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Shopping online can become an information overload, ending up with you spending continuous hours seeking the best products and deals. Everyone loves to save money, and by utilizing Vipon, you can achieve any of your money-saving goals. We will be looking at Vipon and its services to guarantee you coupons and the best online deals possible.


Vipon is a free app that offers you the coupons and deals on Amazon, guaranteeing you save 50% or more on your purchases. The app is highly accessible, both on the App Store and Google Play. In addition, they have a website where you can sign up for more money-saving opportunities.

Shopping online at has become so popular that it is no surprise that Vipon created this app to help with your purchases. So, Vipon is a handy utility to have if you are an online shopping enthusiast. Let us look deeper and see all the services that Vipon provides to its consumers.

How Does Vipon Work?

Amazon sellers work with Vipon by sharing deals and coupons relating to their respective products, mostly a discount of 50% or more. The Vipon community proceeds to publish the best deals they have received from the most reliable sellers. Vipon is highly active by ensuring that you get premium deals daily, guaranteeing you money well spent.

How Do You Receive A Coupon From Vipon And Use It?

Below are the specific steps you need to follow to get a coupon and use it. In addition, it is better to use the code as soon as possible as the codes may expire at any time.


  • Find a coupon on a product you are interested in by using the Vipon app
  • Copy the code and then proceed to log into Amazon
  • Locate the product you searched for and press “Buy now”
  • Paste the coupon code in the box labeled as ‘Gift Cards, Vouchers & Promotional Codes’
  • Lastly, press the button saying “Apply”

What If A Coupon You Got From Vipon Doesn’t Work?

If, by some unfortunate circumstance, the coupon you requested does not work, the process you should follow is to leave a comment on the products detail page, or you could report the product, and the issue is guaranteed to get solved within 24 hours.

Partnering With Vipon As A Seller

By signing up to be an Amazon seller associated with Vipon, you become guaranteed to increase your Amazon ranking and rapidly grow your business as Vipon’s community is immensely active.

Vipon offers eleven different packages for sellers to purchase, varying in price and benefits. Below are the five various bundles that you can purchase monthly.

Monthly Packages
StandardProfessionalEnterpriseEnterprise PlusEnterprise Premium
Product Promotions3/market12/market50/market120/market300/market
Peak Concurrent Users12358
Minimum Discount Required30% off30% off

Additionally, there are annual plans available for purchase, and these packages also come with a discount of 16.6%. Below are the six different annual bundles for Amazon sellers to purchase.

Annual Packages
BasicStandardProfessionalEnterpriseEnterprise PlusEnterprise Premium
Product Promotions1/market6/market18/market80/market180/market500/market
Peak Concurrent Users23467Unlimited
Minimum Discount Required30% off30% off

Functioning Of The Vipon App

As stated before, the Vipon app is accessible for both iPhone and Android, which provides maximum availability for anyone and everyone. In addition, the app’s services include receiving early access to upcoming deals, active alerts, and get coupons. To sum it all up, the app allows you to save your money anywhere.

Vipon’s Affiliate Program

Vipon showcases its complete affiliate program while ensuring that the accuracy of its affiliate tracking does not falter. They do this process to maximize the ease of use with the affiliate program. Below is the simplified process of their affiliate program.


  • A visitor interacts with an affiliate link on your site or in an email
  • Visitor’s IP gets recorded, and a cookie gets placed in their browser for tracking purposes
  • Visitor visits Vipon’s website with the potential to order
  • If the visitor proceeds to order, the order will count as a sale for you (Note: the purchase doesn’t need to occur within the same browsing session as cookies and Ips are registered permanently)
  • Vipon reviews and approves the sale
  • You acquire commission pay-outs

The commission pay-out that you receive equals 18% of the sale. By joining the company’s team and helping spread awareness about your favored products, you can receive rewards and well-paid commissions for your assistance. Vipon’s efficient tracking system ensures that you are paid top commissions for every client you send their way.

Cookies have an extensive duration of 30 days. This aspect means that you will get the credit if a customer comes from your site to Vipon’s within 30 days.

Vipon provides the highest conversion rate in the industry, which means that the individuals you send their way are more likely to purchase the products they advertise. The more Amazon sellers purchase Vipon’s services, the more additional income you obtain. In addition, joining Vipon’s affiliate program is completely free.

Influencer Opportunities With Vipon

Vipon provides a platform called ‘V Show Star’ for content creators worldwide. Therefore, besides receiving a great deal on the daily, you can watch numerous awesome videos from hundreds of influences while also providing you with the opportunity for you to become one of Vipon’s partnered influencers.

Ways To Contact Vipon

Vipon has two emails for different customers. They have separate emails for shoppers and sellers. If you are a shopper and have issues with Vipon or the deals themselves, you can email ‘[email protected]’ for any queries. However, if you are a seller wishing to share your deal with a large audience, you can email ‘[email protected]’ about any offers.

Vipon Is An Extremely Helpful Assistant

There is no doubt that Vipon is a great utility for individuals who find excitement in shopping online. In addition, Vipon is available to both Amazon buyers and sellers. So, if you want to save money on your purchases via Amazon, Vipon is a necessity.

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