FREE $10~ USD In CPT For Joining CoinPennant (Email Confirmation Required)

FREE $10~ USD In CPT For Joining CoinPennant (Email Confirmation Required)

Sign up and get up $10-$11 (12/13/17 value) worth in 50 CPT tokens for singing up and confirming your email for CoinPennant. The CoinPennant platform intends to be a platform where financial traders and analysts can collaborate together efficiently in the increasingly overwhelming world of cryptocurrency. Join the platform and help them gain momentum and as a reward you get the free tokens which you can later sell in 2018 or hold on it you really believe in the platform. My intention posting these ‘token’ offers is to hopefully get you all a couple of extra bucks, in the past some of these free token offers have been worth over $100 so time will tell, either way you don’t have much to lose except 50 free CPT tokens!

How to get free 50 CPT tokens:

  1. Visit the companies website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”
  2. Scroll down to where it says “Be part of our program by Sign up & Invite Friends. You can earn CPT Tokens.” to see the form.
  3. Create your account with your email and password and then Hit “Sign Up”
  4. Then go to your inbox to get your tokens by confirming your email address, just click the link they email to you and you’ll be taken back to the same page and it’ll say you have 50 tokens.
  5. Then around Spring 2018 there should be more information from them about how to spend or use the tokens. It may take awhile so be patient!
  6. In the meantime, share with your friends and family to earn 50 CPT tokens each time, Note: My referral link is included in this post please use it and support this website so we can find more freebies.

* Valid email required.

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