How To Get Free Nail Samples

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While nails polish isn’t extremely pricey, most of us have bottles of full nail polish lying around far back in our makeup drawer, and we dread buying another one, dare it to be the wrong shade or consistency. The solution? Try free nail polish samples before spending your money on a new product.


If you dread plain, colorless nails, keep reading for free products to keep your nails vibrant and fresh. Here are the free nail samples you’ve all been dreaming about for decades.

15 Best sites to get free nail samples are below!

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Key Takeaways

  • You can request free nail samples from Rossi Nails and Sweet World of Nails if you are an influencer or blogger.
  • Simply request free nail samples on sites including Kaga Nails, Eco Soak Off UV Nail Color, KND Nail Supply Magic Samples, and Llamore Nails.
  • First-time customers can score free nail samples from Fanair Cosmetiques. Then, loyal customers can get two samples of their choice from The Nail Superstore.
  • You always subscribe to new letters, participate in competitions, and start a blog to receive free nail samples.

Where To Find Free Nail Samples

With some nail polish brands ringing up at $10 a pop, it’s worth opting for free samples to avoid buying a shade you wish you’d love but can’t seem to appreciate. In addition, free nail color samples are a huge help when trying a new color, especially when testing a new brand.

Here are the latest free nail sample sites; some are available by mail and others in-store. Whether you test one or all of them is up to you.


1. Rossi Nails

By joining Rossi Nails Influencer Program, you get the opportunity to test some of their nail polish products for free.

As a Rossi Nails influencer, you will be entitled to benefits like:

  • A free Rossi Secret Kit with Glam Powder
  • Fee shipping
  • 20% discount promo code for your followers, family, and friends with earned commission

Simply fill out an application form on the Rossi Nails website to join their program. The company will supply the necessary guidelines.

If you aren’t interested in joining their program, you can join their reward program for a great deal. Lastly, follow Rossi Nail’s Facebook community or email list for their exclusive offers and giveaways.

2. Fanair Cosmetiques

If you are a first-time customer at Fanair Cosmetiques, you can score free nail polish samples and a Gelous Sample Kit with sample-sized products.

To claim your free samples, add the Gelous Sample Kit to your cart and proceed to checkout. However, note that free shipping is not included in the deal.


If you join their email list, you can also receive a 10% discount on your first order.

3. The Nail Superstore

The Nail Superstore rewards customers with two free nail policy samples of their choice. Some of the free nail options include nail powders, nail art, airbrush top coat, cuticle oil, and nail sunblock.

However, you’ll need to buy $99 or more worth of products from their online shop to qualify for the free samples. With that said, this offer is beneficial for nail technicians and salon professionals.

4. Kaga Nails

Kaga Nails offers free gel nail polish samples of their three different gel brands: Kaga, QLZ, and Love Easy.

The free gel samples are deemed for individuals interested in trying the products and determining the quality. Even though their samples are free, you’ll need to pay a low packaging and shipping fee for each set of free samples.

You will also receive a free color chart when you request the Kaga and QLZ samples.

5. DTK Nail Supply

DTK Nail Supply offers freebies and free nail color samples depending on the total dollar amount of your purchase. In addition, you can go check out their available gifts on their website.


You can also join their community page for sweet discounts!

6. Eco Soak Off UV Nail Color

You can get a free Eco Soak Off UV Nail Color at by filling out and submitting their straightforward form.

Note that you are limited to one sample per person per address.

Each sample contains:

  • 1/8 oz. Eco Clear Soak Off UV Nail Color
  • 1/8 oz. Eco Pink Coral Soak Off UV Nail Color

7. KND Nail Supply

KND Nail Supply is a brand that offers a selection of salon products, including manicure products, pedicure products, gel polish, and other nail products. Unfortunately, several products contain high fluid volumes prone to leakage or flammability; these products can’t be sent as a sample.

As a potential customer, you can request free eligible products by contacting them and asking for samples. Once you send a request on their website, the team will contact you with the final details.

8. Llamore Nails

Llamore Nails strives to provide nail enthusiasts with incredible products that are 100% nail polish wraps without no need for heat and zero extra mess. In addition, shoppers get to choose from various styles and finishes, including glossy, sparkle, or transparent.

To claim your free Llamore samples, fill out the nail sample request form on their website.

9. Sweet World Of Nails

Contact Sweet World of Nails for free samples if you have a Youtube channel, blog, Instagram account, or a different personal website regarding nail art.


Send an email to [email protected] and wait for them to send a reply regarding how they’ll work with you and supply free nail art.

10. Color Street

Color Street does not offer free nail samples directly from their site; however, you can request free nail polish strips from other websites that offer nail polish samples from Color Street.

Color Street has 100% nail polish that you receive in strip form. As a result, you can apply Color Street nail polish without any tools, with zero mess, and no drying time. In addition, the array of solid colors, designs, and glitter options ensure that there is something for everyone.

You can join the Refresh mailing list for the chance to earn free Color Street nail polish strip samples by mail. More so, consider hosting a nail bar to receive free nail strips. Then, click on the Host button and fill in the application form.

11. Magic Sample Easy Shape Nail Forms

When you order nail products from Magic, they give away one strip of twelve Easy Shape Nail Forms samples for every placed order.

You can transform your sculpting with their Easy Shape nail forms. Each form has a detailed guide and PreciseSculpt technology printed on aluminum paper to give you the perfect rigidity, C-curves, and perfect shapes requiring minimum filing and shaping.

You can add the sample to your shopping cart to claim the free sample.

12. Email Newsletters

You can also receive free nail samples by scouting the official websites of your favorite nail brands and subscribing to their newsletters.

Many nail brands occasionally give away free samples, coupons, or discounts when you subscribe to their newsletter.

13. Social Media

Many brands like to give away free promotional samples, which they announce on social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. So, consider giving your favorite nail brands a follow and occasionally check their social media pages.

Follow as many influencers that give away free nail samples. All it takes is participating in their competitions.

Alternatively, consider starting a blog or channel and filling it with some valuable information. Then, once you have a decent number of followers, some brands may contact you to promote their products.

14. Attend Beauty Shows

You can attend nail or beauty shows or educational events to score free nail products.

Even though you’ll have to pay for the ticket, you might receive a goodie bag filled with stunning nail art and products. You can also receive free nail products from the various booths promoting their products.

15. Local Stores

You’d be surprised at how many cosmetic stores have free product samples in stock. So, try asking the cashier for free nail samples.

Here are several common questions regarding receiving free nail samples.

Can I Win Free Nail Samples?

You can win free nail samples by participating in free giveaways on social media by filling in some info, reposting a picture, or leaving a comment on their post.

Can I Participate In Nail Competitions For Free Nail Samples?

There are nail competitions worth taking part in; the competitors can get free stuff from the sponsors. You do not have to win to receive free nail samples. Sometimes participating or ranking in the top ten will score several products.

Can I Start A Blog To Receive Free Nail Samples?

You can start a blog to receive free nail samples. However, you’ll need to gain a large audience and offer legit and creative information before brands start contacting you and offering free nail samples.

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