Nordstrom Return Policy

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Nordstrom is a famous American luxury emporium selling men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Shoppers are really impressed by their pricing, customer service, and quality purchases. Customers have few complaints and rarely return items, but what is Nordstrom’s return policy?


There is no time frame for returns or exchanges at Nordstrom. You ship or bring the item back in-store to receive a full refund. Nordstrom works on a case-by-case basis meaning that the return policy will not be abused by keeping track of who returns items and what they return.

Nordstrom is the best department store when it comes to returns and exchanges. Let us look at a few questions you might have about their return policy. What items cannot I return? Must I provide a reason for my return, and is return shipping charges my responsibility?

What Is Nordstrom’s Return Policy?

Nordstrom is a high-ranking emporium, so one would think they would have stricter rules regarding their return policy, but they made their return policy very convenient for their customers.

You can return or exchange your item whenever you would like. Nordstrom does not require a specific timeframe for returns. However, they have put precautionary systems in place to ensure customers do not abuse their return policy. They keep an eye on each return and exchange to know who returns items and what they return, meaning they handle returns on a case-by-case basis.


Nordstrom accepts returns without the receipt or price tag, but it can take longer to locate your purchase. If they struggle to find your purchase, they may require additional information from you. If they cannot find any proof of your purchase but decide to give you a refund, they will request your personal identification for your return. The price of your return is allocated to a Nordstrom Gift Card.

Many stores do not accept returns on sale items, but Nordstrom does. You can return it using any of the return methods, but ensure that you have the receipt of your purchase to receive the full price refund in case the current item costs less when you return it.

Do I Need A Reason Why I’m Returning An Item To Nordstrom?

Like all retail stores, Nordstrom would like to know why you want to return an item. Specific reasons for returning or exchanging an item can help them pinpoint what they should improve about their items to keep their customers satisfied and happy. This means that Nordstrom will have fewer returns and exchanges and refund fewer customers.

Do I Have To Pay For Return Shipping To Nordstrom?

Returns to Nordstrom are free, and they accept returns of Nordstrom, Nordstrom .com, and Nordstrom .ca goods at Nordstrom Rack locations. They provide three methods of returning items to make it more convenient for customers.

Return Items In-Store

You can return items at any Nordstrom store. Customer services, Express services, or register for assistance, and Nordstrom will refund you within five to seven business days after your return.

Drop Off Returns Curbside

Another way of returning items to Nordstrom is by dropping off the items using contactless curbside returns. You log your return online and drop the items off at any Nordstrom store. Customers can expect a refund within five to seven business days. However, Nordstrom does not accept opened baby gear, fine jewelry, designer items, or Nordstrom Rack items curbside.


Send Your Returns By Mail

To make it easier for buyers, they can return items via mail. Start the return online and send the items to Nordstrom using the prepaid shipping label they will email to you. You can print the label at home.

If you cannot access a printer, you can go to USPS, show your QR code, and they will give you the shipping label. Returns are processed in 10 to 14 business days, and refunds take five to seven business days after your return has been processed.

Nordstrom Return Request Method:Yes/No

Can You Abuse Nordstrom’s Return Policy?

Over the past years, Nordstrom discovered that more than a few customers took advantage of their lenient return policy, often returning way more than they were purchasing.

This led them to implement a better method of tracking customer returns by handling returns on a case-by-case basis. Nordstrom will request their I.D. and put down additional information about the buyer to keep track of those buyers who return items without a receipt. By doing this, they will know whether you are abusing their return policy.

Nordstrom’s “special occasion” dresses now come with an “if this tag is removed, the garment cannot be returned” tag. They no longer allow it since they cannot disappoint future buyers by reselling dresses that someone has worn on many occasions. Some customers return these dresses after wearing them numerous times.

Nordstrom only gives you a cash refund if you purchased the item in cash. Otherwise, if you used store credit or a credit card to buy items, Nordstrom will refund the total cost of the item to your store credit or credit card, depending on which one you used to buy their goodies.

So, play fair because rumor has it that Nordstrom can ban customers who think they can get away with abusing their return policy.


Can You Return A Nordstrom Item If It Is Opened/Used?

Nordstrom allows returns of open, worn, and/or used items as long as customers do not abuse their return policy. Clothing, shoes, and other accessories in “like new” condition with minor flaws are marked down and sent to one of Nordstrom’s 12 rack discount outlets.

They use an “As Is” label, so customers know these are “pre-loved” items. Sometimes they refurbish defective shoes to remove imperfections. The shoes are sold to the Rack also with an “As Is” label. Nordstrom even accepts makeup (used and unopened) returns. The customer will get a full refund. As mentioned at the beginning, customer satisfaction is Nordstrom’s top priority.

Many stores do not accept returns on sale items, but Nordstrom does. You can return it using any of the return methods, but ensure that you have the receipt of your purchase to get the full price refund in case the current item costs less when you return it.

Nordstrom’s return policy on jewelry is a bit different. Customers must return it within 90 days of purchase, and if not, Nordstrom will request a 50% return fee on the jewelry. You can return your jewelry at the jewelry department of Nordstrom.

What Products Or Items Cannot Be Returned To Nordstrom?

I did come across a comment on Quora stating that Nordstrom accepts undergarments/underwear returns, but we are not sure how true that is. Usually, stores do not accept returns or exchanges of undergarments/underwear for hygienic reasons.

However, Nordstrom seems adamant about keeping their customers happy, so I will not be surprised if they allow buyers to return them. While they enable returns on almost all their items, Nordstrom does not allow returns on special-occasion dresses and some designer items without the tag.

The dresses or items must remain in their original condition. All the packaging should be in the same condition as when the customer received it, and the tags must still be attached. Many people have abused their lenient return policy by purchasing, wearing, and returning items in this category.

Customers who bought the returned special-occasion dresses and designer items were not too happy when they realized that the items had been worn and used numerous times before them. They attach a tag reading: “if the tag is removed, the garment cannot be returned.” This will ensure that customers do not abuse their policy and that future customers are still satisfied.

The Wrap Up

Nordstrom is a great department store with excellent customer service and a better return policy! You can return it in-store, curbside, or via mail free of charge. There is no timeframe so that you can return your items at any time. Nordstrom accepts all returns except special-occasion dresses and designer items without the tag. You must return the jewelry within 90 days of purchase; if not, then Nordstrom will request a 50% return fee on the jewelry.


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