How To Get Free T-Shirts Online

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We all like to get free stuff, don’t we? Contrary to popular belief, t-shirts are some of the easiest things to get for free online if you know where to look. Sometimes there are some requirements, like joining sweepstakes, but the company often just wants you to carry around their brand. Let’s look at some of the best websites to get free t-shirts online.


The Best Websites To Get Free T-Shirts Are Below!

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Key Takeaways

  • Many companies will send you free t-shirts online.
  • Some are looking for product testers, and they send you branded products to test and review.
  • Others want brand representatives, especially people with a large social media following, and they may even pay you for wearing their free t-shirt on social media.
  • Sometimes companies just want their brand to be seen, and they will send you a free branded t-shirt to accomplish that.
  • You will always have to provide personal information by signing up or registering.

Websites That Will Give You Free T-Shirts

We will now look at this list of companies that give away free t-shirts online. Note that they each have their own requirements. Some only do a monthly draw or expect you to have a certain level of influence on social media. But they all require your personal information in one way or another. After all, it’s all about marketing. But you get something out of it, so let’s get you some free shirts!

Yo! Free Samples

Getting a free t-shirt is the holy grail of any free stuff website. Yo! Free Samples aggregates all the best free samples, sweepstakes and deals in one place. The best free shirt offers go extremely fast, there aren’t many good ones that are on-going. Most of the offers for t-shirts in this article are crummy to be honest because it’s simply hard to find great free t-shirt offers due to the expensive nature of t-shirts. If a company offered 10,000 shirts it would cost tens of thousands of dollars for example.

Below are some recent shirt offers here on Yo! Free Samples, hopefully you can catch a good one, unlikely though as you have to be super quick:


Turkey Hill Dairy

Turkey Hill Dairy specializes in frozen delights, like ice cream and other things to satisfy your sweet tooth. They have a fan club of sorts called the Turkey Hill Nation that you can sign up for to get many things for free, including a t-shirt and other goodies. They will also invite you to occasional tastings and surveys to try out their latest flavors and help improve their products.

Signing up is free, and you can do so at

Kona Ice

Kona Ice operates more than a thousand trucks serving up shaved ice and cool tunes worldwide. It’s popular at parties, shows, concerts, and carnivals. Their marketing includes a promotion that gives away one free t-shirt per month to people who sign up. Chances aren’t great, but you could possibly end up with a really cool-looking t-shirt representing the Kona Ice brand.

You can sign up for the monthly draw here:

Board Vitals

Are you a medical student? Or are you planning to study to become either a medical doctor or a nurse? Board Vitals may just have a free t-shirt for you! They require that you sign up and provide proof through a verifiable school e-mail address, but you can get an excellent “Trust me, I’m (almost) a doctor” or “Trust me, I’m (almost) a nurse” t-shirt.

For soon-to-be doctors, go to, and nurses-to-be can sign up at


United Survivalist Association

Patriotic US citizens can get an awesome-looking free t-shirt simply for showing support for the troops! The United Survivalist Association offers a free “These Colors Don’t Run” t-shirt to everyone who signs up, which also does not cost a cent. You can show your support for the troops and get a free t-shirt to prove it! This charges shipping.

Become a member and get your t-shirt here:

Bryan Health Kids Club

The Bryan Health Kids Club was started as a way to motivate kids to become more active. Kids under 12 can join the club for free, after which they will receive a free t-shirt, coupons, newsletters, events, and more.

Sign up for the Bryan Health Kids Club here:


MuscleTech is a company that focuses on health and bodybuilding products. They help their customers to achieve their health and fitness goals. When you opt into their mailing list (which is free), they will send you a free “swag” kit, including samples and a free t-shirt.

You can sign up here:


Adidas probably needs no introduction. Everyone who has even just seen a sports match will recognize the brand. Well, Adidas is looking for product testers. There are qualifying criteria, but if you are a fitness or sports fanatic, chances are you will be able to get into the program. In exchange, you will get free products from Adidas to test and review, including t-shirts.


Sign up at to become an Adidas product tester.

Are Free T-Shirts Low Quality?

Generally, no, though there are exceptions. Companies that hand out free t-shirts with their branding would not want their brand associated with low quality. You may get a t-shirt with some printing defects that the company rejected, but the quality of the shirt itself will probably be pretty good.

Nothing In Life Is Free, So What’s The Catch?

The catch is that free t-shirts are always either for marketing or testing purposes. If it’s for product testing, you may get a t-shirt with some flaws and have to provide feedback on that. If it’s for marketing, you may be called on to complete surveys or get sales calls from time to time.

What Will A Company Expect From Me In Exchange?

This will depend on the specific guidelines of the option you go for. In many cases, they simply expect you to wear the t-shirt to carry out their brand. Others, like Adidas, want feedback about the quality of the products. Read the terms and conditions and make sure that you understand the deal’s requirements.

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