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eCards and online greeting cards, most of us are well acquainted with these digital cards, whether you’re on the sending or receiving end. Family and friends who cannot send us a handwritten card due to distance, time, or other constraints often send a personalized eCard. The purpose of eCards is to bring a smile to our loved ones’ faces on special days, holidays, or even to convey support during significant events. Whatever the purpose, eCards remain a popular mode of communication. But did you know that some websites offer free eCards and greeting cards?


Below, we’ll look at 13 free eCard and online greeting card sites, scroll down to see them all.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many online free eCard and online greetings card resources available.
  • Most sites have a fantastic range of events, occasions, and themes.
  • Many of these resources require you to sign up/create an account before gaining access to them.
  • There are, however, some sites that do not require you to make an account before sending the eCards. These cards often have adverts attached to them.
  • Some eCards allow you to customize the card’s contents entirely, while others are limited in what you can do.
  • Although most eCards are free, many sites offer the option of membership, granting you access to more eCards and services and no adverts.
  • You can send most free eCards by email, social media, download, or printing.

Table of Contents

Free eCards And Greeting Cards That Require Signing Up

Many eCard and greeting card websites offer their services for free. However, there is a catch. These sites require you to sign up (make a free account) that collects your information. Below are some of these sites.

1. Greetings Island


A wonderful site is Greetings Island. Their website is well organized and features a wide range of eCards. This site also allows you to send invitations to events like birthdays’ religious ceremonies, and even BBQs.


To use this service, you’ll need to create a user profile before getting started. However, once made (for free), you can edit the eCards inside and out before sending them with a personalized message, pictures, stickers, etc. Your recipients can also respond with a thank-you card.

One downside to these cards is that you cannot schedule the eCard to send at a later time or date; once complete, you send the card immediately. Alternatively, you can print, download, convert to PDF, or email these cards.

Greetings Island also offers a premium membership option, granting you access to many additional cards (which are superior in quality).

2. JibJab


JibJab is another interesting and unique website. They offer free eCards to members (sign up is required to access these services).

These cards feature comical drawings of celebrating, dancing, partying, and other activities; however, their faces are absent, allowing you to put your (or a friend/loved one’s) face on instead.


The range of activities is quite extensive, and the comical movements are pretty funny. JibJab also has regular eCards (without your or loved ones’ faces).

3. Open Me


Open Me is another site with a tremendous selection of eCards for every season, theme, and purpose. The artwork on each eCard is the primary drawcard to the website.

The way to use this free service is to add text to the card after selecting your desired card (there is a limited amount of text that you can add as there is only one area for adding text) and add a picture or two.

Open Me has the option of a “group card,” before sending the card to the intended recipient, you can send this card to friends and family for them to add a message to the card as well.

Once customized, you download these eCards to send via email or Facebook.

A fantastic benefit of this site is that scheduling even years ahead of the intended date is possible, so if you are a chronic planner, Open Me has you covered. Once delivered, you’ll receive a notification and another one when the recipient views the eCard.


A downside to this free service is that you’ll need to make an account before using the services, and the recipients can only send a thank you reply on Facebook.

4. Ojolie


Although Ojolie has a relatively limited selection of eCards, they also have video eCards on offer. These cards are less “flashy” in design, appealing to a more “elegant” coinsure.

Ojolie has an easy-to-use interface. Once you’ve selected the card you wish, click the “send” button to begin the customization process, where you’ll add a personalized message and greeting.

A benefit of this site is that you can send the eCard to multiple recipients at one time, and you can track the progress of each card. These eCards are sent immediately, or you can schedule them for a later date.

Before gaining access to these services, you’ll need to create an online account; but your recipients don’t need to view annoying adverts before gaining access to the eCard.

5. Punchbowl


Punchbowl takes a different spin on the eCard presentation. This site opts for more of a traditional-looking card (they look like hardcopy paper cards), with an envelope and stamp included.

Punchbowl has various cards for various situations, occasions, and events.


Punchbowl’s free cards also contain ads; however, the cards are extensively customizable and suit various needs.

Free eCards And Greeting Cards Without The Sign-up

Sometimes we don’t want to go through the hassle of creating (another) online profile, especially one to quickly send that free eCard to Gran for her 70th that we remembered about at the last minute. Below we look at some websites that allow you to send free eCards and greeting cards without signing up first.

6. 123 Greetings


123 is a site that offers a wide range of eCard and online greeting card resources.

Their range includes:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas and other religious holidays
  • Condolences
  • Fathers/Mother’s day wishes
  • Fourth of July
  • Halloween
  • New years
  • St Patrick’s day
  • Thanksgiving

123 is a great one-stop site for most of your eCard needs. You even can upload a photograph to use as an eCard from their site. Using their services is completely free, without any sign-up required.

You need to add the delivery email address and a message (if you’d like to), and you’re good to go. Each card allows customization, but there are limitations in how much you can alter.

Once completed, you can print, download, or email these cards.

One downside of this free service is that the person receiving needs to watch an ad before viewing the eCard.

7. CrossCards


CrossCards, as the name suggests, is a Christian-based/centered eCard resource with strong scripture and Christian themes.

These cards are great for family and friends who benefit from “clean” messages (some eCards contain dark humor). They also offer Bible reading plans, daily scriptures, encouragements, Christain holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.

Once selected, you can send these cards immediately or schedule them to send at a later date to one or multiple recipients.

Another significant benefit of CrossCards is that you do not require an account to use the services. You can also share these eCards straight to social media.

Unfortunately, you are limited in the degree of eCard customization but can add a personalized message under the card.

8. Someecards


Someecards is a slightly different type of eCards site, as it offers humorous cards as “memes” more than the traditional greetings type of eCard.

