How To Get Free or Cheap Christian Books

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There are many ways to get free or cheap Christian books to help guide you in your spiritual life. You can have a library of uplifting and thoughtful books on many topics with multiple legal sources for Christian literature, whether for adults or younger readers.


Free Christian books can range from heart-warming fiction with family values to nonfiction books on topics ranging from being a spiritual leader to prayer guides. It’s easier to find free Christian eBooks, so it helps if you have a dedicated e-reader such as a Kindle for your book collections.

The 8 best ways to get rree or cheap Christian books are below.

Key Takeaways

  • Many churches offer free reading material related to spirituality and have book exchanges or a bookshelf for the church community.
  • Much of the freely-available Christian literature is in eBook format, though sometimes in PDF. PDFs can be printed, but that will cost you more, and it might be more cost-effective to buy a paperback version.
  • Some ebook deals and offers are limited, and deals may expire, so it helps to check sites weekly.
  • Consider your sources, as not all sites offering free Christian books are books that will suit you and your beliefs.
  • Some books are free, provided you leave a review, so consider if you have the time to devote to this exchange.

How To Get Free Christian Books

There are many ways to get free or cheap Christian books legally, both online in pdf or ebook format or print. It’s usually easier to find free digital Christian books. Still, some charities send people a free print Bible, and other companies work to get free second-hand or donated books to people who need Christian literature. Here are some options to help you find sources for free or cheap Christian books.

1. Your Local Church

Being part of your local church community means you can often access books via your pastor’s bible study and fellowship groups. Many churches stock a range of suitable Christian books in their community halls, which deal with Christianity-related issues such as prayer and spiritual guidance.


Many churches also have programs to raise money to provide their congregation with free bibles and other religious reading material. If you struggle to afford a bible, it’s worth approaching your pastor about the matter, as they will often have funding for free Christian literature. You can find local churches that support you via ChurchFinder.

2. Amazon

Amazon has a vast range of free Christian ebooks, and many are as low-priced as $0.99. By putting ‘free Christian books’ in the amazon search, you will get a list of many freely available titles. Because anyone can put a book up on Amazon, the quality may vary considerably, so check the reviews and don’t simply trust the star ratings.

Free Christian books on Amazon will range from Book Club discussion guides and nonfiction books to sweet Christian romances suitable for readers looking for romantic fiction that doesn’t veer over the moral line.

3. Gospel Ebooks

Gospel Ebooks is a site that links you to daily ebook deals with a focus on Christian reading. Similar to sites like BookBub, where publishers and authors use free or cheap book promotions to drive sales, GospelEbook gathers all their current free ebook offers.

You can choose to sign up for their Daily Deal Alerts newsletter to ensure you never miss a sale or a free Christian book promo offer. They also have an option, ‘Choose the Sale,’ where readers vote for which book they want in a discounted sale.

4. Bibles For America

If you need a print copy of the Bible but cannot afford one, Bibles for America is an option. All their orders are entirely free, shipping inclusive. The offer is limited to one Bible per person. As a non-profit organization, they have given away 1.6 million study bibles since 2000. However, note this is not the complete Bible, but only the New Testament.


Their Recovery Version of the New Testament of the Bible is translated from the original Greek into modern, easy-to-follow English. It features outlines, cross-references, footnotes, charts, and maps.

5. Faithful Reads

Faithful Reads is another site that collects free, and bargain offers on Christian eBooks. Their collections vary with the available offers but can include gentle Christian romances, resources on daily prayer, Christian self-help books, nonfiction analyses about modern Christianity, memoirs, and devotional studies.

You can visit the site to get a feel for what books are on offer at the moment or choose to subscribe to their newsletter to get updates on new and changing deals.

6. Global Christians

Global Christians have an extensive range of free books available in PDF or Mobi formats, concentrating on resources for ministry, bible studies, worship, counseling, and prayer.

They also offer free email courses, and you can contact them for more information or read through their articles to get a better idea of what they offer you as a Christian and the focus of their Biblical ministry.

7. Baker Publishing

Bethany House is the Christian wing of Baker Publishing Group, and they take applications for book bloggers and reviewers willing to review on their social media platform. If you have an established book blogger or Instagram book review platform, this is an ideal way to get new free Christian books for review.

Spaces for reviewers are limited, and Bethany House only accept established and verifiable reviewers who will have an impact on retail numbers, so if this is you, head to their site to fill in their application for a Christian book reviewer.


8. Kids Club for Jesus

If you’re looking for free Christian books for your children, Kids Club for Jesus is an excellent resource. Their Books for Free program gets used books to kids looking for quality Christian-themed books.

Donated books are checked for quality and cleaned before being listed on the website. If you’re interested, browse the site to select titles, but bear in mind there is a limit of five books a month per household.

Where can I find Cheap Christian Books?

Many libraries and bookstores will have book sales to clear out uncirculated or old stock, so it’s worth browsing their sales for cheap or discounted Christian books.

Can you find Christian Books in the Library?

Local libraries usually stock a selection of Christian and theological books in the nonfiction sections on spirituality, though selections will vary from library to library. It is also possible to order books from other libraries if they are available.

Can I Donate Used Christian Books to Organizations?

Many organizations require good Christian literature, so if you have to make room on your shelves for new books, it’s worth looking at the various charities to see who needs donations. Christian Library International provides second-hand Christian books and Bibles to prisoners in 1,400 prisons across the United States.

Is it a Sin to Torrent Christian Books?

Pirating books from torrent sites is theft, so although it is possible, it is a crime, and theft is not a suitable way for a Christian to get free books. Do not steal ebooks, no matter how much you desire to read a particular book, as this is a sin. You can get many free ebooks legitimately; use the library for free resources, or get discounted books in sales or second-hand.

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