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Everyone is continuously trying to better their behaviors. We all have aspects of our life we’d like to improve, whether it’s getting more exercise, spending more precious time with our loved ones, or eating healthier. Luckily, many excellent tools are available to help us measure our progress and stay encouraged.


A Habit Tracker, for example, is a great way to keep a record of your habit objectives. These wonderful free printable habit trackers will help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated. They’re an excellent visual aid that may assist you and your family (including your children) keep tabs on your progress and staying on course to meet your habit goals.

The 18 Best free printable habit trackers are below, scroll down to see them all.

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Key Takeaways

  • If you use a basic habit tracker consistently, it may be a great tool to help you remain on track. You may see what you have or have not accomplished at a glance. Habit tracking eliminates the guesswork and suppositions.
  • Keeping a habit tracker may also serve as an additional source of motivation, as you don’t want to lose your good luck or have a big white area appear on your chart!
  • Using a habit tracker may also reveal what is and is not working in your life. It’s time to reconsider your objective or your routine if you keep falling short of your target repeatedly.

The 18 Best Free Printable Habit Trackers

Developing habits can be time-consuming, and the benefits may not manifest for some time. Habit trackers help you stay on course until the new habit is ingrained, and you finally get the desired benefits.

We have listed some of the best free printable, easy-to-use, fun habit trackers for you to choose from. It’s simple to download. Simply click on the link of your preferred habit tracker, download your free printable, and hit print! Use them when you’re attempting to replace unhealthy behaviors with good ones! Let’s get this party started!


1. Teal-Themes Habit Tracker By Abby Lawson

Thanks to our teal-themed habit tracker, tracking your habits has never been easier! You can record as many as ten behaviors per page throughout 31 days. You may use it whenever you want because it isn’t dated.

To keep track of your progress, you may use a colored marker to fill in the box with a check mark each time you accomplish a routine or habit.

Free Printable Teal-Themed Habit Tracker – Abby Lawson

2. Floral Habit Tracker

This free flower template is beautiful and useful and allows you to track as many as 15 habits per page.

This habit tracker keeps you productive and helps you become more self-aware. Monitoring your progress on a particular habit or action will help you identify areas where you are having difficulty and those areas where you are succeeding.

Free Printable Floral Habit Tracker


3. 30-Day Habit Tracker – Moritz Fine Designs

You’ll have plenty of room to keep track of your five most important habits with this cheerful 30-day habit tracker. In addition to being easy to use, this habit tracker features colorful headers to distinguish each habit space. Check marks and shading boxes fill up the page when you use a box-grid tracker to keep track of your behaviors.

The layout of this tracker makes it easy to keep track of your progress. Additionally, you may record however many days out of 30 you intend to practice a behavior, how many days you’ve practiced the habit, and what you’ll receive as a reward if you achieve your target.

Free Printable 30-Day Habit Tracker – Moritz Fine Designs

4. Goal Setting Habit Tracker By Calendarlabs

You can create any goal for one, two, three, or more months, or even a whole year with this habit tracker, which comes complete with a calendar. It may monitor your routines during the year and encourage you to kick undesirable habits once and for all!

Free Printable Goal Setting Habit Tracker – Calendarlabs

5. 31-Day Habit Tracker – Hey Donna

In the pursuit of self-improvement or the pursuit of a better lifestyle, a habit tracker may help a lot. Both a flowery and a basic background are available for this habit tracker. The tracker provides space for 31 days of habit monitoring and is undated, allowing you to start using it anytime.

Free Printable Habit Tracker – Hey Donna


6. 30-Day Habit Tracker By Clementine Creative

You may use Clementine Creative’s habit tracker to mark down your habits every day of the month in circles rather than boxes. This one is specially created for those individuals who don’t like to be put in a box or prefer to think outside of one!

Free Printable 30-Day Habit Tracker – Clementine Creative

7. Habit Tracker & Goal Setting By A Conscious Rethink

We all know the harmful repercussions of staying up past midnight, so perhaps you want to start changing that. You may even want to start eating healthy to lose weight or drink more water throughout the d8. ay to gain the benefits of remaining hydrated.

It’s easier to keep track of your objectives when you use habit trackers like this free printable habit tracker from A Conscious Rethink. The numbered boxes allow you to simply mark off the days you’ve completed on your habit tracker to see how far you’ve come.

Free Printable Habit Tracker & Goal Setting Worksheet

8. Leaf Design Habit Tracker – Jenny On The Spot

When you cross off all the days you’ve accomplished a habit for the month, you feel like you’ve achieved something. Apart from a leaf on the header, this tracker has a simple appearance. This habit tracker has only one more feature: the month names, which may be ticked or circled if you plan to keep it.

Free Printable Leaf Design Habit Tracker – Jenny On The Spot

9. Full Circle Habit Tracker By Happiness Is Homemade

Subscribe to Happiness is Homemade’s email list, and you’ll receive a free complete circle printable habit tracker. Keeping track of your behaviors is easier when you have more room to write.

