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Online IQ tests are available free, and results are instant. It’s straightforward to find out your IQ score with these tests. These tests are only for fun, so don’t take them too seriously. Some of the more reliable tests have been listed at the bottom.


The 13 most reliable IQ Tests Online are below, scroll down to see them all.

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Key Takeaways

  • IQ tests are standardized tests covering a range of skills such as logical, spatial, classification, analogical, and pattern-driven questions. Although the free online version cannot be compared to the official version of IQ tests available, they give a general, perhaps the somewhat inflated idea of the category to which one belongs.
  • Be advised that online IQ tests are no substitute for official tests administered by professional psychologists.
  • Results are instant and have not been processed with the due diligence expected from a professional. Therefore, treat scores as unofficial.
  • Parents are advised not to use free online tests to diagnose their child’s learning disability.

Where To Get Free IQ Tests Online

If you wish not to spend money or too much time assessing your intellectual prowess, there are some free options online. These will give you at least an indication of your potential IQ; it is best to do the official tests for more accurate results. The following 14 IQ tests are some of the most reliable:

1. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)

  • Number Of Questions: 60
  • Time Required: 15 – 30 min

David Wechsler designed this test in the 1950s; they are still widely used to assess a person’s cognitive ability. There are two key areas in the WAIS, namely verbal and performance. With 14 subtests, 7 fall within the verbal arena and 7 within the performance section.

The verbal test considers arithmetic, vocabulary, letter-number sequencing, comprehension, information, similarities, and digit span. On the other hand, performance subsets deal with the arrangement and completion of pictures, block design, object assembly, symbol search, digit symbol, and matrix reasoning.


The free online IQ test based on the Wechsler takes about 15 – 30 minutes to complete but is not as reliable as the official WAIS. The official version can be purchased. Follow the link to do 60 questions of the WAIS, Version 5

2. Mensa Practice Test

  • Number Of Questions: 35
  • Time Limit: 25 min

The Mensa society is one of the oldest and most prestigious globally. A potential member must score in the 98th percentile or above to be considered for this society. The test is supervised and standardized. There is a practice version of the official test that is available online.

The three goals of Mensa are:

  • To foster and identify human IQ for the benefit of people.
  • To encourage research into the characteristics, nature, and uses of intelligence.
  • To promote stimulating intellectual and social opportunities for its members.

The practice test takes 25 minutes to complete and will pose 35 questions. The test was developed by Mensa Norway and can be found at the following link

The test gives a general idea of cognitive ability. Still, it cannot be considered a substitute for the professional Mensa intelligence test. It allocates one point for each correct answer. There are no bonuses for rapid completion or penalties for wrong answers.

3. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales (SBIS)

  • Number Of Questions: 100
  • Time Limit: 24 min

Like the WAIS test, the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales test is held in high regard with respect to IQ tests. The latest version, SB5, was made available in 2003. The SB5 test considers the following five cognitive aptitudes:


  • Fluid Reasoning
  • Knowledge
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Visual-Spatial Processing
  • Working-Memory

There are both verbal and non-verbal sections within each of the five areas. The online version of this test comes in 2 types. The short test has 50 questions and must be done in 12min. The extended version has 100 questions with a time limit of 24min, found at

4. Brain Metrics Initiative (BMI) Online IQ Test

  • Number Of Questions: 20
  • Time Limit: 20 min

The result is an IQ score and certificate and a performance report summarizing intellectual strengths and weaknesses.

The BMI test is one of the more reliable IQ tests available online, with results comparable to tests such as WAIS and the Stanford-Binet mentioned above. This test can be found at Many of the other online tests use exaggerated scoring methods.

5. Woodcock-Johnson Tests Of Cognitive Abilities

  • Number Of Questions: 100
  • Time Limit: Not Specified

The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities was developed by Richard Woodcock and Mary E. Bonner Johnson in 1977. It is applied to very young children to older adults in their 90s. Unlike many other IQ tests, this test necessitates reading and writing, the latest version of WJ-IV.

Some of the skills tested in the Woodcock-Johnson include, amongst others:

  • Long Term Retrieval
  • Auditory Processing
  • Processing Speed
  • Visual-Spatial Thinking
  • Comprehension-Knowledge
  • Reading-Writing Ability
  • Quantitative Knowledge
  • Short-Term Memory

The Woodcock-Johnson tests give a highly detailed analysis of intelligence; one can choose from either ten tests for the Standard Battery test set or twenty tests with the Extended Battery test set. Each test will take about five minutes to complete.

Although the full test is not available online, if you register on the following site, you will be sent free 100 practice questions:


6. IQ Test Labs

  • Number Of Questions: 30
  • Time Limit: 10-15 min

Another IQ test that is considered reliable can be found at Its method is to measure visual and spatial ability and logical reasoning. The test report gives a summary of strengths and weaknesses.

7. Raven’s Progressive Matrices

  • Number Of Questions: 60
  • Time Limit: None

The Progressive Matrices were designed for adults and consisted of the Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) and the Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM). Dr. John C. Raven developed them in 1936. The APM is used for above-average intelligent teenagers and adults. Click on:

The Matrices tests are multiple-choice tests that determine problem-solving and reasoning skills. Tests involve having to complete patterns of geometric shapes in a logical way. They require no reading and writing to complete them.

