multiple times on a single occasion, inadvertently putting a condom on upside down, or otherwise needing more than one.

There are some guidelines to follow when determining how many condoms to grab:


  • Always use a new condom whenever you have penetrative sex, regardless of whether you are intimate with the same partner.
  • As a rule, you should replace a condom after half an hour of sex since this reduces the chance of the condom breaking or failing. 
  • Be sure to stick to using one condom and one kind of condom at a time. Using more than one condom at once can create friction between the two condoms, making them more susceptible to breaking.
  • To account for any breakages or failures, it is a good idea to grab two or three more condoms than what you suspect you will need.

Condoms are an excellent method of contraception because they prevent both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. When used correctly, a non-expired condom is 98 percent effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, it is imperative that you avoid any condom with the following characteristics:

  • Never use a condom with a torn, discolored, or leaking wrapper
  • Always check that your condoms do not have small holes or tears
  • Avoid using condoms that feel dry, stiff, or sticky
  • Never use a condom that has an unpleasant odor

Female condoms, like male condoms, can expire, so check the date on the wrapper before using a female condom. An out-of-date female condom is much weaker and more likely to break during sexual activity.

Female condoms are lubricated on both the inside and outside of the product. If you are engaging in penetrative sexual activity for more than 15 minutes, it is recommended that you use extra lubrication with them.

Which Condom Size Should You Choose?

The size of the condom is critical for ensuring that it effectively prevents sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Condoms that are too small may break, while condoms that are too large may slip off during sexual intercourse. Ill-fitting condoms can also cause uncomfortable sex.

There are some steps to follow when determining the size of a male condom you will need:

  • The first step to determining the correct condom size is to measure the penis. To do this, you will need a ruler, measuring tape, or a piece of thread. They should take the measurements while the penis is erect for the best results.
  • Measure the span from the groin, where the penis connects to the pelvis, to the tip of the penis.
  • Use a piece of thread or a flexible measuring tape. Wrap it around the widest area of the penis, which is generally near the middle of the shaft. If using thread, mark where the thread crosses and measure the distance with a ruler.

There are many condom sizes, types, and brands to choose from, and condom sizes are determined by length and width measurements. Most condoms are longer than necessary. If a person notices too much roll at the base, they may require a tighter fit. If there is no longer a roll available, they will need a larger male condom.

For male condom fit, girth is more important than length, with girth being the thickest part of the erect penis. There is no hard and fast rule about who should use which condom size, but the following size guidelines in inches may help:

  • a circumference of fewer than 4.7 inches requires a snug fit male condom
  • a circumference between 4.7 and 5.1 inches requires a regular fit male condom
  • a circumference between 5.1 and 6 inches requires a large fit male condom

Female condoms do not come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are intended to fit the average vaginal tract. Female condoms are quality tested and are not usually made for novelty purposes, but it is always good to double-check before using them.

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