Does Staples Take Expired Coupons?

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Key Takeaways

  • Yes! If you have an expired Staples coupon, take it to a store associate to use it or to receive a reissued coupon.
  • Simply signing up for emails and text alerts will give you a big discount on a purchase.
  • Becoming a Staples Rewards member provides many valuable perks like free shipping on many purchases and two-percent cash rewards.

Whether you work in an office or need to get your kids ready to go back to school, Staples is your go-to retailer.


That means that you’re probably on the lookout for Staples coupons, but did you know that employees at the store regularly accept expired coupons?

They do!

The associates at brick-and-mortar Staples locations are allowed to accept expired coupons. As an alternative, they also are empowered to reprint or reissue coupons.

Take Advantage of the Staples Price Match Guarantee

It’s not unusual for retailers to offer price matching with their direct competitors. However, Staples takes it one step further by offering a 110-percent price match guarantee.


Of course, there’s a bit of a price to pay for getting that extra 10-percent. In other words, the Staples price match guarantee is kind of complicated.

One of the restrictions on the policy is that Staples will only match prices with retailers that have brick-and-mortar locations as well as an online presence. The one exception to this rule is that Staples will price match with Amazon, but only for items that are sold directly by the website. That means that anything that is sold by third-party sellers is not eligible.

Another restriction on the Staples price matching policy is that it cannot be applied during “special events” such as the annual back-to-school sale or on the day after Thanksgiving sales, otherwise known as Black Friday.

Moreover, a brick-and-mortar Staples store will price match with a special price on, but the policy does not apply the other way around.

The last restriction is that the price matching cannot be used on printing services at Staples.

Is it cheaper to print documents on your home printer or to have the pros at Staples do it for you? In most cases, you’ll save money by asking Staples to do your printing for you, especially if it’s a big print job.


If you need to print advertising materials for a small business or print enough copies of business documents for a large conference, then you’ll definitely save big bucks by having Staples do your printing. Simply put, if you need to print thousands of documents, Staples’ printing services might be the cheaper way to go when compared with printing at home.

Staples even lets you use their website to upload documents for a printing project, or you can take them to a store. Orders that are received online by 2:00 pm can be picked up the same day.

Get Savings Through Emails and Texts

If you plan to be a regular Staples shopper, then you need to be connected to them via text and email. In fact, the office supply store will give you a $15 discount on a purchase totaling $60 or more just for signing up for emails and text alerts from Staples.

Those of you who have visited the website before might not see the pop-up that gives you this promo code. If you don’t see the offer, clear your browser’s cookies. This should activate the pop-up.

Of course, that’s not the end of your savings. The emails and text alerts that you will receive from Staples will provide you with all sorts of coupons and discounts. Moreover, you’ll get early notification of all sales and specials so that you don’t miss out.

Save a Bundle on Back-to-School

Shopping at Staples may not give you discounts on new clothes for your fast-growing kids, but it certainly makes back-to-school supplies more affordable.

Staples offers a variety of “penny deals” during this season each year. Long-term Staples shoppers will remember the days when you actually could get certain selected items for a penny. In more recent years, it has become common to see items that cost more than a penny but less than a dollar.


Beginning in July, you may see back-to-school specials like a 70-sheet, college ruled, one-subject notebook for $0.25 or a ruler for the same price. A 24-pack of crayons from Crayola or an eight-pack of wooden pencils will cost you $0.50 each while you can score 12-packs of Crayola colored pencils or markers for just $0.97.

Keep in mind that the back-to-school specials that are offered by Staples rotate each week. It pays to keep checking back on the website or the ads to see what’s on sale throughout the season.

Benefits for Teachers Too

The Classroom Rewards program provides your child’s teacher with the equivalent of five-percent cash back on everything that you buy. All you have to do is upload your receipt to the Classroom Rewards section of the Staples app. Your child’s teacher could earn as much as $1,000 per year or $250 per quarter.

However, when back-to-school season is underway, teachers actually earn 20-percent rewards on purchases. The incentive runs through the end of September, so make sure that you do your shopping on time.

Become a Staples Rewards Member

If Staples is a routine part of your shopping habit, then you definitely want to enroll in Staples Rewards. With deals that are exclusive to members, the potential to earn as much as five-percent back in rewards and more, this is a club that helps you save a ton of money.

The Staples Rewards program has three tiers: Base, Premier and Elite. Base members don’t have to spend a minimum amount of money at Staples to maintain their membership. They get free delivery on eligible items as long as they are ordering a minimum of $35 worth of merchandise. At this level, members receive two-percent back on their purchases. Moreover, they get ink and toner recycling rewards of two dollars per cartridge.

If a Base tier member spends $1,000 at Staples in the course of one year, they will attain Premier status. These members receive five-percent rewards on purchases and get access to additional benefits like bonus sales events, expedited returns for free, a credit of $25 for print and marketing services each year as well as a credit of $20 per year for technology services.

Staples customers achieve Elite status when they spend $5,000 in one year. They get free delivery without any minimum purchase requirements. In addition to the benefits that are available to Premier members, Elite members receive product samples for free each month as well as dedicated customer service.

Did You Forget Your Staples Coupon?

Staples associates are accommodating when it comes to providing price adjustments should you forget your coupon at home. All you have to do is return to the store within 48 hours of the purchase. The cashier will honor the coupon for you.


What If You Have an Expired Staples Coupon?

Once again, Staples proves to its customers that it is dedicated to helping them save money. Reports abound with regard to the retailer’s willingness to accept expired coupons. Of course, you do have to bring them into a brick-and-mortar location as expired coupons are not accepted at the website.

Most expired coupons are easily accepted by cashiers, but you may find that the cashier prefers to re-issue the coupon. This also may get you a bigger discount if there is a better deal currently available.

Bundle and Save

When you regularly shop at Staples, you will see that you frequently are offered the opportunity to bundle and save. These deals are especially prevalent in the electronics department. As an example, one such deal made it possible to get a 12-month subscription to Office 365 for the whole family for only $99.99 while an individual subscription cost $73.99.

Under this deal, you could buy an Asus VivoBook 15 for about $400 and get a 15-month Office 365 subscription for the family for $99.99. Accordingly, shoppers got three extra months of Office at no extra cost.

Visit the Online Refurbished Center

Do you need new electronics for your home or office? If so, then you could save hundreds of dollars by shopping at the Staples Refurbished Center on their website.

These “like new” items have been refurbished to excellent condition by professionals. They may not be the latest version of available technology, but they function like brand new. Nonetheless, they definitely don’t come with brand new pricing.

As an example, one recent deal was for an Acer Chromebook. If you bought a brand-new model, it would cost you $399.99. The refurbished one would only cost $179.99, resulting in $220 in savings.


Does Staples take expired coupons?

Yes! Staples associates are known for their wide acceptance of expired coupons. They may even reprint or reissue coupons for you.

Does Staples have a rewards program?

The Staples Rewards program has no membership fees, yet it gives you two-percent cash back on your purchases as well as free shipping when you spend $35 or more. If you spend enough money during a year, you’ll move up to Premium or Elite status, both of which have even better benefits.

How can I get Staples coupons?

Staples coupons may be found in print advertisements in newspapers. They also may be received in the mail, and the flyers frequently are available at the front of the store. Sign up for emails and texts to get access to even more coupons.

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