When Does USPS Stop Delivering? Does USPS Deliver At Night?

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Are you awaiting a package delivery? You have been following the tracking information, and it says your parcel is out for delivery; however, it’s getting you late. You have been waiting all day long, and now you are wondering if your package will still be delivered tonight. When does the USPS stop delivering, and do they still deliver at night?


The USPS operates between 8 AM and 5 PM local time. At times the USPS will deliver later than 5 PM to fulfill their cases for the day; this is rarely later than 7 PM, and they will never make delivery after 10 PM. The USPS will usually stop delivering once their route’s packages have been completed.

It is still likely that you will receive your package, but why would you still receive your delivery after hours? Is it normal that your delivery hasn’t been made by 5 PM? Let’s look at the USPS delivery processes and when they typically stop delivering.

When Does The USPS Stop Delivering?

The USPS official operating hours are 8 AM – 5 PM, so, officially, deliveries should be done by 5 PM. However, it’s not always possible to get the deliveries completed in time, and deliveries could be made later if there are cases for the route still to be delivered after 5 PM.

When the USPS requires it, they could hire staff to attend to after-hours deliveries between 5 PM and 10 PM. You will never receive a parcel, package, or letter from USPS after 10 PM.


What Time Does USPS Usually Deliver?

Most packages arrive by 2 PM on the day that they are “Out For Delivery.” This timeframe can differ depending on a number of things. Starting with how far you live from the post office and including what time of year you are expecting your delivery. The holiday season, when everyone is sending mail to their families, is an especially busy time for the USPS.

If you are tracking your mail, then chances are you will still receive it that day; however, it might just be a little later, and it can be quite common for mail to arrive at 6 PM or 7 PM when the route is especially busy or even if the weather is a bit extreme or there is more traffic in the area than usual.

Why Would The USPS Deliver After Hours (At Night)?

There are some reasons why your mail could be delivered later than 5 PM, such as traffic, staffing issues, extreme weather, or changes in routes. If the weather is really bad or the area has experienced a natural disaster, you can expect delays in your delivery.

The mail carrier is the most important factor when it comes to on-time deliveries. If they are new hires, they may take longer to leave the post office, so your delivery could be late. Any changes to the delivery route could also lead to delays as the carrier becomes accustomed to the new route.

Does The USPS Deliver On Sundays Or Holidays?

The USPS postmen and women deliver your packages on Sundays and holidays. They are especially delivering packages from Amazon and Priority Mail Express on Sundays and holidays. The mail delivery staff work very hard to meet the requirements of the public and make sure that all the mail is delivered timeously.

The USPS staff don’t get many guaranteed days off; with always having work on the weekend. There are only ten federal holidays when no mail will be delivered, including holidays like New Year’s Day, America’s Independence Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Day.


What Does It Mean If USPS Parcel Is Out For Delivery?

“Out For Delivery” means that your package or mail is with your mailman, and you can expect it to be delivered that day. If it is past 5 PM and you still haven’t received your package, you should check your package’s tracking number or letter to see if there is any official update.

It can happen that delivery failed and will be rescheduled, or it could be the case that your mailman is running late and the parcel will still be delivered after hours.

What To Do If My USPS Mail Is Late Or Not Delivered?

You should start by checking your tracking number and if there is no information, keep checking it. If you have any doubts, contact USPS customer service directly. You can also lodge a complaint to them, which could help the USPS track down your mail quicker.

If there is a problem with receiving your mail, you could also not receive your delivery on time. Your mail won’t be delivered if your mailbox is blocked or the mailman feels unsafe delivering to your postbox, e.g., a dangerous animal is threatening them or the mailbox is full. You will need to determine why your mail has not been delivered and rectify this issue directly.

Can You Collect USPS Mail From The Post Office Directly?

If your delivery has failed and you would like to collect it instead, you need to arrange this before it goes out for delivery again the next business day. If the mail carrier has not successfully delivered your mail, you may wish to take this option and arrange to pick it up at the post office yourself.

Final Observations For USPS After Hours Delivery

The standard acceptable time for your mail to be delivered is Monday to Saturday by 5 PM. If your area is experiencing terrible weather conditions or it is a federal holiday, it could be that your mail will only arrive the next business day. If you have a tracking number on your mail and it states that it’s “Out On Delivery,” you could still receive it that day, just a bit later, but before 10 PM

The USPS does do deliveries on Sundays for Amazon deliveries as well as Priority Mail Express packages. As the volume should be lower on a Sunday than the rest of the week, you should receive parcels before 2 PM on Sundays. Basically, the USPS doesn’t really deliver in the evening, and the staff prefers to be finished deliveries by 5 PM.


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