These cards are often satirical, sarcastic, and sometimes even a bit dark in their humor, so they are probably not advisable for children or sensitive family members. However, these cards are pretty great for those who enjoy a good chuckle.

The artwork on these cards is unique, featuring black and white pencil-drawn characters going about daily life while “sharing their minds.”

These entertaining cards come in a variety of themes or categories. Once you’ve picked which card you like, you send it via the link or the eCard directly, on social media, or by email.

These cards are not customizable, so if you’re looking to write an additional message or greeting, these eCards won’t suit your needs.

9. Wrongcards


Wrongcards is a similar site to Someecards in the humorous nature of the eCards. However, the significant difference is that when you use Wrongcards, you have the option of adding a personalized message to the greeting card.

Appealing to sarcasm, dark humor, and irony, these cards are great for friends to send to friends and cover a variety of occasions, including birthdays, concerns, holidays (religious and other), and topical cards.

Sending these cards is as easy as clicking on the send/share button, typing in an email address, and releasing the witty, irreverent literature into the ether.

Aside from no login requirements, Wrongcards allows you to schedule when the eCard sends and tracks when the recipient receives and opens the card. One downside, however, is that you can send an eCard to only one recipient at a time.

Although you can add text, you can’t edit the actual eCard.

10. WWF


You read correctly. The World Wildlife Fund is another resource for free eCards and online greeting cards! Commonly associated with conservation, climate change, and sustainability, the WWF’s website is home to several categories of eCards, including friendship and love, birthdays, seasons, interesting facts, and invitations and announcements.

These eCards feature pictures of unique, interesting, and often cute animals in their natural environments. Some benefits of these eCards (aside from no cost) are that you can send them to multiple recipients simultaneously and schedule them for up to 10 years.

A drawback, however, is that many of these eCards are “preset,” and changing their messages is not possible. Aside from entering your details onto the webpage, you don’t need to create an online profile to use these services.

Limited Time Offers Free eCards And Greeting Cards

Some websites offer free eCards, but the catch is that it’s for a limited duration or number of eCards before you purchase additional eCards/or subscribe to the website.


Website: offers a fantastic variety of eCards for all situations, with cute pictures and sweet/funny messages. They also feature “smash-ups,” where they take popular artists’ music and shenanigans and create birthday wishes. offers a free 7-day trial membership, where you’ll have access to eCards and other services for new members, after which you’ll need to subscribe. You’ll need to also register on their website.

12. Hallmark


Hallmark is a popular site for purchasing eCards. However, their website offers a promotion for those first-time users. When you create an account on their website, your first eCard is free of charge.

Select the “sign & send” option, pick your card, add your message, and you’re good to go.

Hallmark’s range of cards is also significant; there is something for everyone, from birthdays and anniversaries to creating video greeting cards.

The downside is that once you’ve sent your freebie, you’ll need to purchase subsequent cards. Additionally, you’ll also need to sign-up/register online.

eCards That Are 100% Do It Yourself

Some people are super creative and enjoy making digital artworks from the ground up.

13. Canva


Canva offers you the tools you need to create a unique, custom-made eCard of your own for the artistically inclined. This free site offers millions of stock images, illustrations, and graphics.

If you need help, they have hundreds of eCard templates to work from, and you could even add your photos to the card.

To use Canva, you’ll need to download the app, create an online account, and follow the step-by-step guide to creating your personalized eCard.

Are All eCards And Online Greeting Cards Free?

Not all eCards and Greeting cards are free. Although many sites offer a free selection of eCards, they generally reserve their “premium” cards for those willing to pay.

Payment is either per card or through a membership, allowing you access to all of the catalog.

Unless you plan to send out hundreds of eCards to friends and family, membership is probably not worth the investment when there are so many free online resources.

There are, however, benefits to memberships/paying for your eCards, aside from the extended range. Many free eCards either feature adverts found on the card itself or an “un-skippable” advert before allowing the recipient to view the card, whereas paid eCards do not.

Many sites offer more comprehensive online support to members, discounts on cards, reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events, and better “gift” options with the eCard service.

Are There Additional eCard Sites Not On The Above List?

Some additional eCard websites are in the table below.

Site nameWebsiteeCard featuresSign-up required
American Greetings cards feature celebrities singing.Required
Care2 percent of profits go to non-profit organizations.Not required
Doozy Cards free trial, but unlimited access to “free” eCards.Not required
E-cards and conservation-focused.Not required
GIFocard pictures (GIFs) of cute and funny designs.Not required
Got Free Cards designs on eCards that link with most media platforms, including WhatsApp.Not required
JacquieLawson.com high attention to detail and quality eCards.Required
Kisseo.com language options. You can also send hard copies.Not required
Paperless Post have a great deal of customization.Required
Smilebox high degree of customization of eCards.Required
The Nature Conservancy conservation themes.Required

What Are The Benefits Of Free eCards/Online Greeting Cards?

eCards are a great way to celebrate special events with loved ones.

As technology improves, more of our lives become dependent on computers and electronics. The eCard industry is no different.

A significant benefit of eCards is that less paper is required and, by extension, fewer trees. As eCards are online, we don’t need to make hard copies of them.

An additional benefit of eCards is that if you are separated geographically from friends or family, an eCard instantaneously arrives on the other side of the world, keeping you in touch when you’re far away.

This “instant” delivery is especially important for those of us who forget important dates and need to make a quick fix. Alternatively, many eCard sites allow you to schedule them long in advance, so the pressure of remembering your wedding anniversary is lessened.

There are many other benefits of eCards, like that you can fully customize or even make your own, with pictures, photographs, and unique messages. Many eCards even allow you to attach a gift voucher or other electronic gift to them.

With all of these benefits, it isn’t easy to imagine why anyone sends a regular card.

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