Costco Return Policy Guide

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A Costco run is one of the basic pleasures of retail life. It’s a terrific experience because of the free samples, the huge carts, and the wide variety of products available.


Costco’s items come with a risk-free satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with anything for any reason, you can ask for a refund or replacement. There is no limit on how long you have to return an item. Certain exceptions, such as electronics, have a 90-day return period.

The liberal Costco return policy, which we will break down for you, is one of the benefits that customers appreciate about shopping at Costco.

What Reasons Warrant A Return At Costco?

Costco places value on customer satisfaction. For this reason, they have a risk-free satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can return a product for any one of the following reasons:

  • You no longer want the product.
  • You purchased the product by mistake.
  • You are unhappy with the product or quality thereof.
  • There is an issue with the product.

How Do I Go About Returning Products At Costco?

For in-store purchases, the return process is relatively quick and easy. Bring your item to the returns counter and present your Costco card to the customer service associate to log the return. Costco return counters can be found in every Costco store and are usually located near the main exit.


Online purchases are slightly more complex but not a hassle by any means. If you ordered the item online, you could return it to a warehouse, or you can initiate the return process online. You can return the product online by signing into your Costco account online, selecting the order or item you want to return or replace, and scheduling a package pickup.

There is no charge for return shipping at Costco. However, some items cannot be returned via shipping and should be returned to the warehouse directly. A few examples of these items include:

  1. Special Order Items
  2. Eyewear
  3. Digital Vouchers Or Tickets
  4. Tires
  5. Jewelry
  6. Perishable Goods
  7. All Apple Products

Do You Need A Receipt To Return Items?

Items purchased at Costco can be returned without a receipt. While a receipt is not required for any Costco return, you must bring your membership card. Your membership card stores all of your previous purchase information. You may also return anything purchased online to a physical shop.

You’ll need the Costco membership number of the person who bought the product if you got a Costco item as a gift and don’t have the receipt. The majority of presents are reimbursed to a Costco cash card, which you may use again at any time.

Are There Items That Cannot Be Returned?

Despite Costco’s extensive return policy, there are a few items that they will not accept:

  1. Alcohol and cigarettes: If you’re thinking about buying alcohol or cigarettes, keep in mind that there are extremely few businesses that will take returns.
  2. Special order items: Unless there was a manufacturing error, you might not be able to return an item that was custom designed or produced to your specifications.
  3. Food that has passed its expiration date: When it comes to Costco’s food return policy, remember that you cannot return things that have passed their expiration date. In most circumstances, if you’re displeased with your food for any reason, Costco will refund it.

What Is The Diamond Return Policy?

When purchasing diamonds from Costco, the diamond return policy necessitates a little additional effort on both sides. Bring the item, as well as any papers that came with it, if the diamond is 1.00 ct or bigger. An IGI or GIA certificate would be included with the papers. The diamond must be examined by a Costco gemologist to ensure that it is genuine. It takes roughly 48 hours to complete this task.


What Happens To The Returned Products?

Costco recognizes in its financial strategy that returns would result in losses since some items, such as food, cannot be returned to the sales floor. It isn’t all thrown away in the garbage, either. If a product is still in the original packaging, it can be returned to the sales floor. Damage will be checked on all returned items.

A liquidation method might be used to auction off a product that isn’t appropriate for the sales floor but could still be useful.

Can I Return Food To Costco?

Produce, food (opened or not), and any other consumable products can all be returned to your local Costco. Just keep in mind that Costco tracks all of your returns and may flag your account if they suspect you of abusing the return policy.

What Happens If The Returns Policy Is Abused?

If someone crosses the line and returns too many used products or waits a decade to return an item, they may face repercussions, including membership termination.

Don’t push it, even if the business is quite forgiving on returns.

Can I Cancel My Membership?

The membership costs may be reimbursed, and the membership may be terminated if a member is dissatisfied with Costco items. This decision is decided on a case-by-case basis at the site manager’s discretion.

Does Costco Offer Price Matching?

For products purchased from other vendors, Costco will not price match or provide refunds. You can request a price adjustment for the difference if you buy anything from Costco and the price is reduced within 30 days.


The 30-day policy is relatively strict, which is understandable for profit’s sake. This appears to be the case, although customers have reported being able to extend the deadline, so it can’t hurt to inquire.

This form might be used to seek a refund if you purchased the item from Costco online. If you bought it in a store, take it to your local Costco Warehouse’s returns counter.

Ways To Return Goods At Costco

Does Costco Return Policy OfferYes / No
Free Returns ShippingYes
In-store ReturnsYes
Online ReturnsYes
Returns On GiftsYes
Membership Cancellation ReturnsSometimes

Roundup Of Costco Return Policy

Costco has a liberal return policy, and you can return almost anything that you are not satisfied with. While their policy may seem like there is no way they could profit, they are quite strict on returns for food, diamonds and memberships.

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