FREE Gift Cards For Completing In-Store Missions With Mobee (Mobile Phone Required) [Verified Paid]

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I don’t always stray from purely freebies. But when I do, I prefer to thoroughly test it. Mobee was founded in 2011 and the best way to describe it is a “mystery shopper” app that sends you in-store to places like Starbucks, Staples and other huge stores to explore various parts of their store. I’ve gotten $37 in gift cards from it to date. The missions can range from taking pictures of bathrooms (that was sketchy) to more sane stuff like taking pictures of products or new store display areas. Overall it’s pretty rewarding to get $5 for taking some photos. Some missions require purchase (and they warn you) but most just require photos or asking about certain programs/products. It’s a fun way to spend your weekend or day off. I personally enjoy going on the missions. One drawback about Mobee is sometimes missions magically disappear or are harder to find depending on where you live. Overall I’ll continue using this app and it has proven itself enough to write about it.


3/14/17 Update: Mobee just introduced “Anywhere Missions” 3 to 5 questions to help them learn more about you and provide you with more missions in the future. Mobee has an Achievements section, where you can get bonuses for completing a number of specific missions. Their “Newbie I” achievement, for instance, allows you to receive 100 points or $1 for the first mission you complete. “Newbie II” allows you to get 300 points or $3 for the first 3 missions you complete, but they have to be done in 3 different days. So, complete each of the 3 Anywhere missions on different days and get $3 from achievements without even leaving the house!

How to get free gift cards:

  1. Download the app for iOS here or Android here.
  2. When you sign up you can get $3 in points using my referral code HLHZ when you complete your first mission. This is optional, but it is a good way to get started!
  3. Once you get logged in, find a mission, then answer the questions on the app as you shop/review the store. Once you complete a mission they pay you!

* In-store visits required. Mobile app required.

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