Samples Update: Inkkas Shoes, Red Seal Hat, Skoal Gift, Flyte Socks, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste, Head Massager, Tea Sample Set, Soaptree Soaps, Fine Print Imaging Paper Samples, Get A Ride Don’t Drink & Drive Bumper Sticker, Green Zinger, Universal Screen Cleaner & Bo Peep’s Bonnets Hats

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Samples Update: Inkkas Shoes, Red Seal Hat, Skoal Gift, Flyte Socks, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste, Head Massager, Tea Sample Set, Soaptree Soaps, Fine Print Imaging Paper Samples, Get A Ride Don’t Drink & Drive Bumper Sticker, Green Zinger, Universal Screen Cleaner & Bo Peep’s Bonnets Hats

Good day my fellow freebie hunters! It was a good week for freebies and there seems to be many more on the way according to shipping emails. I hope your mailbox has been as overloaded as mine the past week! So on with the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of freebie news this past week.

The Good:

  • Here are the freebies I got since the last update (about a week): Click here to open the Freebies for week of April 24th 2016 in a new tab. In no order in particular I got the following: 3 Green Mountain K-Cups, a cell phone case from Amazon, Super Greens (due to my recent Amazon reviews it was offered to me from a previous purchase, it pays to review!), Mario Badescu’s personalized samples, Fancy Feast, the FLATtena from Channel Master, a drugs are bad poster, a second Puer sample (not sure how I got two), another Snickers coupon, the body shop soap, avocado oil, vitamin C oil, Depend underwear for men (luckily don’t need them yet), a sandwich coupon, Pottery Barn samples, an ear plug and all the samples are placed on $190 in Arousing Appetites kitchenware from their refer-a-friend giveaway. If you have any questions as to how I got any of these, just email me using the email address at the bottom of this post!
  • Inkkas Shoes: If you were lucky enough to get an order in for these the hour or so it was happening, be sure you have confirmed your address otherwise it appears you won’t receive your free shoes. So check your email if you ordered these.
  • Red Seal Hat: I got a shipping confirmation April 18th and according to photos from our wonderful Facebook group a few people already received the hat as well. So this one seems like a done deal if you requested it!
  • Skoal Gift: I got a shipping confirmation April 19th, I assume this will be in the mail this week too. No one else I know of has gotten theirs yet though. But either way, shipping confirmations are a very good thing.
  • Flyte Socks: According to their CEO: “For the referral giveaway‎, we’re still going through the data. As you can imagine there is a lot of info and, even more so people trying to game the system (with fake emails). ‎Individuals who have earned free socks will be contacted and socks will be sent after the successful launch of our Kickstarter campaign.” and it seems like they are aiming for early May to launch their Kickstarter. This could be a delaying tactic to hope we all forget about the free socks, but I’ll keep this in the good section for now. And now that they got thousands of people all signed up for their email list without paying a dime (at the moment), I’ll be watching…
  • Get A Ride Don’t Drink & Drive Bumper Sticker: Another request to update your address, be sure to update your address if you requested this one! Head here to submit your address again.

The Bad (Not Coming):

  • Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste: I said this was fake in our Facebook group and I maybe be wrong according to an exchange with Colgate on Twitter here. I am still not sure though it’ll come though because they said it is their promotion but it maybe an old promotion that isn’t active, but still waiting for details from them. My apologies for the wrong fake accusation though, I’m working on reaching to companies directly when I suspect a fake now as a result.
  • Fireball Whiskey: My apologies for posting this before all the details were in (it wasn’t an actual freebie, it was just a countdown to Friday), my freebie hunter wanted to share it because of last years offer being so great. Here is a quote that they wanted to relay to us all: “The offer it seems to refer to was a limited one from March of 2015. We didn’t have a new offer. The only thing I’d love to ask is if you wouldn’t mind clarifying that there was nothing offered on Fireball’s website and the information came from a year-old offer that expired long ago. We just don’t want folks thinking Fireball Whisky promised something then didn’t deliver, since that wasn’t the case.” So if you were expecting this one, don’t.
  • Soaptree Soaps: They got very overwhelmed and had to take the offer down. I don’t think they will honor any of the requests but maybe a few of them.
  • Fine Print Imaging Paper Samples: According to an email from them they “we will not be able to send out the packs to everyone who have requested them”. So this one is most likely not coming unless you are an artist or photographer (their target market).
  • Green Zinger: Their number was out of service, obviously not going to be sent to anyone. I just wanted to post this to let you know I’ll be vetting more samples including ones requiring a message or a call because of this freebie. I still won’t vet samples that I don’t really qualify for (health issues, professional offers, etc) though to respect their eligibility requirements.
  • Bo Peep’s Bonnets Cancer-Patient Hats: If you requested one for a cancer patient or yourself and you actually need one, I would reach out to them directly as they won’t be honoring any requests on April 22nd/23rd due to excessive requests according to their owner. This is an example of a freebie I wouldn’t vet/request myself.

The Ugly (Fakes):

  • 5 Virginia Beach Massage Therapy “Freebies”: This is fake there are 5 offers on a Facebook page here (don’t fill out the form though): It has the affiliate offer pop up asking “Can You Help Us?” when you enter the form and it seems impossible a small business would be sending expensive electronics like a head or vibrating massager nationwide to anyone that asks. That just screams fake. What upsets me even more is the fact that Spoofee forums are defending it as real because it has a ‘real address’ and they didn’t approve my 2 posts pointing it out as fake. They haven’t responded to any of my outreach either. I wouldn’t be surprised if Spoofee or this forum user is part of this affiliate fraud ring where this affiliate “pop up” keeps appearing. Maybe I’m just over-reacting though, who knows.
  • Tea Sample Set: Another “Can You Help Us?” pop up appears when you confirm your address. Feels legit but the “Can You Help Us?” affiliate popup just screams fake. Show me someone who got this freebie and I’ll gladly eat my own shirt and photograph it. URL to avoid it:
  • Universal Screen Cleaner: Another fake. The “Can You Help Us?” pop up appears when you enter your information. URL to avoid:

That is all I have for the sample update today! Do you have any updates to contribute, send me an email at

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by on April 24th, 2016