List Of Free Ring Sizers And How To Get Them

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There are many reasons why a person would want to know their or someone else’s ring size. Possibly purchase that ring before popping the big question or ordering jewelry online. Either way, it is always good to know your own and your partner’s ring sizes. It is even better if you have a tool or other method to measure it.


A list of 10 places where you can get Free Ring Sizers and advice to get more is below. Scroll on to see the full list.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many ring sizers are available to order online for free.
  • And even more download printable charts for paper strip finger measuring.
  • iPhone owners can download a ring sizer app to lookup measurements.
  • On a desktop computer, there is an app to measure your existing ring.
  • There are also home solutions to measure ring sizes.

What Types Of Free Ring Sizers Are There And Where To Get Them

There are just two types of physical ring sizers that you can order for free.

  • One type is the plastic sheet with all the different size holes that match the different ring sizes.
  • The other type is similar to a tailor’s measurement tape but smaller and made of flexible plastic. It has a linear measurement scale imprinted.

Some companies also have the option to download printed versions of ring sizers such as:

  • Printable ring size chart and measure strip can be downloaded and printed. Cut out the measuring strip and use it to measure your finger size; after that, match it to the chart for a size reading.

1. Blue Nile

At, you can order a complimentary plastic ring sizer that they will mail to you, or optionally, when you are in a hurry, choose the express shipping option at a nominal fee. The plastic ring sizer has different finger-size holes to measure ring sizes.


2. James Allen

James Allen is another online option to order a free ring sizer. They also have a handy conversion calculator should you want to know the US ring size from a different ring size metric. In addition, you can also use their virtual ring sizer to measure your current ring and follow their instructions on how to determine your ring size using a home remedy.

3. Brilliant Earth

The free ring sizer from Brilliant Earth is similar to a small flexible linear tape measure to wrap around your finger and read the size from the imprinted measure scale. Their friendly website also has a ring size chart and shows you how to find your ring size at home.

4. Mignon Faget

Here you get three options to measure your ring size; first, order your free ring sizer from Mignon Faget, measure an existing ring, and print their ring size chart. While on their website, you can also measure your current ring for its size.

5. Wedding Rings Direct

You can order your free ring Sizer from Wedding Rings Direct and find other helpful info on their website. Although this is a UK-based company, they deliver to the US.

6. Larson Jewelers

Larson Jewelers will also send you a complimentary plastic ring sizer with different holes to match every finger size. You have to fill in the request form on their website and expect your free sizer within a week.

7. Jeulia Jewelers

To get a free Ring Sizer from Jeulia Premium Artisan Jewelry, go to their website and complete the online request form. You will be charged a few dollars for shipping, but you will be issued a store credit to the same value for later use.


8. The Knot

There are other methods to measure your ring size without a physical sizer. The Knot’s printable ring size chart and measure strip are perfect examples. Their website also has an informative embedded video showing you four home measuring options.

9. Shane Co

You need a printer to download and print the Ring Size Chart from Shane Co. Also, read their handy tips on measuring ring sizes to ensure you do it correctly and your purchased ring fits perfectly.

10. Custommade

Visit the Custommade Website for instructions on measuring your ring size using a tailor’s measurement tape. This home remedy with detailed instructions should enable you to measure accurately.

11. Yo! Free Samples

Here at Yo! Free Samples, the latest freebies are always changing. The best ones go out of stock or expire fast.

Here are the latest ring sizer focused offers that may not be on the list above:

How Is Technology Used To Measure Ring Sizes?

Technology can not yet measure your finger to determine your ring size; however, it can measure your existing ring, and you can get ring size measurements and country conversions through a cellphone app.

Jason Withers App

With the free Apple iPhone App, you can see all the different ring sizes of other countries and do conversions if needed. Download Jason Withers iPhone App on the App Store for iPhone to measure your ring sizes on your smartphone.



If you have a desktop computer, you can use the Ring Sizer App on the Whiteflash Website to measure the size of your current ring. We found one or two other websites with a similar feature; however, it is not compatible with cellphones, and you need a PC.

Will Jewelry Stores Do Free Sizing?

Walking into a jewelry store, you are a potential customer, and they will gladly assist you in determining your ring size. In addition, they will know better to accommodate for swelling and finger-knuckle compensation, ensuring a perfect fit.

Any Tips On How And When To Measure For Ring Sizes?

  • Measure in moderate body and finger temperature as your fingers may swell when its too hot
  • Consider the size of your knuckle when measuring for ring sizes
  • Because your hands are not identical in size, your fingers between the left and right hand will also differ slightly
  • When buying a ring, keep in mind that some metals and ring designs cannot be resized

Is It Possible To Measure My Ring Size Without A Ring Sizer?

Yes, you will need a pen, ruler, and ring size chart, then follow the below easy steps at home:

  • Step 1: Use a piece of paper to wrap around your finger where the ring should fit
  • Step 2: Then, take a marker where the wrapped paper ends meet
  • Step 3: You can now measure the length of the paper from the edge to the pen marker
  • Step 4: Match the measurement to the ring size chart

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