Best Target In-Store Inventory Checker Options

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Nothing is more annoying than driving to Target only to discover that the item you want to purchase is now out of stock. Fortunately, there are various ways to check the supply at your desired Target store, whether you’re looking for a store offering a hot new item or to ensure that goods are available before you go. That said, what are some of the best options to browse the Target in-store inventory?


The official Target website or app inventory checker is the easiest method to track how much stock Target has on any of their merchandise at numerous Target locations near you. Furthermore, is a popular online Target inventory checker alternative that many shoppers use.

Gone are the days of twiddling your fingers, hoping to discover the new trendy items on sale are now out of stock. Instead, you would be able to locate items and identify which Target may have them in-store using an inventory tracker, especially when trendy offers are available. With that in mind, let’s look at what these Target inventory checkers have to offer.

The Official Target Inventory Checker

The Target inventory checker tool is available on the product listing for each item on the app and online. You may find the item’s listing by searching for it by name on the Target app or website, exploring other product categories, or typing an identifier such as DPCI (Department-Class-Item) or UPC (Universal Product Code) into the search box.

Consider phoning that Target location before you go if the Target stock checker reveals only one item left or limited availability in general at the store. You’ll notice any available online and in-store purchasing options to the right or immediately below the product’s title and price, with each showing the current availability.


When it is available at your local Target store or the default store you selected for your Target account, you’ll usually see availability status and the remaining quantity for pickup. In addition, you’ll also see availability for same-day delivery from the store in certain regions. To check the in-stock status at another store, click the “Change Store” or “Edit Store” option.

BrickSeek is a popular website for checking the inventory of big retailers. It also has Target DPCI and UPC lookup features. The website does include a feature that can assist you in finding the DCPI of an item by its name, but getting the DCPI or UPC first is recommended. These may be found in the “Details” section of the product listing on the Target app or website.

To get started, go to the BrickSeek Target inventory checker. Near the top of the page, you’ll notice choices to search by DPCI or UPC. Select the kind and input the identification in the appropriate areas if you have one. Otherwise, try searching for the product using the “DPCI finder.” When you use the finder, you’ll be directed to the product’s page on BrickSeek as soon as you pick an item.

To receive the Target inventory statistics for your location, enter your zip code and then click “Check Inventory” on either choice. You’ll find a list of the closest Target locations, organized by distance, availability status, and current pricing. Instead of using the default distance option, you may use the “Sort by” menu to sort results by things like amount or price.

Finally, BrickSeek doesn’t only work with Target; they also have access to retailers such as Walmart, CVS, Lowes, Home Depot, Office Depot, and Staples.

Try Calling The Specific Target Store

Consider phoning that Target Store before you go if the Target stock checker reveals only one item left or limited availability in general at the store. After the last item is sold, the inventory status may not update soon enough. Another possibility is that staff placed the item on hold for another client who called in.


In any case, you may retrieve the phone number from Target’s store locator and then dial “2” to speak to someone in a specific department. Then you’ll follow the options to find an employee in the location where the item is kept. If you provide the employee with the DPCI or UPC, they can check up on the product in the system faster. You may also offer them the product’s name.

If the item’s availability is limited, ask the employee to double-check the shelf to ensure the product is still available. If you plan to return that day, the employee may keep the item for you, depending on the store’s policies. However, high-demand commodities like video gaming consoles are less likely to be in stock.

Are There BrickSeek Alternatives For Target?

In terms of tracking items to determine stock availability, a few third-party apps, including and, might help you track an item. However, their information is not always correct and up to date.

As a result, I would recommend remaining with the official Target inventory checker or since Target does not affiliate itself with third-party trackers and does not accept price matching. However, in terms of price matching and finding the best deals at Target, SlickDeals, Dealspotr, and Yo! Free Samples are some of the best options other than Brickseek when hunting down the best prices.

How Do You Find The DPCI number For Target Goods?

The DCPI may be easily found on an item at Go to their website and use the search window to look for the product you’re looking for. Then, click on the item to get to the product page. Then, scroll down until you find the DCPI number. With the DCPI number in hand, you may look for it on the official Target inventory checker or BrickSeek to find stores that may have it in stock.

When Does Target Update Their Online Inventory?

Target gets daily shipments and restocks every night between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. Target online items do not have a specific restocking timetable; however, you may sign up on Target’s website to be notified when they are back in stock.

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