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Get Freebie Alerts Delivered As SMS Text Messages!

Sometimes freebies expire fast, like, really fast. And nobody wants to miss out on free stuff. To offer more options besides the daily newsletter, push notices or Facebook you can now get SMS text messages sent to your phone in real-time as freebies are posted! You’ll never miss a freebie again.

These SMS text messages are Twitter powered, yet no account required!
Ready to sign up? Here are your options:

These SMS text messages options are tied to two Twitter accounts @YoFreeSamples and @YoFreeAlerts. And again, a Twitter account is not required so when Twitter asks to make an account you can ignore that entirely.

  1. Only the good stuff: This is the recommended option for most. You’ll only get the time-sensitive & popular freebies. You can expect 0 to 6 SMS text messages per day with this option. These are same freebies you’d expect if you get push notifications.

    Text Follow YoFreeAlerts to 40404 for time-sensitive freebies.

  2. Give me all of it: This one is for those who want a firehose of freebies, in other words all of it. You can expect at least 10 to 40 or more SMS text messages per day with this one. So if you don’t have unlimited as your text plan, you may want to try the first option.

    Text Follow YoFreeSamples to 40404 for ALL freebie posts.

Here is a quick animation to show you how the sign up process works to follow “YoFreeAlerts” so you know what to expect. It loops if you missed a step or it went too fast:

Want to unsubscribe from SMS text alerts?

Just text “Unfollow YoFreeSamples” or “Unfollow YoFreeAlerts” to phone number 40404 to stop the alerts. You can also send the text “STOP” as well.

Did you stop getting the SMS text alerts?

Just text “Unfollow YoFreeSamples” or “Unfollow YoFreeAlerts” to phone number 40404 then say “Follow YoFreeSamples” or “Follow YoFreeAlerts” to sign up again and that appears to fix it.

Need something else?

Email if you need help or have any other questions.