FREE Rewards Like Paypal Cash, Gift Cards, Snacks & More For Walking With Sweatcoin (Mobile App Required)

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Since Pact (an app that paid you cash for being health) shut down, I’ve been testing out new apps to replace it. So far Sweatcoin is one of my favorite apps for earning for being healthy. How it works is you install the app and it runs in the background counting your steps. You must have your phone on you while walking and it just counts away every step. And every thousand steps you get about 1 Sweatcoin. Once you acquire enough Sweatcoin currency you can use it to get rewards.


So far I’ve gotten 2 free snacks, but what sucked is that I had to pay shipping. The biggest drawback is there are usually only 1-4 offers per day and they vary greatly. So if you want to work your way to a $100 gift card, it might not be there the next day because someone redeemed it. And another thing about the rewards is that some of them require costs which is pretty annoying. That being said, there have been some really cool rewards like the BauBax Travel hoodie that you could get without paying a dime. It’s hit or miss for the rewards depending on the day but there are some great ones you can get without paying shipping or anything. And the app does a decent job at trying to identify if additional money is involved when you redeem, but they aren’t perfect.

If you can look past the limited rewards and remain patient until a great reward comes up, Sweatcoin is a good app to install and walk up a storm. Once it’s installed it’s easy to forget and just rack up steps. See below how to get started earning Sweatcoin.

How to earn Sweatcoins for rewards:

  1. Visit the companies website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”
  2. Install the iOS or Android version on the page.
  3. Open the app and register an account.
  4. Start stepping and racking up currency! Once you get enough go to the offers tab and see what rewards you can redeem.
  5. You can also invite friends to earn more currency (and I’ve included my link in this post too or you can go here without my link).

* Mobile app required. Stepping required.

Get This Offer This will take you to an external offer website


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