FREE 1 Year Angie’s List Membership From Allstate (Credit Card Required)

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Looking for quality reviews of home service professionals or exclusive discounts from them? Allstate wants to give you a year long Angie’s List Magazine subscription. I’m guessing they’ll ask you to change your insurance too but hey, it’s a free Angie’s list membership if you need any housework done and want to do some quality due diligence on contractors.


How to get free membership:

  1. Visit the companies website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”
  2. Enter your name, zip code and email
  3. The next page you’ll get an activation code unique to you
  4. Then you hit “Activate” and it takes you to Angie’s list to use your unique code
  5. From here you enter your zip code and code, then you’ll make an account and this part requires a credit card. Your card won’t be charged until a year later but you may forget so be sure to add a calendar reminder or cancel once you are done as a fair warning.

* US only. “All free memberships require payment info in order to verify your account and to provide uninterrupted auto-renewal service. Your card will not be charged until your free year expires.”

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