CONFIRMED FAKE/SCAM: FREE Degorilla T-Shirt (Facebook Like Required)

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3/16/18 Update: The website was “sold” to someone else. DNS/WHOIS records were updated around this time so this maybe true. However, the official word from their email they sent out is that they will not be sending any t-shirts out. So, it’s official folks, it was all a scam. The scammer collected our information and then sold it for a profit to a new owner. That is literally the definition of a scam. The new owner shamelessly didn’t seem to care about the knowledge of the fake promotion either from the email they sent out. Big surprise.

1/15/18 Update: No contact, nothing. No t-shirts were sent. This was a fake/scam officially. They are still accepting these fake scam orders too, don’t do it. Will update if anything changes but unlikely to hear from these dishonest business folk.
12/4/17 Update: Tied them to Lithuanian fake freebie 9OOS with their terms of service and just a general summary of why Degorilla is likely to be a scam here.
Update: After speaking with them more, I have removed the link to this offer until they provide more proof they are a real company. As of right now they have only provided stock photos. And bad responses to prove they are a real company with good intentions. I don’t think this offer is real at the moment. Update coming soon. My apologies for posting this.
More stock photos: They claimed to have real shirts on Reddit. Freebie hunter Allison just proved them wrong: It appears most of their photos are from the website “” which. Case in point.
11/25/17-11/30/17 Update: I’ve been banned from their Facebook page for messaging them questions and asking for real photos of their inventory, or even one real t-shirt. Also they started their website on 9/3/17 which is pretty recent (another red flag). I’m closing the book on this one. They are highly, highly likely a scam. If anyone has proof otherwise please share with me so I can update this post, Degorilla included. But for now, my conclusion is that this is a free promotion intended to collect thousand’s of peoples personal information without fulfilling their advertised free t-shirt. They have sent out an email saying the ‘first 500’ would get t-shirts (it’s easy to say you weren’t first 500 and not send any). We shall see, I am still waiting for comment from them for proof that they even have t-shirts to send.
PS: If you want a real free t-shirt US offer try this DutchMasters t-shirt offer, it was active at the time of this posting.
-John ‘Samples’ Clark

Here is a possible freebie for Degorilla promotional t-shirts, I say possible because it’s a Shopify freebie (they often do not come if it’s anything but a sample-size product) and there is no real store history for the store. However, their Reddit account seemed kinda legit (proven to be wrong) so I posted this.


How to get free shirt:

  1. Visit the companies website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”
  2. Add to cart, then like their Facebook page to head to checkout.
  3. Finish checking out with free shipping and hope they process the free t-shirts!

* US Only. Limit one set per household. While supplies last. Please allow up to 10 weeks or more for delivery & processing. Samples may or may not come depending on if the company can fulfill the samples or any reason up to their discretion at all.

CONFIRMED FAKE/SCAM: FREE Degorilla T-Shirt (Facebook Like Required)

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