Possible FREE Samples Box From DailyGoodieBox [Verified Received By Mail]

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Possible FREE Samples Box From DailyGoodieBox [Verified Received By Mail]

Ever want to hit undo? I was wrong about DailyGoodieBox. Back in July 2016 I was highly critical of the admittedly sketchy-at-the-time DailyGoodieBox if you follow our Facebook group. Almost a year later and you can tell DailyGoodieBox has been steadily sending more and more free sample boxes to non-influencer/blogger people. You can also see hot new brands appearing that are in other sample boxes or doing sampling promotions. And I confirmed with them directly that it’s thousands of boxes that have been sent to common users. There still aren’t enough boxes to go around so don’t expect one instantly. Lastly, like PINCHme, you’ll get emails from advertisers as DailyGoodieBox is backed by an advertising network called LuxeAds so they will always have an incentive to send you ads. Pros and cons aside, I think it’s safe to say they aren’t a fly by night company and they earned a spot up there with PINCHme, Sample Source and others as a legitimate sample box since their bumpy start. Give them a shot if you were reluctant before, you just may get a free samples box this month!

Pro tip: It seems they giveaway a lot of boxes on their Facebook page so leave comments to increase your chances of getting a box, worked for plenty of readers here!

How to get free sample box:

  1. Visit the companies website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”
  2. Enter your name and email address and hit “Sign Up”
  3. Confirm your email address and they will also send you a password (if they don’t just reset your password for a new one).
  4. You are now entered to get a possible free sample box. To increase your chances share more about yourself here so you can get “targeted” for more freebies.

* Sample boxes are in limited supply, not everyone will get one.

If you are seeing this text, it means this content was stolen from YoFreeSamples.com. Sign up for REAL source of these free samples, freebies and money saving tips here.

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by on May 15th, 2017