FAKE ALERT: Conroe Brewery Craft IPA Beer Shampoo Bar Sample

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Soap with olive oil, jojoba oil, oh my. What a great product you’d want to try. This Conroe Brewery seems like a great freebie offer until you dig into the massive fake freebie that is it. This isn’t fake news either folks, below is the proof to show how fake this freebie really is.


Here is the URL if you want to follow along, however I urge you not to share your information with this website: http://conroebrewery.com/merchandise

Let’s dig into why this is likely to be a fake

  1. Web archive history and WHOIS looks fresh, like April 11th 2018 fresh. Almost if they wanted to make this clear it’s a fly by night scam operation. They used private registration so you can’t see who has it. The site appears to be clear of any viruses or malware.
  2. Food menu looks good right? Nope, it’s stolen from here. A restaurant from the Caymans: http://craftcayman.com/file/2018/02/Craft-Food-Menu-23.02.2018.pdf
  3. The beer? “Rocket Boat Lager” seems to be entirely plagiarized from here: http://www.themoabbrewery.com/RocketBikeLager.html – ouch, plagiarism hurts.
  4. The address “1545 S Frazier St Conroe TX 77301 USA”? Looks like a useless park without any beer nearby at all.
  5. The number “936-789-5411”? An empty Google Voice number voicemail. Least they made a new one to pretend to be convincing. But it’s not.
  6. The real icing on this fake cake is when you sign up for the actual fake freebie. Step 1, signing up. Step 2, the “Can you help us” page (normally a pop up) which is a technology provider that is a red flag for fake freebies? Why? It sends you to pages like this or free $100 ‘gift card’ offers if you decide to ‘help’ the website out. Why is this a red flag it’s fake? One, they are focused on short term gains. Secondly, the economics also simply don’t work. The scammer makes a small commission of around $1 or less if you sign up which isn’t enough to cover the product cost and the postage.
  7. Lastly, there isn’t a way to book a tasting or even buy anything. Why offer a sampling program at all if you aren’t going to drive demand for purchases after? This is fake as can be. Avoid it.

I am confident to say this is just a short term profit scheme and I am also confident that this freebie will never, ever come. If you signed up for this one, worst case is you’ll get some spam mail, spam email and perhaps some sketchy links from fake PayPal/Amazon/other websites. Don’t trust links that ask for your password or any personal information, ever. Thank you for reading my fake freebie rant.

-John ‘Samples’ Clark

FAKE ALERT: Conroe Brewery Craft IPA Beer Shampoo Bar Sample

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