PetSmart Return Policy Guide

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Regarding return policies for different stores, one thing is certain: no two stores have the same return policy. It’s important to bear this in mind when making purchases at specific stores and attempting to make returns. You should do a little research before attempting to make a return to any store.


PetSmart allows you to return almost any item within sixty days of purchase. Whether you made the purchase online or in-store, you can return it via the mail or at a conveniently located store. The refund will be issued with the same payment method in most cases.

There are always exceptions to the general rule when making a return at any store. The same applies to PetSmart. However, this store is relatively lenient when making returns. PetSmart will generally do their best to accommodate you however they can.

PetSmart Return Policy Guide

When it comes to making returns at PetSmart, the general rule is that you need to have a receipt and make the return within sixty days of making the purchase. There are several exceptions and deviations from this rule, and these will be discussed in further detail below.

Whether you purchased your PetSmart product online or in-store, you can return it via whatever method is most convenient to you. This means that irrespective of how you bought your product, you are permitted to return it in-store or via mail.


Certain restrictions apply, and return by mail will usually incur extra costs to the consumer.

When returning a product to PetSmart, you will receive the full purchase price. However, there may be deductions such as shipping costs, handling costs, gift-wrapping costs, etc.

The one major exception to the return policy is prescription medication. This cannot be returned under any circumstances.

The following table illustrates how returns can be conducted:

Issue return via:YES/NO

Refund Method

As a general rule, your refund will be issued via the same payment method used to make the purchase in the first place. If you used a credit card at PetSmart to make your purchase, your refund would be issued to the same card. If the card is not present, you will receive a returns card for the purchase amount.

Remember that these return cards function simply as store cards and cannot be exchanged for cash.


Cash purchases will be refunded in cash. If you made your PetSmart purchase using a check, your refund would be given through a returns card or cash. However, there is a ten-day waiting period from the original date of purchase.

If you made your PetSmart purchase using a debit card, your return would also be issued in cash. If you used an alternative method such as PayPal, you would receive a returns card for use in the store. The same applies to purchases made with a gift card.

Returns By Mail

To issue a return to PetSmart by mail, simply pack the item securely. Add the original packing slip with your parcel, and keep a copy of it for your own records. Place the return shipping label onto your package, and send it via UPS or another similar service.

It will be in your best interests to insure the parcel and obtain a tracking number.

Returns In-store

To conduct a return in-store at a PetSmart, simply ensure that your product is in its original packaging, unused, and in a sellable condition. If applicable, you must ensure you have all relevant documentation, such as the packing slip and the shipping information.

Returns Without A Receipt

If you have lost your receipt, your local PetSmart should still be able to help you with a return. The store will generally be able to look your purchase up on their system, and they will find all the details there. As long as you can show your valid ID document, you should receive the purchase price back in a store returns card.

Certain items cannot be returned without a receipt if they are above $10 in value. These items include electrical items, filters, pumps, and non-prescription medications.


Returns After 60 Days

It is possible to return products after the sixty days have elapsed. However, you must bring along your valid identity document to do this. You will receive an in-store returns card for the product’s current price.

Items That Can Only Be Returned In-Store

Certain items can only be returned in-store. Some of these items include:

  • Purchases made using the same-day delivery service.
  • Products bought through the “buy and pickup” feature.
  • Any products purchased through DoorDash.

PetSmart Loyalty Points

PetSmart’s loyalty program allows you to offset your purchases using your accumulated loyalty points. However, suppose the product you wish to return was purchased using loyalty points. In that case, you will not receive those points back when making the return.

In addition to the above, any points accumulated when making the purchase will be deducted from your points balance when you return the product.

Live/Dead Animals at PetSmart

Say, for example, that you purchased a fish from PetSmart that did not survive. As long as it is within fourteen days of purchase, you are permitted to return the dead fish. Some stores may require you to bring a water sample to ensure that the water is suitable for fish living conditions.

Other live animals can also be returned, but this must be done within fourteen days. You must bring your receipt, and you must also ensure that you return the live animal to the same store at which you purchased it originally.

Besides the receipt, you must also return the animal with any paperwork you received when you made the original purchase.

Open Pet Food Purchased From PetSmart

If, for example, you purchased a bag of pet food and your pet refused to eat it, you are entitled to return the open bag within fourteen days, provided you have a receipt. On the other hand, unopened pet food is subject to the standard 60 days return period.

PetSmart Online Orders Arriving Damaged

Suppose any order from arrives with you and is damaged upon arrival. In that case, you simply need to phone 1-888-839-9638 within thirty days, and PetSmart will sort out the issue for you. Remember to have your order number and item number on hand to make the process easier.


PetSmart Return Policy Abuse

As with any other store, you are encouraged not to abuse the return policy at PetSmart. There are several ways in which the policy can be abused by individuals.

Technically it will be impossible for the store to know the truth in these circumstances, so there is a certain degree of trust and honesty expected from the customer.

For example, clients could return dead animals they might have accidentally killed. These customers could then blame the store for selling them a sick or dying pet. Another example could be that a customer accidentally breaks or damages a product upon arrival of said product.

The customer could then claim that the product arrived damaged and request a full refund.

Final Takeaways

As with many stores, PetSmart has a good returns policy that is generally beneficial to the customer. Provided you have a receipt and a good reason for returning the product, there should be no reason for the store to issue you a full refund.

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