Walmart Return Policy Guide

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Generally speaking, returning a product to a store – whether defective, damaged, or simply unwanted – can be an extremely time-consuming and frustrating process irrespective of the store. Several hoops often require jumping through to complete the process and receive a refund or replacement.


Walmart has a relatively lenient return policy that presents several options to the consumer. With a few exceptions to the rule, most unwanted or defective products can be returned to Walmart within 90 days, with or without a receipt. This applies to online purchases as well as in-store purchases.

To take full advantage of Walmart’s return policies, you will need to understand several aspects of the company’s approach to returns, as well as the different processes that apply depending on how the product was purchased, what the issue is with the product and the time that has elapsed since the product’s purchase.

Walmart Return Policy Guide

Walmart has a relatively lenient approach to its return policies. This allows consumers to return most products up to 90 days after the purchase date, irrespective of the reason for the return.

While there are several exceptions to the returns rule and certain products that are subject to shorter periods through which returns can be administered, Walmart is clear on the processes and exceptions associated with the returns of products.


Several factors influence the returns of products at Walmart. These include the condition of the product being returned, the amount of time that has elapsed since the purchase of the product, and the date at which the product is returned.

The above mentioned factors will all be considered before a product is considered for return.

Certain items are subject to exchange only. This means that a cash refund will not be given, but rather the item will only be replaced with an exact version of the product or another product that is the closest in terms of similarity.

Returns are possible for almost every item sold by Walmart. The purchase history on the Walmart system will show the latest eligible date at which the item can be returned or replaced by Walmart.

If the products in question are damaged or defective, these can be returned by mail for refund or replacement. There are generally no return shipping fees associated with Walmart, so the customer’s convenience is further enhanced. The consumer loses very little in the returns process.

Generally speaking, returns can be conducted up to 90 days after purchasing most items purchased at Walmart. This is applicable across the board unless an alternative has been noted in the exceptions.


You can either return products in-store, by mail or online. There is usually no charge to conduct a return by mail. It simply requires you to schedule a pickup of the faulty product from your home when most convenient.

To conduct a return of this nature, you will simply need to provide a store receipt or the order number from In most cases at Walmart, you will be refunded the full purchase price and the applicable taxes and fees.

The refund will generally be sent to the original form of payment used to purchase the product. Alternatively, a replacement will be provided for the product.

Walmart Holiday Returns

Returns conducted over the holiday period generally follow a different set of rules. This allows consumers (and retailers) to cope with the increased purchasing traffic and the higher frequency of returns – mostly associated with the return of unwanted Christmas gifts.

As a result, any purchases made between the 1st of November and the 25th of December will only begin their return period on the 26th of December. For example, any products purchased with a 30-day return period can be returned until the 24th of January.

If the product purchased during this time has a 15-day return period, it can be returned up until the 8th of January.

Walmart Return Exceptions

Many exceptions apply when it comes to performing a return at Walmart. This is mostly dependent on the type of product.


The staff at Walmart reserve the right to limit or decline any returns, irrespective of whether you have a receipt. The return will be subject to a refund verification process if you do not have a receipt. Staff at Walmart are under no obligation to accept the return of any ineligible items.

If you return any of the products that fall under the exceptions listed below, these will all require a receipt.

Cellphones are generally subject to a 14-day return period. The majority of other electronics are subject to a 30-day return period. In contrast, glasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids must be returned within 60 days.

The exceptions that can still be returned within 90 days include produce, fresh flowers, private Walmart branded items, tires, automotive batteries, photo prints, and home and garden equipment.

Returns Without A Receipt At Walmart

While Walmart does allow returns without receipts, it’s usually advisable to retain your receipt to make the entire process easier for everybody involved. If the receipt cannot be found, it is extremely helpful to have the product’s original packaging at a minimum.

If there is no original packaging present, the product purchase can be looked up using the card number used for the original purchase.

Any return conducted without a receipt will be subject to a return verification process. Firstly, the barcode will be scanned to locate the item on the system and its associated purchasing information. The next step is verifying the ID of the person who purchased the product and is attempting to return it.

Following this, the refund verification process will determine if the item is available for return and if the item is actually returnable. If the Walmart system picks up that you are the type of person who regularly conducts these returns, there is less chance that the return will be accepted.

Naturally, the return can also be rejected based on the time that has elapsed since purchasing the product. There is a chance that you may not get a direct refund for the product and can instead be given a store credit, especially if the product is valued at over $10.


Return Methods At Walmart

Can you initiate a Walmart return viaYES/NO
By MailYES
Fedex LocationYES

Abusing Walmart’s Return Policy

To ensure that consumers do not abuse the returns policy at Walmart, there are a few measures in place. Walmart reserves the right to decline a return if they believe that the customer is abusing the return policy.

For example, suppose the same customer has frequently returned products under similar circumstances. It will be obvious to the store that there might be a degree of abuse occurring with the returns policy.

Suppose it is suspected that a customer is abusing the return policy at any of the Walmart stores. In that case, Walmart may issue a “return warning.” As a customer, receiving this warning will prevent you from being able to return any items without a receipt for a stipulated period.


While Walmart has a relatively lenient return policy that allows consumers to return unwanted products or those with which they are less than satisfied, you should always pay attention to the exceptions associated with certain products and the return timeframes associated with these. Retaining original receipts. The original packaging is naturally always helpful.

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