Dollar Tree Return Policy Guide

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Dollar tree is a large store that stocks various products at exceptionally low prices. The store’s large selection and low prices give customers great value for money. However, customers often end up with defective products that do not function as desired.


To keep its costs down, Dollar Tree does not offer refunds on any of its products. If a product is defective, it can be exchanged for an item of the same value, provided you can show the receipt. Seasonal products cannot be exchanged, and no returns are accepted without a receipt.

Unfortunately, very few options are available to the customer when it comes to returns and exchanges of products at Dollar Tree. As the company stipulates that all sales are final, no cash refunds will be given. To return a product of any kind, several restrictions protect the company instead of the consumer.

Dollar Tree Return Policy Overview

As a general rule, Dollar Tree states that all sales are final. Therefore, no refunds will be given at any point. Unless the law demands that the store issues a cash refund, Dollar Tree is under no obligation to give money back to the consumer at any point in time.

Dollar Tree states that its reason for refusing to issue refunds is to ensure that the company’s expenses are kept as low as possible at all times. By keeping its overhead costs as low as possible, Dollar Tree can ensure that it can bring low-priced products to the consumer.


The store offers a wide variety of products at discount prices, with prices far lower than those of similar products sold by the store’s competitors.

While the above may be helpful in terms of being able to offer cheap products to consumers, it can become an issue when customers want to return products that are defective or unsatisfactory in any way. Dollar Tree has several conditions in place to restrict returns of products.

Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

While the store policy is that all sales are final, there is a way to return defective products. However, you must abide by a few rules to ensure you can return the item/s.

While refunds are simply not an option, it is possible to return a defective or unsatisfactory product. To issue a return, you must ensure the product is unopened. You must have the original receipt to prove to store management that you purchased the item at their store.

While you will not receive any money back for your returned purchase, you will be able to exchange the item for one with the same value.

Suppose you have taken the product home, opened it up, and only then discovered that there is an issue with it. In that case, there is a solution available to you. If this has occurred, you must simply return the item to the store (despite being opened) along with the receipt and the original packaging.


You must return the item with the receipt and original packaging to ensure that you can provide proof that you bought the product from that store and that the store can use the barcode on the item’s original packaging.

To make things more convenient for the consumer, Dollar Tree allows you to issue a return of this nature via the post and in-store. Suppose you bought a product and took it home, only to discover it is faulty. You should be permitted to return the item via the postal service in exchange for another item of the same value.

This table shows which methods can be used for issuing returns at Dollar Tree:

Can you initiate a Dollar Tree return request viaYes / No

Time Limits On Exchanges

According to Dollar Tree’s website, there is no timeframe stipulated for the return of their products. This means that no time limit restricts when you can return faulty products. This is an odd fact, especially seeing as Dollar Tree’s sister store, Family Dollar, gives customers thirty days to return any faulty products.

Online Dollar Tree Purchases

There is no real difference in the return policy when it comes to online purchases at Dollar Tree. If the item is faulty upon arrival, you are encouraged to call the store’s customer support line at 1-877-530-8733 to issue your complaint and begin the returns process. Alternatively, you can email the store and take your correspondence from there.

The customer support office will replace your faulty product or potentially issue store credit for the online store that can be used at a later stage. This fact mentioned above is unconfirmed, as some sources say it is not true.

One thing is for certain – you will not receive any refunds from Dollar Tree despite having purchased the product online.


Exchanging Seasonal Merchandise

Seasonal merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged at Dollar Tree whatsoever. This includes any products sold for specific holidays such as Christmas or Halloween. Due to this policy, consumers must check all seasonal products before purchase to ensure there are no issues or defects.

Coupons/Gift Cards

Dollar Tree gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be reloaded. Therefore, you must spend the entire balance on the card or lose the remaining funds.

Returns Without Receipts

If you do not have a receipt for your Dollar Tree purchase, there is no chance of being able to return or exchange the product whatsoever. Your receipt is your proof of purchase. Without it, the store manager cannot know that you purchased the item at their store.

Because the store stocks a wide range of products, it can be difficult to tell if the product was purchased at Dollar Tree or at another store. As a result, you will not be assisted with your purchase if you do not have a receipt. It’s important to retain your receipt until you are 100% certain you are satisfied with your purchase.

Policy Abuse

Because Dollar Tree has such stringent policies regarding the return of any of its products, it would be rather difficult for customers to attempt to abuse the policy. As with any other store, customers are discouraged from engaging in any abuse of the store’s return policies to ensure fairness and honesty for all involved.


Dollar Tree is a family favorite amongst thousands of consumers. This store offers a vast range of products, including homeware, toys, snacks, gifts, etc. The products at Dollar Tree are far cheaper than most other stores, giving shoppers excellent value for money overall.

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree has strict policies regarding processing returns and exchanges. According to the store, this is to keep their costs down. Therefore, Dollar Tree will not offer refunds, and each sale is considered final. This can be highly frustrating to consumers.

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