QVC Return Policy Guide

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QVC is a giant online retail shopping channel that sells products such as fashion, electronics, and everything in-between. Due to the variety of their items and volume of orders, you may not be entirely satisfied with the goods received; therefore, QVC has an easy and user-friendly return policy to ensure customer satisfaction.


The QVC easy return policy gives the customer three methods to return an item within 30 days of receiving the package: the prepaid Q Return Label, USPS pickup, or a shipping carrier. In addition, returning defective or damaged items will be eligible for a shipping cost refund.

Although the QVC return policy covers almost all products and aims to satisfy all customers, it’s always good to be aware of the details behind the policy before purchasing.

The QVC Easy Returns Policy Program

In a nutshell, the basic QVC return policy consists of a few easy steps to complete when you wish to return purchased items:

Step 1: Send an email with the subject line; “QVC Return” to [email protected]


Ensure to add the following detail in your email:

  • The order number
  • The item number
  • The item description
  • The item price
  • The returning quantity
  • The type of return; Exchange or refund

Step 2: Next is to complete the online Return Form;

  • Sign in to your QVC account
  • On the “View Order” link, go to the Order Status and locate the returning item
  • On-screen instructions will be displayed on how to complete the return form and print the label
  • While completing the return form, the method of return will be established, and your Q-Return Label details will be populated accordingly

Step 3: Then move to print a return label;

  • Located on the same returning item’s online view
  • Look below the order details, click on the “Print Return Label” link
  • Contact Customer Service at any time for assistance

Step 3: You are now ready to return your package to QVC, using the Return Label instructions, by either of the following three methods;

  • Using the Q Return Label
  • Return with a carrier of your choice
  • Arranging a USPS pickup

Returning QVC Items Using The Q Return Label

Locate the “Parcel Return Service” on your printed return label to see which return service is listed. Remember to attach the return label to the parcel and note the return instructions on the Q-Return label. The return cost will also be on the printed label and deducted from your refund.

Returning QVC Items Using Your Chosen Shipping Carrier

Choose your ground service and ensure to get insurance for the correct content value. Also, include the printed return form in the package. Additionally, use the QVC return address on the printed Q-Return Label. The processing of any credits due will be within two billing periods.


How To Arrange a Return Pickup From USPS

Your Q Return Label will show your item’s eligibility for USPS pickup under the “Parcel Return Service” section. Confirm if your package is eligible for a return pickup using the US Postal Service, then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Complete the QVC online return form

Step 2: Print the Q Return Label and attach it to the returning parcel

Step 3: Schedule a USPS return pickup by completing all required fields in their online form

Step 4: The pickup gets scheduled once you have completed the form

Step 5: Be sure to leave the parcel at the designated pickup spot

Step 6: QVC will send a confirmation mail for your scheduled pickup, and USPS will leave a paper receipt after picking up your parcel


What To Do If My Delivered Item Is Damaged

Should your delivered item arrive damaged, note the damage on the delivery note, or you may refuse to accept the package. If you have already taken the delivery and the item is damaged, contact QVC immediately. Alternatively, use one of the returning options to return the item.

Can a QVC Return Be Initiated ViaYes/No

Shipping Fees and Q-Return Label Costs

Returning purchased items does have a cost involved as the returned item needs to be processed and shipped to the originator, then refunded or sent back to you. They will deduct the cost of the Q Return Label along with the original shipping fees.

If the product replacement or exchange is your personal choice, you will be liable to carry those costs. You authorize QVC to charge any additional fee to your original payment method by returning the item. Similarly, If applicable, the return process will also refund any credit back to the same payment method.

Sometimes, when returns are because of a QVC error, product defect, or a QVC replacement request, you don’t have to bear the costs as you will be refunded the shipping and handling costs. In addition, they will not deduct the Q Return Label fee from any refunds. You will receive an email from [email protected] confirming the return and replacement costs.

Checking The Status Of Your Return

There are three ways to access your return status information after you have submitted your return:

  • Order Status online
  • The QVC Automated Customer Service line at 800-367-9444
  • The QVC Customer Care Team line at 888-345-5788

90-Day Extended Return Policy

As of 1st February, QVC has extended its return policy to 90 days for product defects or QVC errors. However, this 90-Day Extended Return Policy does not apply to Blowout Clearance Price items. Call Customer Service at 888-345-5788 or visit QVC Customer Service for more detail.

Items Not Eligible For Return

Perishable items such as food or personalized products and gift cards usually are not returnable. Therefore, we recommend looking at each item’s returnability before purchasing, as those items are marked as non-returnable on the online displays.

Can The QVC Return Policy Be Abused?

All online retailers with lenient return policies run the risk of customers abusing the process; however, all large companies have already implemented a verification system to track all returns. QVC is no different, as customers will receive warning letters if their returns are close to 50% of their purchases.

QVC Return Policy Guide Epilogue

The QVC Return Policy allows its customers to return any purchased item within thirty days of receiving the package. However, ensure to follow the easy return steps to prevent return delays or discrepancies. In addition, also confirm the item is returnable before purchasing.


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