Dollar General Return Policy Guide

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Dollar General is a family favorite store that provides its customers with various products across a broad range. Dollar General prides itself in striving for 100% satisfaction amongst its customers. As a result, the company has a certain degree of leniency regarding its returns policies.


To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Dollar General allows returns for up to thirty days after purchase. Provided you return the items in good condition with all associated documents, accessories, and your till slip, you should receive a full refund whether you made the purchase in-store or online.

There are certain exceptions to the Dollar General return policy and several guidelines to follow to ensure a successful return. How you purchased the item originally will also impact how the product is returned. The absence or presence of a till slip will affect how you are reimbursed.

Dollar General Return Policy Guide Overview

Dollar General is an excellent store for anybody who enjoys a bargain. With such low prices, however, there is a chance that the quality of some items will be compromised in some cases.

In keeping with their quest to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Dollar General allows customers to return most products within thirty days of purchasing them. Whatever the reason for wanting to return your purchase, you will receive a full refund of the original purchase price, provided you abide by certain conditions.


This refund will be issued back to the original payment method. To receive a refund, however, customers must ensure they return the products in good condition. Along with the condition of the products, customers must ensure that they return the products with their original packaging and paperwork.

It goes without saying that the returned product must also be accompanied by all of its original parts and accessories; otherwise, no refund will be issued.

In some cases, especially with online purchases, your refund will have certain deductions such as shipping costs, handling fees, and other charges.

How the returns process works will depend on how you bought the product in the first place. Returns for products bought in-store will have a different process than products bought online. The two processes are not interchangeable.

However, you will receive a full refund irrespective of how you purchased your product. You will also be refunded for shipping and handling if the fault was with shipping or manufacturing.

Whichever method you use to return your product, you must ensure that you return it in good condition with all of its parts, accessories, paperwork, and packaging. This will ensure that the returns process runs smoothly and that you receive your refund quickly.


The following table shows the methods that can be used to issue a return to Dollar General:

Can you issue a return request via:Yes/No

Returning Online Purchases

Online purchases can be returned only through the channels associated with online purchases. This means that any purchases made online cannot be returned in-store. To begin returning a product purchased online, you should contact the Customer Support department through an email form.

Customer support will issue you with instructions on how to conduct a return. They will give you a Return Authorization number. You must have this number as you will not be able to conduct a return without it.

Once you have your Return Authorization number, you can continue with the returns process. Firstly, you must ensure that your item is packed carefully with all its associated parts, accessories, and paperwork. You will need to include your details with the item upon returning it. These details include your address, name, and order number.

Ensure that any extra labels are removed before sending the package off. You would have been issued a return address when you received your Return Authorization number. You will need to send the product to this address using UPS or Insured Parcel Post, ensuring you retain the tracking number.

Returning In-Store Purchases

In-store purchases can only be returned directly to the store. If your product was purchased from the store in person, you could not issue a return using the online platform. Upon arrival at the store, you will need to alert store staff that you are returning a product, and they will direct you to the correct area.

Staff will inspect the product you return to ensure it is in good working order. They will ensure that nothing is missing from the original product.


Returning Gifts

Gift purchases from Dollar General can be returned under the same conditions as any other product. However, it’s important to note that any refund for gift purchases can only be sent to the original purchaser.

Returning Damaged Items

Suppose you open up a package and discover that the items were damaged already. In that case, you are entitled to a full refund of the item and a full refund of any shipping costs and handling fees. This will only occur if the fault lies with Dollar General and occurs during shipping or manufacturing.

If, however, you damaged the product yourself, you cannot expect to receive a refund.

Returns Without A Receipt

There is a certain degree of leniency when returning products without a receipt. While some stores will not allow it at all, Dollar General will allow you to return products without a receipt, provided the product is in good condition and comes with all its accessories, parts, and paperwork.

Bear in mind, however, that items returned without a receipt will not receive a refund. Instead, you will receive store credit to use as you wish, allowing you to purchase an item of the same value.

Waiting Period To Receive Refund From Dollar General

Once Dollar General has received the item in good order, you can expect to receive your refund within thirty days. Remember that if Dollar General discovers that the product was damaged or defective due to manufacturing issues or shipping problems, you will also be refunded the return shipping costs.

What Cannot Be Returned To Dollar General?

There are restrictions on the return of certain items. Alcohol can be returned as long as it is unopened, but it must be returned to the exact same store at which it was purchased.

Cigarettes and any other tobacco-related products cannot be returned at Dollar General, irrespective of whether they have been opened. The same rule applies to gift cards, prepaid cards, and gift wrap.

Abusing Dollar General’s Return Policy

As it is with all stores, customers are encouraged not to abuse return policies. If you damaged a product yourself, do not try to blame the store or the shipping for the damage to get a refund.


Return Policy Summary

While Dollar General aims to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, certain restrictions apply to returning your products. Most products can be returned within thirty days, provided you have your receipt, original packaging, and all associated parts, paperwork, and accessories.

Online purchases can be returned only through online channels, and in-store purchases can be returned only in-store. Returns without a receipt will receive store credit instead of a cash refund.

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