DIY Totes & Bags – with Pockets!

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I’ve got to have a tote or handbag with lots of pockets. Yup, I like to keep my stuff organized and rarely find a bag that has all the compartments I need. Thank goodness, there are patterns for that. Here are a few fairly simple – and free – patterns if you want to give one a try.

Tote Bag with Outside Pocket

I have to have an outside pocket, so this mid-sized tote works well for every day.

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Duffle with Inside/Outside Slip Pockets

Great for the beach or to carry kid stuff around.

Tote with 6 Outside Pockets

You can easily add 6 pockets inside with this pattern to have 12. Pocket heaven!

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Tote with Outside/Inside Pockets

This pattern has slip pockets inside and out.

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Handbag with Inside Pockets

This one is more difficult, but if you’re looking for something less tote like, try this beauty.

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Pocket Insert

For no-pocket/not enough pocket totes or bags, an insert like this works well. Plus you can move it easily to different bags.

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by on January 29th, 2013