How To Get Free Robux For Real

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Roblox is one of the fastest-growing and most popular community-based platforms today, with players of all ages flocking to it. It is a free platform where anyone can create and play games, which means there will undoubtedly be some in-game purchases. Getting Robux without paying for it isn’t as easy as most people think. However, it is possible with some effort, patience, and a little bit of luck.


The 6 best ways to get Robux without spending money are below.

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Key Takeaways

  • Subscribing to premium instead of just buying Robux gives you a bonus Robux for free.
  • Don’t click on suspicious offsite links.
  • There are tons of scam websites that say they give free Robux but are hacks or viruses.
  • Never enter your Roblox account password on any website other than the Roblox.

How To Get Free Robux?

According to the Roblox website, there is no official way to obtain Robux without spending real money. Of course, that isn’t entirely true since you can obtain Robux without YOU spending the money. This article will go over some legitimate ways to get free Robux – but the only way to legitimately get free Robux is through games, not third-party platforms.

Never give out personal information to shady websites, and stay away from “cheats” and “hacks” that promise free Robux; almost all of these are scams or viruses that can harm your computer. And if you get caught cheating, you will lose your Roblox account for good.

1. Roblox Affiliate Program

The ROBLOX Affiliate Program is a system that rewards people who promote ROBLOX games. When a user shares a promotional link to a ROBLOX page, and new players visit the website due to that link, the sharing user earns ROBUX for each purchase the new players make. Developers will also receive ROBUX from new users who visit their game page first.


Sharing ROBLOX links is the simplest and most accessible way to become a Promoter and begin earning ROBUX. The link can point to a Game page, a Catalog item, or a Library item. The simplest method is to go to the page you want to promote and click on the associated social media button (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+). That will open a new window to post your comment and affiliate link.

When a new user uses your link and then creates a ROBLOX account through that link, you’ll receive a 5% match on all purchases made by that user. For example, if the user you referred purchases 1,000 ROBUX, they will receive 1,000 ROBUX, and you will receive 50 ROBUX. This payout is for the user’s entire lifetime, so the longer they stay and spend, the more money you’ll make.

2. Free Robux Subscription Bonus

When adding Robux to your account, you can choose from two options. One method is buying it with real money, and the other is subscribing to the premium program. When you buy any Robux, you will only get the Robux equivalent and nothing more, but you get an additional 10% Robux for free if you subscribe to the premium.

3. Roblox Robux Giveaways

You can also earn Robux without spending a dime by regularly participating in the numerous Roblox giveaways. Many YouTubers and content creators host giveaways where you can win Robux as Robux Cards, which are Roblox gift cards. This method is inconsistent and depends entirely on luck, but it is still worth a shot at these giveaways.

4. Roblox Game Development

Developing games is one of the top ways to earn free Robux passively; however, this is a time-consuming process to start and requires a few technical and creative skills. If your game goes viral and attracts the attention of many players in the community, you can get a ridiculous amount of Robux for “free” (not considering the initial labor input); however, doing so is not easy.

If your game becomes popular, you will be able to charge players with Robux to acquire access to premium content such as skins, models, and so forth, and you will be able to earn some Robux in the process.


5. Ingame Robux Donation

Please Donate, a Roblox game, allows players to set up a digital stand and solicit donations from the community and other players. You can also solicit donations from your friends to get you started. According to the in-game leaderboard system, some people have donated and received millions of Robux from this game alone.

You can play this game and potentially earn a lot of Robux from generous players, but this method isn’t guaranteed or reliable. However, because there aren’t many other legitimate ways to earn Robux for free, it’s worth a shot.

6. Art And Item Design

Once you’ve acquired Roblox Premium, you’ll be able to begin earning – as the saying goes, “spend money to make money!” Of course, if you want to make money, one of the best ways is to sell avatar clothes on Roblox.

You can make one-of-a-kind clothing designs for shirts, pants, or t-shirts and sell them in the store. When you sell them, you’ll receive 70% of what they earn in Robux, with the remaining 30% supporting the Roblox in-game economy. You have to wait three days for any sale to clear, just like when selling Game Passes.

How Do I Check Affiliate Income?

The Promotion tab of your Money page allows you to track the success of your promotions. For example, the page will track how many people came to the site via your links, how many users signed up through links, and how much money you made from those users.

This information can be collected hourly, daily, or monthly. If you do not want to use the share button, there is a form on the page where you can convert a ROBLOX link into a promotion link. This program will also benefit developers. If a new user uses a game page link to sign up, the game developer will receive a 5% match on all purchases made by that user.

How Do I Report A Scam Website?

Report messages, links, and experiences as soon as possible by using the Report Abuse links and buttons found throughout the apps and in each experience menu. ROBLOX moderators will be able to take appropriate action against those attempting to steal your account. You will also be contributing to making Roblox a better place!


You can do other things to keep your account safe from these kinds of websites and scams by never giving your account details to anyone you don’t trust or logging into any site that isn’t Roblox.

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