6 Ways DIY Can Save You Money


Beyond coupons and free samples, how else do you save money? Some of our users are using DIY to save money so we rounded up 6 awesome ways to save money with DIY.

1. DIY Party Balloons

No $70 helium tank needed to fill balloons for parties…..just vinegar and baking soda. Big time savings!

2. DIY Milk Jug Gardening

Just poke holes in your milk jug and fill it with water to handle your plant watering needs. Easy!

3. DIY CD Scrapbook

Make an intimate scrapbook with an old CD case. All you need is glue and scissors!

4. DIY Window Ice Remover

Just mix 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 water into a spray bottle and you have an easy DIY window ice remover. Just spray on your windows and the ice will melt away! 

5. DIY Dentist

If you swish with hydrogen peroxide every day,  you will have whiter teeth plus excellent gum tissue!

6. DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

All you need is baking soda and vinegar to make your own home toilet bowl cleaner. This mixture is actually a great all-purpose cleaner!

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by on December 2nd, 2012