Dell Return Policy Guide

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Sometimes we go shopping and make a purchase or two. Often, our purchase is what we want exactly, and we are happy with the product for as long as it lasts. But, unfortunately, the customer or the shop can make mistakes, and we end up with an item we do not want. Luckily, companies like Dell allow you to return certain items. So, what is Dell’s return policy?


Dell has a return policy on items bought directly from them, so you will have 30 days from the original purchase to return the item to Dell for the majority of their items. However, some items may not be returned depending on their condition and whether there was a pre-existing agreement with Dell.

Everybody makes mistakes, even the biggest of companies. Fortunately, these companies have given everyone a way of fixing these mistakes without either side losing anything if it is done fairly. So be sure to stick around to learn the terms and conditions of Dell’s return policy.

What Is The Basic Outline Of Dell’s Return Policy?

Dell has put a 30-day return policy in place. This means that you will have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the items to Dell. However, if you buy the item online, you will have 30 days from the day the item got delivered to return it to Dell.

What Items Cannot Be Returned To Dell?

Like all other return policies, some items are not accepted for return by the company that the items were bought from. This is mainly for safety and health reasons, and the companies do not want to be ripped off by people. Therefore, the following items are not applicable for return to Dell.



Software bought from Dell is not allowed to be returned at any point in time. The only time software (application or operating system software) may be returned if it is not functioning correctly and is previously installed on an item purchased at Dell.

The only other time software may be purchased is if the software bought is media-based and has not been taken out of the original seal/packaging. Suppose the media-based software was delivered electronically (online). It may only be returned and applicable for a refund if you have not agreed to the terms and conditions that show when the software is installed.

Other Specified Hardware

Some hardware items may not be returned to Dell. These items include Dell “EMC” products, Dell “Wyse” products, hardware and software products not branded by Dell, and products that have been specifically customized for the person who bought them (unless delivered to the incorrect person.)

Will Dell Charge Me A Fee For Returning An Item?

If the item you bought was broken before you purchased it or given the wrong item, you would not be charged. So basically, if the reason for return was an error on Dell’s part, you will not need to pay a fee for returning the item.

However, suppose the reason for your return is because of your accident. In that case, Dell will request you to pay up to 15% of the original cost of the item you bought. Dell calls this their “restocking fee.” Therefore, if you buy an item for $1000 and want to return it because you do not like it, you will be charged around $150 for returning the item and receiving the remaining $750.

How Do You Return An Item To Dell?

Unlike some stores, Dell’s method of returning items is more complex than simply walking into the store and returning the item. There is a specific way that Dell wants their products to be returned, so it is important to know this before you attempt to return any items for the easiest return possible.


To return an item to Dell, you need to get a CRA (Credit Return Authorization) number from Dell. You can go to or phone Dell’s customer service for your specific store to get this number. Using chat is a great contact option and usually solves returns fairly fast. Once you have the CRA number, you will be able to return the item. You will have five days from when you receive the CRA number to return the item.

However, it is imperative to remember that not all items can be returned to Dell, so ensure that the product you wish to return falls into the criteria for a returnable product. In addition, when you are sending your item back to Dell, make sure that the item is in its original packaging when you first received the item and has not been damaged in any way by you.

It is also important to provide any documentation originally packed with the item in your packaging. You will be required to get the return label that has been given to you via email by Dell printed out and attach it to your packaging. After this, you will be able to return the item to Dell.

There are multiple ways in which you can initiate a return to Dell. Unfortunately, it cannot be in person, so Dell had to find other ways for people to initiate returns. Luckily, these methods are very easy to access and follow.

Can You Initiate A Return ViaYes/No

Is It Possible To Abuse Dell’s Return Policy?

The process that Dell uses to accept returns is very specific. This means that they only return certain items under certain conditions. If the product you want to return does not meet the criteria, Dell will refuse your return.

This rigid process makes it almost impossible for you to abuse Dell’s return policy. For example, it is impossible to use software and then return it and hope for a refund. In addition, you will not be allowed to return the software if it has already been used. This helps prevent fraud in all aspects of returning items.

Quick Summary Of Dell’s Return Policy

Dell has a very rigid return policy. Dell is unlikely to give you any leeway when returning items as some other stores might do. If an item you want to return does not meet the criteria, you will not be allowed to return that item, end of the story.


Once you have purchased an item or had an item delivered to you, you will have exactly 30 days to return the item. Unfortunately, certain hardware and most of the software you buy at Dell are not returnable. In addition, you can only initiate the return of a Dell product online or via the phone; it cannot be done in person.

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