Free Printable Habit Tracker – Happiness is Homemade


10. Habit Tracker By Clean Mama

One of the many benefits of using a habit tracker is the ability to see how far you’ve come toward your objectives. Tracking your daily activity, water consumption, healthy eating, etc., is easy in this case. Having a purposeful daily routine is easier with a clean, minimalist layout. To keep track of your routines, there is a circle in each box which you may mark “done” with a check mark or color.

Free Printable Habit Tracker – Clean Mama

11. Atomic Habit Tracker By Calendarlabs

You can keep track of your weekly routine with this 7-day tracker. Write down what you’ve added to your routine recently and how you plan to improve on it next week if you can’t follow it this week. This will help you keep focused on your goals.

Free Printable Atomic Habit Tracker – Calendarlabs

12. 31-Day Circle Habit By Joliecious

Many dedicated bullet journalists have kept a log of their routines using a circular style at some point or another. You may enjoy it too. This tracker has space for up to five different routines, each of which may be watched for thirty-one days. Again, color-coding is the most effective method for using this type of tracker.

When you are keeping track of your habits, the greatest emphasis is on the most significant ones. Because you won’t be putting as much pressure on yourself, your chances of success will increase if you reduce the number of behaviors you try to form.

Free Printable 30-Day Circle Habit – Joliecious

13. 100-Day Habit Tracker By BSuperb

If you feel it requires more than a month to create a habit, then this 100-day habit tracker is for you! Determine to keep your streak going and never skip a day of habit building to make the challenge worthwhile. Once you’ve reached your 100th day, reward yourself for sticking with your new habit and dedication.

Free Printable 100-Day Habit Tracker – Bsuperb

14. Weekly Habit Tracker By Dear Crissy

This weekly habit tracker is perfect for you if you’ve already determined that you’re capable of taking full responsibility for your actions.

This tracker template also provides immediate pleasure. You can see how far you’ve come each week, boosting your sense of accomplishment. If you’re having trouble meeting your objectives, having an accountability buddy might help you get there.

Free Printable Weekly Habit Tracker – Dear Crissy

15. Undated Habit Tracker

Because there are no dates on this habit tracker, you can start using it at any time of year. As a first step in keeping tabs on your habits, mark the days you’ve accomplished the goal by ticking or X-ing, darkening the box, placing a dot or colored marker in it, or using colored markers to record your progress.

Free Printable Undated Habit Tracker

16. Day Habit Tracker By Fun Happy Home

Track your progress in 30-day increments with this 90-day goal tracker template. You can assess your progress and mark a box if you’ve met your target after every 30 days. Aristotle’s words of wisdom are sprinkled throughout for good measure.

There are questions you need to answer to utilize this tracker. Identifying your 90-day project’s objective is the very first step. Afterward, you’re asked to explain why you’d like to modify something. Last but not least, you must be clear about what you’re prepared to give up to achieve your objective.

Free Printable 90-Day Habit Tracker – Fun Happy Home

17. Undated Mandala Habit Tracker

You may customize this habit tracker to your liking, so give it a shot if you enjoy doing so. It features a beautiful mandala design, and it’s fantastic for coloring. Using this form, you may keep track of as many as six habits.

When you track your habits, you’ll be conscious of what you’re doing and which behaviors need more attention. In the end, all you truly need to know will be clear as daylight right in front of you; the proof is in the pudding!

Once you can see on paper that you have to work on your habits, only then can you start making a change for the better.

Free Printable Undated Mandala Habit Tracker

18. 30-Day Habit Tracker By Calendarlabs

To keep track of the new habits you’ve established, this 30-day tracker is a great tool. Set a reward for yourself if you stay on track with your program. You’ll stay focused and super motivated on your objective if you do this.

Free Printable 30-Day Habit Tracker – Calendarlabs

How Do You Track Your Habits?

If you use an annual tracker, you can do so by shading in a box or writing the date in the tracker. Instead of one box daily, you might use a tiny tracker that only requires you to check one box weekly. To track a single behavior throughout the year, you can alternatively use a yearly tracker with 365 boxes.

What Are The Most Common Habits People Track?

People monitor countless habits throughout their lives; it depends on the person and their lifestyle. The following are some well-known examples of useful habits to monitor;

  • Business Goals
  • Call or check in with a family member or friend
  • Cook Dinner at Home
  • Drink X Amount of Water
  • Exercise/Go to the Gym
  • Floss Your Teeth
  • Go to Bed before 10:00
  • Journal/Gratitude Journaling
  • Make Bed
  • Meditate/Pray
  • No Alcohol
  • No Soda/Sugar
  • Read
  • Take Vitamins/Medications
  • Walk/Run X Steps or Miles

Why Should You Use A Habit Tracker?

You must be aware of your actions to form or break a habit. Once a behavior has been ingrained in your daily or weekly pattern, it isn’t easy to stop. You can gain the capacity to make an informed decision about whether or not to engage in a certain habit by using a habit tracker.

To become more conscious of your habits and routines, keep a record of them. Make (and break!) patterns in the areas of your life where you wish to put more of your attention by paying close attention to these behaviors.

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