As one progresses through the tests, the level of difficulty increases. The official Standard Progressive Matrices test consists of 60 questions for sets A – E. The APM test consists of 48 items in a set of 12 and a set of 36, with increasing difficulty. Tests are available online but require a fee to be paid upon completion. They usually take about 45 minutes to complete.

8. Psychtests

  • Number Of Questions: 57 (classical IQ test option)
  • Time Limit: 30 min offers a variety of free IQ tests. The classical IQ test includes complex words, 3-D shapes, and number puzzles. The focal point of the logic IQ test is numbers. Another test called the Culture Fair IQ test used colorful shapes instead of words or numbers. There are also visual-spatial and verbal-linguistic intelligence tests available on this site.


  • Number Of Questions: 43
  • Time Limit: 25 min

Spatial reasoning and word analysis tests are available at The results are free, but registration is essential to view the scores obtained. This site will also summarize strengths and weaknesses, but it does tend to exaggerate the score as with many test sites.

10. Rutherford Intelligence Analysis

  • Number Of Questions: 20
  • Time Limit: None

The Rutherford intelligence analysis is another reliable IQ test that psychology experts developed at Duke and Harvard Universities. Although a small fee is required to view the results, they claim to be accurate within +/- 3 IQ points.

Men tend to score averages of 99.6, whereas women average 100.6 on the Rutherford Intelligence Analysis test. Click on

11. Free IQ Test at FunEducation

  • Number Of Questions: 42
  • Time Limit: None

This test covers spatial reasoning, word analysis, quantitative skills, verbal reasoning, and letter-number sequencing. The questions come in both multiple-choice and type the answer format. Also, the test doesn’t allow you to return to past questions to change your answer. Click on


Results are broken down by the various sections covered by the test, and you are shown the answers you got wrong in those categories. You are given the option to view all your incorrect answers if you buy the extended report. The site also includes a 200-question IQ test for kids.

12. Free IQ Test at

  • Number Of Questions: 38
  • Time Limit: Not stated

This free test has 38 true or false questions testing your intelligence in several areas. Do not spend more than 20 seconds on each question, as this will lower your score. After completing the test, enter your name and email address to get your score emailed to you.

You’ll need to pay for a more detailed analysis of your score. Results should be emailed instantly, but check your spam folder to make sure. Click here:

13. Free IQ Test at Genius Tests

  • Number Of Questions: 50
  • Time Limit: 12 min

Genius Tests has 2 free IQ tests: a short and quick quiz with 25 questions with a 6-minute time limit and a more extended quiz with 50 questions and a 12-minute time limit. Most questions are not multiple choice and require entering a value into a box. You cannot return to the previous question to change your answer, so make sure of your answers before clicking Submit.

After the test, you’ll receive your result, including the IQ percentile you are in. For example, your score may put you in the 80th percentile, meaning that 80% of the population has an IQ lower than yours. You will need to pay for a more detailed analysis and explanation of your result. You may also pay for a membership, which will give you access to more IQ tests. Click here:

After receiving your IQ score from an online test, how should you interpret it? What does it mean? Is there any cause for genuine concern or joyous celebration?

Should You Trust Online IQ Scores?

Authentic and professionally administered IQ tests are designed to be: reliable, calibrated to the norm, comprehensive, and professionally supervised.

Adult IQs are relatively stable over time, so if accurately measured, then scores should not vary widely across different tests and times. Allowances should be made for bad mood days, feeling tired days, etc. However, a few online stories of people who have taken multiple tests online report a wide variance in scores, which does not say much about their reliability.

Well-designed tests are calibrated to the population of people the test taker compares themselves to. To reliably know how your IQ compares to the average American, you need to write a test that a sufficiently large and representative sample has written of Americans.

If you are of average intelligence, you should score 100. Also, the test should be normed so that if all Americans wrote the test, 68% of them should score between 85 and 115. There is no guarantee that online tests have been normed against a sufficiently large and representative population.

If you score 100, the tests say that an average IQ may not be reflective of the American average. Also, because the IQ norm of the US population changes over time, well-designed IQ tests need to be updated.

Another reason online test scores may be unreliable is that they lack professional supervision, unlike authentic clinical tests. Nothing prevents online test takers from breaking test rules by accepting help from friends and using calculators and dictionaries.

Are Online IQ Tests Sufficiently Comprehensive?

Since IQ is a numerical summary or average of mental ability, a wide range of cognitive aptitudes need to be accurately assessed to arrive at an accurate representative number. A proper IQ test typically takes 1 – 2 hours and consists of 25 – 50 multiple-choice questions.

Suppose the online test is heavily biased towards verbal reasoning, for example, and only takes 15min to complete. In that case, it may be accurately measuring only one aptitude, not overall IQ. The gold standard of adult IQ testing is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale version 4.

WAIS-IV contains 10 subtests and 5 supplemental tests in 4 main areas of mental ability: perceptual reasoning, word comprehension, working memory, and processing speed.

Are All Online IQ Tests Instant and Free?

Not all online IQ tests are free; a more comprehensive analysis of your results needs to be paid for in certain cases. These are not necessarily instant either, as registration is necessary, and results are emailed.

For example, the official versions of these IQ tests require payment to get the results. The Worldwide IQ Test costs $11.99 to get an exact IQ score and report emailed to you.

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